Saturday, October 12, 2019

Morning of Errands, More Finalities on the Ridge, Collage Day

Up On The Ridge
On Friday, Oct. 11th, Bill was up ahead of me and about 30 minutes later, I joined him downstairs. He was having his first coffee as I got dressed and I sat with him for a while, reading some of our friends’ blogs. I left to go clean around 7:15 when it was light enough out to see across the lot. My Polish friend was the only customer in the Mat and we exchanged morning greetings. I used the washer next to his and let our towels get washed while I worked.

Morning views on my way to work
Things were in pretty good shape when I arrived but even better shape when I left. The washers were all wiped out, dryer lint removed and floors damp mopped. I filled out my work sheet in the lockup and drove home. I’m so enjoying the lovely colours this fall. The areas for brightness are sparse, but they are gorgeous! Sorry for all the pictures, I just can’t help myself. Tree colours and geese are my thing right now. Sadly, we had no geese visitors all day today.

Back home, I hung the towels and Bill’s old garden jacket. I think he forgot about it, out there in the Bunky. Once inside, I made myself a tea and Bill another coffee. We made a list of what we needed to do this morning on our errand run. Bill drove us first to Flesherton, 14 miles to the east where we found the Kinship Hall and marked our X. We won’t be around on the 21st, election day, we’ll be on a beach. It was surprisingly busy for the first day of advance polling.

Advance polling station
On the way back through Priceville, we stopped at their charming post office and set up the forwarding of our mail for the next 6 months and then drove back to Durham.

I love the post office in Priceville
Notice the historic sign beside the door
It used to be Bert's Garage
We arrived 10 minutes before the P.O. opened so I walked down the street
to take pictures of this historical building
We went to the bank to get some U.S. cash for Cancun and then to the Battery Pro store and filled a 5 gal. RO water bottle for $3. Best purchase of the day. We stopped at Home Hardware where Bill said goodbye to Josh and we picked up a few things including peat moss for our Hibiscus and oven cleaner for the Weber Q.

Bill filled my water jug here at Battery Pro
I popped into the Crazy Dollar for 2 birthday cards that I missed and a pair of cheap Cancun sunglasses. Then fuel for Ptooties and home for lunch. We had a nice omelette and I managed to avoid the bread once more when I'd first thought a quesadilla would have been nice. Bill had had toast earlier so didn’t need any more bread either. He worked on the banking, catching us up from this morning and then we cleaned up the dishes.

Breakfast omelette with green tomatoes in mine
It is looking like another lovely day up here and we can make use of some of that glorious sunshine and blue sky. We took care of a lot of stuff and by the end of the day, the Ridge was looking pretty much ‘winterized’. Bill used his skill and packed up the storage shed, I took care of the fridge in the Bunky, we both tackled the branches down in the front field, the solar lights from the gardens, treating and covering plants and trees, covering our King chairs and somewhere in there the towels came in off the line.

We had 3 full loads of brush to clean up
Bill drove his riding mower with the wagon and I walked
Can you see him in that picture?
In the midst of our work, Bill found another chrysalis in one of our solar lights
I don't know if our butterfly will appear but you can see her wings inside
I moved her to a flower pot where the wind wouldn't blow her away
It was a good day and other than a couple of scratches on my arm and a slo-mo tumble, (what a klutz!) there was nothing to deter us. With rain expected overnight, we got the patio mat put away now while it was dry and the portable solar panel is tucked in the case and packed in the basement. 

Folding the solar panel up and packing it away
At the peak of the day, we reached a lovely 70F and the winds rattled our bones and did a royal number on my hair throughout the day. Rare that strong 20 – 28 mph winds would be warm in October but it was very nice for working regardless.

The hibiscus, red maple and oak tree are covered now
The picture on the right shows our King chairs covered at the back of the Bunky
I came in around 4, done for the day. Bill followed within the half hour and we slothed into our recliners for some rest. Lots of things off the lists today! We watched some NCIS after finding the new Shaw channels. They all changed a couple of days ago and now it is a search to locate our programs all over again. LOL Bill snoozed and I tried but couldn’t drop off. I read a couple of chapters but that was all I could manage. We had both finished our books last night. One Shot for Bill and Worst Case for me. I've started Hide and Seek by J.P. now.

The storage shed on the left and the outhouse on the right with the fire pit and screens
I just have to put the toilet paper in the cupboard so the mice don't make a mess
By 5:30, Bill plugged us in and I started sautéing a chicken breast for me and a thick pork chop for him. On top, in the inner pot, I had a sweet potato and a piece of spaghetti squash. When everything was done in the pot, I cooked some corn for Bill and we were eating shortly after 6:30. Supper was very good and very filling so dessert wasn’t necessary tonight. I sat to write my post but was feeling too tired to complete it. I wanted to sit with my sweetie and watch tv.

Our 6 portable solar lights will go with us
The rest of the evening went with us watching our programs that were recorded on PVR. By 10, I was ready for bed. This was a great day for getting things done and Saturday will be easier, no pressure on the cleanup anymore. I hope you are enjoying the wonderful fall weather that we are being graced with.

Our filling supper
Good night all!
Thank you for your visit today.


  1. I'm so glad you are getting so much use with your instant pot. I love the fall tree pictures. The colors are gorgeous!

    1. Until Madame IP, Bill has never raved about an appliance. :D
      The trees are so pretty!

  2. We used to put the TP into a juice can and turn it upside down on a flat surface. Clean and dry and out of the mouth of mice.

    1. Yes, that would work too. We have a small closable wood cupboard with a mirror so that is where the roll goes. :)

  3. You think you have plenty of time...then all of the sudden you don't...ha! Sounds like you are nearly there...

  4. Busy day for sure but it must feel good to have it all done.
    The colors are gorgeous this year. As we drove west across the UP and into Wisconsin, at times, it was like riding through a tunnel of color. Never to many pictures of the fall leaves or those geese in your pond.

  5. Packing up is bittersweet for sure. Hope you are excited to head south. I'm so far behind in reading blogs. Looks like you have a Mexico trip coming up. Enjoy!
    Hope we cross paths this year. Safe travels.

    1. Packing is bittersweet. This year a bit of a kerfluffle with the wedding in Cancun around when we usually leave. I am excited about that first and then the southwest is right on its heels for excitement! :)
      We would love to cross paths with you guys this year too. Safe journey to you too!

  6. I would take some of that warmer weather. It's currently only 3C - no nicer temps expected until mid-next week.

    My goodness, I started following your blog just a few weeks before you headed back to the Ridge and it doesn't seem that long that you've been here in Canada. The summer has just flown by.

    Enjoy your time in Cancun!

    1. Sorry, Maebeme. I'm holding on to the heat.....greedy, aren't I? :)
      Funny how time flies! I'm grateful that you are following along even when we're not moving. Thank you!

  7. Sounds like you're getting ready to leave soon!

  8. You are really getting it done! Bet you're going to love the warmth and sun in Cancun! Never been but kids have. You do use your IP a lot, was a very good investment for you..dinner looks yummy! Love the colors in the trees! So pretty!

    1. Not much left on my list. Next week will be a much easier one other than looking after 'me'. :) You'll see.