Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Costco Run, Rainy Day Forecast, Winter Preparations

Stratford, Ontario
Bill was up at 5:30 this morning, Wednesday, Oct. 30th, and I followed about an hour later. We had our showers and morning hot drinks. It wasn’t raining yet but the sky looked like it could at any time. It doesn’t look like a washout day by the predictions, only 52% chance but it is just as well we have no outdoor things to take care of. The temperature at 8:30 is 6C/43F so not too bad.

We were under clouds but the sky off to the southeast the sky
looked brighter
Our 2 gps's are set up and ready to go
along with our back up camera for the Suite
Once ready, Bill and I had toast and/or cereal. We left to pick the kids (Bob and Jo-Anne) up at 9 in Tavistock and drove to Kitchener for a Costco spree. 

Driving to Kitchener, this bird went right overhead
He seemed really low, we all ducked our heads

A spree it was as we stocked up on a lot of things, some that aren’t available in the U.S. and others that are just good prices and needed before we travel. Back at the Francis’s we had a coffee and snack with them, further discussing some of our travel plans together.

Bill and I made a pretty fair donation here today
There is an issue that has come up regarding Bob’s trailer that they are dealing with and we’ve just discovered from today’s rain that our laundry closet (where we keep our overstock) is leaking down the inside wall to the floor. The wall is not visibly damaged but the floor is. I guess that will be a spring replacement so Bill contacted Peggy at CanAm right away to get it on file. We’ll just watch it over the winter and pray for little rain.

Higgins chewed on his new toy before he discovered my purse on the floor
When he was too quiet, Jo-Anne went to check
He had managed to pull my camera out, sunglasses and I don't know what else
Too cute - it was my fault for having it on the floor
Back home, we finished putting stuff away and were sad to hear from Bridgette. She had to cancel tonight’s dinner at their place because of a serious illness in Chris’ family. We were looking forward to seeing them before heading out but some things just can’t be helped and she shouldn’t be feeling bad about the change. The rest of the week is busy for them so we’ll just text more often when we are in the sunny southwest.
Madame IP sautes the ground beef, onion and spices first
 I made a batch of chili in Madame IP for taking on the road. It will be divided into meal size portions and frozen. Then the trick will be to remember to take it out of the freezer the morning of a travel day so it will be thawed and I can heat it up on the stove for supper. When the chili was done and packaged, I boiled eggs as well in Madame IP. She is earning her keep! 7 meals of chili will help us out a lot for the occasional home cooked meal.

7 good meals
Tomorrow, I’ll make egg salad and on Friday put together some sandwiches for a couple of lunches on the road. While the eggs were cooking for 5 minutes, I caught up on my blog post. While they were cooling in ice water, I sat with my book. Bill needed a snooze and so I sat beside him in my recliner. Life is good and the little hiccups we experience just make us stronger. It is always good to work on our stress level, looking at the big picture of what to get upset about and what to just deal with.

This was the type of day we had so good to be indoors
I finished the silly book and now look forward to getting onto something good again. I don’t think it was so much the story line as the way it was written. I need to make a note that she is not an author I care to read again. 

Since we bought 2 dozen, I wanted it to be clear which ones were
hard boiled - half of these will be used for egg salad
At 6 pm, I cooked a piece of pepper squash, the last 2 potatoes in my tortilla oven (in the microwave), Bill’s vegetables and warmed up the ham slices. Everything was very good and what is left of the ham we will use for sandwiches while travelling.

Another tasty ham dinner
Good night from the parking lot of Bob's Shop
We took care of the dishes together and then sat to watch a few of our pre-recorded programs. We had a lot on the pvr. This was a wet day but it was good to get things prepared for the start of our travel. I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday as well. I was pleased to see that Bill sat and put out a new short and sweet post. You can check it out here.

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. I always write HB on my hard boil eggs as well :-)

    1. Good! After I did that, I felt a little silly. 20 years ago I wouldn't have needed to do that! haha

  2. Sorry things did not work out with getting together with your friends.
    You are so right those little hiccups in life do make us stronger. Plus, they remind me of just how lucky we really are and to enjoy each day...hiccups and all.
    Take care.

    1. Thank you. It was actually my daughter, Bridgette and Chris, so even sadder. :(
      We've all learned how short life is, right?

  3. Sounds like things are coming together. Hope the weather remains mild and you're able to leave on time.

    1. Thanks Doug, looks wet so far from this area on Saturday and hopefully that all the wet we see across your country is clear! :)

  4. Too bad about the water Leak and the visit with Bridgette. just a couple of detours that are bound to happen with this lifestyle some are bigger bumps in the road than others, They can result and a nice change of pace and scenery.

    1. Thanks George, the leak is minor and we'll deal with it in the spring. Bridgette will have to be our first visit when we return in the spring! :)
      You are right, some bumps are bigger than others and we have to deal as best we can.

  5. Sorry about the leak you found, but hope for the best until it can be taken care of on your return in the spring. I know it's disappointing to miss the meet up with your daughter but you are right, texts, emails, and phone calls will work. Aren't we fortunate to have this technology at our fingertips when needed? Safe travels as you make your way south. If you get anywhere near us, we'd love to say hello!

    1. Thank you Cheri. These things happen when we live in any home, on wheels or sticks and bricks. I was sad to miss out on Bridgette and Chris's visit but we'll keep in touch.
      We would also love to meet you should the opportunity arrive.

  6. You are definitely getting things done and ready! I'm sure you're chomping at the bit to get out of there! :) At least you're aware of the leak now, and hope it holds until you're back home next spring. Hope Chris's family member is ok. I have to agree with Cheri about the technology for sure! Food is looking good, always nice to have some freezer ready when you don't have time, or don't want to cook. That ham looks so good! Enjoy your Friday!!

    1. Yes, things are moving along. We are anxious, especially now with the white stuff on Black Beauty! The technology now makes it so easy to stay in touch - how'd they ever get along without it? I guess our parents never travelled so it didn't feel necessary. LOL
      Thanks Shirley.