Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Yet Another City Wakeup, Dull Day but Warm

Stratford, Ontario
When I woke on Tuesday, Oct. 29th, it was after 6. Lights were on downstairs and Bill was up. We’d turned the heat pump on last night since Bob offered us 50-amp service and we were nice and warm. I don’t think it got too cold overnight but we still needed some kind of heat source. I rolled over and dozed off, dreaming of a vacation at some resort, and got up at 7. That was a nice sleep and I felt refreshed.

Not sure what they were doing but something with the electric lines

I wonder if they draw straws to see who goes up in the bucket?
Downstairs, I made my tea, first one since a week ago last Saturday and I enjoyed it very much. They don’t have cream in Mexico, at least not that part of the country and milk in tea just doesn’t cut it for me. I sat with Bill and we read blogs and laughed at the low usage of our data this month. We each have 10 gb and I’ve used just over half of mine and Bill just over a quarter of his. Too funny but that’s great!

I started cutting and frying things for an omelette
before I remembered that we didn't have any eggs
So, I added hash browns instead and it was very good!
We saw Bob drive in so Bill chatted with him for a bit as he puttered around the shop and their Redwood. We all have little things to take care of this week. Nice, easy things. Bill had some toast and I had a bowl of Raisin Bran with cream. It was good for a change. I truly expected to come home, step on our bathroom scales and to hear “Get off me, you lug!” but was surprised after all those Miami Vice drinks that there wasn’t a whimper. I'm up maybe 2 lbs., if that, so I’m quite pleased. Bill gained maybe a pound so we both did good.

The new wood piece in place
Bob came in and Bill helped him install the wood piece that he’d cut and Bill stained for the backsplash. That fills in the space where the tile had to be cut to accommodate the bigger convection/microwave oven. It looks pretty good and if you didn’t know we’d changed it, you wouldn’t notice. We were on our own for the morning and other than a visit from the local hydro/electric boys, no real excitement. It’s nice to have quiet days after a week away.

We updated our Rand McNally Good Sam gps
Bill went on line and did some brain-storming about our trip and we plan to get together with Bob and Jo-Anne this week to get their thoughts on the route we’re considering. Bill went outside to give Black Beauty a once over using the Shop Vac from Bob’s shop. Inside, I plugged in our own central vac and did the Suite from top to bottom. Lookin’ good now!

I always get the best views, don't I?
Bill getting Black Beauty spruced up for the journey
Tomorrow, we plan to go do some Costco shopping, to stock up on a few things not available in the southwest. Ground beef for chili and eggs for sandwiches as well. I pulled canned goods out of the upper cupboard in preparation for cooking in the afternoon or on Thursday. Other than that, it is just relaxing. 

A walk down the road
This road 111 that we are on is very busy but I may sneak a walk in before too long.  Bill finished with B.B. and he was looking spiffy inside by the time he was done. Jo-Anne returned from a hair appointment looking fab and I think even Bob said he got his ears lowered too.
Looking east - thinking of Bill's Dad and his trains
 I took that walk south to the railroad tracks and beyond to the first house. It wasn’t sunny and there isn’t a lot of room to walk off the pavement but I was careful when traffic was meeting. This is the least I’ve walked in 9 days so hope to get back on track. Every day in Akumal I exceeded 4 miles but then every day’s weather was a lot different than here, wasn’t it? Ha ha I enjoyed the fresh air, we are expected to get rain over the next 2 or 3 days.

and looking west
When Jo-Anne and Bob said goodnight, Bill and I settled in our chairs with our books. Well, for a little while and we were soon dozing. It felt good to just relax without pressure. At 5:30 I ‘dressed’ the pre-cooked ham I’d thawed in juice, brown sugar and dry mustard and put it in Madame IP with a small potato each and a couple of carrots. For 30 minutes it preheated the ham and cooked the veggies.

Off to the east, an interesting old truck in the junk yard
This machine was stable

This guy was in motion
We had ‘possible’ plans for a short visit this evening that cancelled so we have the evening alone to read or watch some recorded tv programs. I chatted on text with Donna for a bit before supper was ready. 

Heading back to the shop

And up ahead The Suite

At 6:30, the ham was done, sliced and we were eating. The potatoes were a little too soft as they were small and should only have cooked for 15 minutes but the carrots were done perfectly for me. We did the dishes up right away and then had some apple crisp with cream for dessert.

Bill's dinner with mixed veggies

Mine - Bill doesn't care too much for carrots so I got the lot
 I sat to finish this post and then retired to my chair with my book. Yes, I’m still sticking it out with this strange story. Why? I’ve devoted over a week to it already so want to see it through now. It won’t be one I’ll recommend to Bill or anyone, really. It’s called Wanting Sheila Dead by Jane Haddam – don’t bother. Ha ha !  The evening was also quiet after a nice day. We have plans for the morning and dinner out tomorrow. All good things!

Dessert with Ridge apples
Good night!
Take care and thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Good to get things taken care of before going too far. The Back Splash looks good.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy your adventures.

    It's about time.

  2. The backsplash looks great. Nice job on the repair!!

  3. Nice that you are there getting things taken care of, That rd 111. is the one we take into town. Suzie went by your suite twice this morning wed. on a mission, our new apartment is west of there 2 blocks, sets of lights, turn left to 105 Ontario Street.

    1. Yes, Bill saw Suzie and waved when she beeped this morning. Bill has been by your new apartment building. It will be nice to get in there and settled.

  4. Your ham dinner looks so yummy! Like a holiday treat! Nice to be getting things done, before you know it you'll be pulling out into a new adventure!!

    1. We are looking forward to the new adventure with these two. Jo-Anne is very excited, with the countdown. :)

  5. It's gray and cool there - I'm sure you're looking forward to travelling to the south. Enjoy your last few days here.

  6. Wow, that was a couple of busy days. Must be nice to be stopped for a bit.
    Wonderful pictures of you and your mom. Glad to read you had a nice last visit to remember until you come back in the spring.
    Safe travels when you pull out.

    1. It was a couple of busy ones but slowing down now. Mom's visit was wonderful, thank you.