Thursday, October 10, 2019

Speedy Does It, Visit with My Big Sis, Some outside Work

The Ridge

I can’t get over how well I’m sleeping. I don’t wake up at all through the night, it seems, or if I do, I sure can’t recall doing so. I had a headache last night for some reason when I went to bed at 10:30 so I’m glad I slept well. At 6:20 on Thursday, Oct. 10th, I woke up and had the vague memory of a complicated dream about travelling or getting ready to travel. Imagine that, a dream that kind of makes sense for once!

My first picture of the day was when I was walking back to Speedy's
from Donna's
After chatting with Bill, I got up and made my tea. The temperature was reading 45F/7C and the wind made it feel cooler than that. I wasn’t encouraged to get out and walk when I should have. I’ve been doing so well with my walks every other day. After finishing my post from yesterday and reading blogs I checked the hours of Speedy Auto Glass in Hanover. Darn! They opened at 8 so I could have been there sooner but nevertheless, I got washed up and went out the door around 8:15.

I could have checked out the fresh produce but we really don't need anything
Bill and Bob advised me not to put heat on the windshield this morning as it will accentuate cracks in the chip so I just turned my heated seat on and put heat on the floor for my feet. When I arrived at Speedy, one of the staff came out and saw the issue. He informed me that they couldn’t just fix it, the whole windshield needed to be replaced because of the chip’s location, so near the frame. Okay, whatever, we needed to get it done.

nice that they could take me in right away
Inside, Don, asked me when was good for me and then said if I didn’t mind waiting, they could pull it in right away. “Two hours”, he said, “can I give you a lift somewhere?” That was very nice and I’m sure a service offered to everyone but I declined and walked the 3 blocks to Donna and Gerry’s. I knew she had to leave for work at 9:30 but we could get a short visit in at least. As I’m just about to their corner, I hear “Hi Pat!”. Odd in a town I don’t live in. It was Rob, driving through in his pretty red truck. 😊

At Donna’s we chatted a bit and John, her b-i-l, was making a bp coffee. He makes it differently than I do, more like how Jo-Anne makes hers, I think, so offered me a partial cup to taste. Hmm, not bad but his coffee choice is dark roasted and almost made my hair curl. Ha ha. To each his own but I didn’t mind it and it was nice of him to offer. Donna walked one way when we left, she cleans for a lady down the street, and I walked the other, back to Speedy where I sat and read my book. We have a deductible on the vehicles and it isn’t low but one of those necessarily evils.

And sitting inside with a new windshield the first thing
that struck me was "I won't have to wash this window now!"
It was almost exactly 2 hours and I was out of there. I headed out of town and stopped in at Walmart to pick up a small loaf of rye bread for Bill. I also grabbed some milk, and a few other items we needed and then scooted for home. Inside, I read some more blogs and had my own bp coffee, my way. I did change it up a bit and tried only 1 tbsp butter with 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Not much different but I enjoy the butter taste better.

At 1, I made some mushroom and garlic soup. Well, I opened a can is what I mean. This was a nice change and I’ve never had it with the garlic in it before. I also had one of my apple muffins from the freezer and both went down well. Now, time to get outside and do something productive. The fridge in the Bunky needed to be wiped out and the 2 orange juice containers brought inside before we could unplug it. I’m making an apple dessert for Sunday’s dinner so that will empty the freezer out there too.

Never had it before but it was quite good and would be
on chicken or chops
Plus, I had sheets to bring in and fold. It was another beautiful day out there and it got up to 65F in the hours between 1 and 3 before it started going back down. I brought the sheets in and at my garden, pulled all of the tomato and pepper plants that had no fruit/vegetables on them. I came to the conclusion that the 3 little watermelon had stopped growing a while ago so picked them and put the tomato baskets over by the storage shed.

I removed the table cloth from our patio table and stacked the 4 chairs. They will be put away in the shed as well. Bill has it down to a pretty exact science that will be made easier this year as we sold our kayaks and generator. Less to store! I took some Mr. Clean and a sponge out to the Bunky fridge and wiped it out. When I walked down to the end of the lane to check for mail, it was more of an excuse to take a walk as I didn’t think she stopped today. I was right.

It was interesting as I stood down there to see 3 cows, a Momma and 2 younger ones. All the rest of the cattle were gone, obviously back to the barn or at least out of my view. These 3 seemed to walk a complete circle, the circumference of the field and then beeline right back to where I was. People say cows are not smart animals, but I watched and was almost convinced that they had to be. Stay with me here, I'm sure you want to know about the cows. 😀

And this is where I sat until the shade took over
They walked the width of one field (west to east), followed the fence line back (south to north) to the opening, crossed the second field (both fields are directly across the road, so west to east again) to the next fence line where I thought they’d go through, up over the hill and to the barn to join the rest. They walked south along the fence, saw me and came all the way back to the west. By this time, I felt bad that maybe they thought I had something for them so I turned and walked back up the lane.

I don’t know what that was all about but smart or not so smart? I truly don’t know now! When I got back up to the Suite, I was content with what I’d finished today. It was 2:30 or so and I took my book out and sat on the patio. I’ll be done it tonight, it is soooo good! Bill called at 4:30 to tell me he was on his way home with maybe one quick stop. I would be ready to start supper when he arrived.

That's the hi-light of my day, right there
By that time, the sun had disappeared behind the cherry tree that we’ve used for Happy Hour in the heat of the summer. That meant the temperature dropped. I was in a good spot earlier as the wind was coming from the south and I was protected. It was time to come inside so I made a creamy tea and caught up on my post for today. Tonight, we’ll have fish and fried potatoes for supper so a pretty easy meal with some veggies on the side.

Welcome home, sweetie!
Bill drove in at 6 and we were eating by 6:30. It was good. For dessert, we had a piece of peach pie and whipped cream. There were a lot of programs for us to watch on our PVR so as I worked on this, Bill could handle the remote. Today, at Speedy’s, I noticed that I had a 649-lottery ticket from last Saturday to check. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, it would be but it wasn’t. One number doesn’t get you… know.

We took care of dishes, Bill washed as usual here at home. I offered to let him off the hook today but he said he gets a break all week so he helped.  This was a great day, weather-wise and accomplishment-wise. Things got crossed off the list with very little left for me to do on my own. I hope you had a good day as well!

It was a good supper
Good night y'all!
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  1. In general - please post recipes or links to them. I especially like the use of your instapot.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Usually when I find a recipe for the IP, I copy it into a Word document and don't retain the link where I got it. Trying to get on and off the wifi connection as quick as possible. Sorry! I'll try and remember in the future so I can record the link. I wouldn't want to post the recipe for all the readers who really don't care to see it.

  2. Cattle are very curious creatures. There's always one or two leaders. You can take that one (always the females) anywhere and the rest will follow. Sounds like you have a future leader there. As with all creatures including humans, there are some very smart and some not so much! LOL

    1. They really are and their eyesight is amazing!! From far distances across the field they can spot us. :) I love watching the critters, and you are correct! We could walk in circles and someone will follow!! haha

  3. Well another busy and productive day for you! Love watching cows, they're so darn cute!:) love the colors that are showing in the trees..Fall! Dinner sure looks yummy.

    1. Aren't all critters interesting? I always wonder what they're thinking. :)
      I love the trees too and then soon it will just be brown telling us to get outta Dodge!! haha

  4. Living on the dairy farm for of her life Suzie is very familiar with cattle an I got to know them quiet well wt our 7 years camped there in the summer months as well.

    1. Nice to hear from you, George! :) The cattle have such a look on their faces and you can't help wonder what they think. I used to be terrified of them as a young girl and now I wonder why. They seemed so big and awkward when the were in their stalls I guess.

  5. Several years ago, I was at my brother's farm and I needed to coax the horses back to his side of the pasture. I went out with a bucket of oats that I shook as I walked along the fence line. The horses did follow but so did a herd of catlle. I was scared they were come across the fence but they didn't.

    Have a great day!

    1. That's a cute story, we had cattle and pigs as well as a couple of horses. They scared me as a young girl, thought I'd get stepped on!

  6. Looks, from the pictures, like a beautiful fall day. One of my favorite types of fall days just enough warmth to enjoy the lovely outdoors and colors. Sounds like your day was very productive. Enjoy the sunshine.