Monday, October 7, 2019

Warm Day, Garden Stuff

On the Ridge

I slept well last night, after going up to bed shortly after 10. Bill texted once I got up there and asked me to record Madame Secretary so I returned to the living room to do that. I think I dropped off pretty quickly and didn’t seem to move until 6 am on Monday, Oct. 7th when the coffee pot kicked on. That is what I call a good sleep. Downstairs, I opened blinds and got ready for work. It was 7:15 when I left the Suite.

The work continued down the road
Only one customer this morning so it was easy to clean around him. He was very obliging as he moved from washers to dryers. I left the place looking spiffy and scooted home for my cup of tea. When I came in, I knew it was going to be a warm day so was perhaps a little hasty by turning our B.F. heater off. As I sat with my drink, reading comments and friends’ blogs, I got chilled. Bill called as I was finishing up and rather than turn the heat back on, decided to get up and move.

So, I slipped into my runners, and outside I went. First, I cleaned the ashes up from the firepit and carried the screens and pit over to the outhouse where we store it for the winter. Some of the ashes went into my composter and some went around our spruce tree, rose of Sharon and Hibiscus. Then I pulled the 2 tubs out of the storage shed for my small garden ornaments. The wind made it feel cooler than it was but as I was working away, the sun came out periodically and was beautiful!

It's a messy job but an easy one
Ready for the spring season
I removed a layer of clothing and walked down the lane to remove the 3 signs that we post regarding turtles and the steep hill. We could leave them out but they wouldn’t last as long after the harsh Ontario winters were done with them. There is one up over the door of the storage shed but I’ll leave it for Bill when he has our ladder out to take the solar lights down off the Restroom and the Roost (bunky). I’d filled both buckets and couldn’t see that I missed anything so put them away.

The loft for storage
I opened the doors to the Bunky so it can warm up in there before coming inside with a Grapefruit sparkling water. I have had 3 or 4 left for a long time and just decided to clean then up instead of carting them back and forth to the Bunky fridge and the Suite fridge. Actually, it was a nice change. 

It's been a while since I've had fried green tomatoes
Inside, I fried up half of a large green tomato that I just brought in from the garden. It was sitting on the ground so what else but to eat it? With green onions, a soft-boiled egg, green pepper, feta cheese and ham, they were delicious!

So, you'll need to remember how big and bulky these bags are now
and later this week, I'll show them all sucked up (I hope)
Did you ever watch that movie? Fried Green Tomatoes. I got a kick out of it. I might even have it in our collection so should watch it this week. Just as I finished eating, UPS drove up and turned around in the lot. Woops! I parked the car beside the Suite so he had to jimmy a bit more today than usual when he could just swing in an arc. He is a nice young man and since my package was only one of the two books I created, I told him he’d be back soon. 😊

I picked some of my dahlias today
They look nice beside Clemson
He is very curious about travelling south and pretty much each time he comes, he has a question for me. I can’t show you a picture of the book that came since it is a gift for someone who reads my blog on occasion. When the other one comes, I’ll share it. I am trying not to be concerned that it didn’t come, since it was made first, like within a couple of hours. Fingers crossed. I am also expecting my last Avon order so I’ll see him then too.

I took a walk back to sneak a peek for turtles
And I was rewarded
Beautiful, aren't they?
I needed to fill my pill container so did that before going back out again. This time into the Bunky. I always seal up the blankets, pillows etc. differently since I can’t remember what things went in which vacuum bags and which went in garbage bags. No matter, as long as they all get covered. We haven’t had mice in there but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I pulled everything down from the loft to see what was in bags already.

This is looking through to Don's property
The turtle log is on the right
In the spring, I will do this again and get rid of extra sheets and pillows that we don’t need for guests. Only one cotton and one flannel set are all that’s required. I repacked 4 or 5 vacuum bags that just need the air sucked out of them. They will be small enough then to put up top in the loft. Yes, all of them should fit up there. The clothes on the new hangers will be covered as well. Tomorrow, I’ll empty the fridge out there into the Suite fridge; I’m going to need those beer for my margaritas!

These trees are in the field behind Bill's Hangar
It's hard to draw with this program, but here's my vision
of a hammock chair
There were a few other things I took care of like covering the hand pump and then emptying the rain barrel. Well, it will need to be tipped upside down to get the bottom 2 or 3” but mostly it is empty. I planted the little daisy that I picked at McGowan Falls and covered my vegetables once more. There aren’t too many left up there but I don’t want to lose them all the same. With that done, I put things away and came inside.
Here is a dragonfly after missing them yesterday on camera
It was only 3:30 so I cut one of our Ridge apples and a bit of cheddar cheese for a snack. I went back and forth with Donna, answering some questions about the fudge recipe I’d sent her. I hope she likes them. We do. It was 66F inside but it felt chilly so I took my book and water out to the patio table. The wind wasn’t pleasant but that sun was glorious. It was only 61F out there but felt warm. I stuck it out for about 30 minutes and then I walked down to the mailbox.

and if you can't see an elephant here, clean your glasses please!
I’m not sure what happened today but the cards I’d put in the box at 9 this morning weren’t picked up yet. This is Monday, isn’t it? Strange. A little later, I took one more walk down just to see if I’d missed her but for some reason, no mail delivery or pick up today. The geese are back and floating luxuriously on our pond. They are so graceful and pretty with their black heads and white bellies and bottoms. They are easy to pick out on the sun reflected pond water.

The pump is covered and the rain barrel is draining
I came inside, the shade prominent on the patio now. Double checking that the programs for tonight were being recorded, I made myself a creamy tea and sat with my book. It is quite good so it won’t take me long to read it. I had brought in my 3 paint cases that need to go with us this winter so lifted the bed and placed them in their spot. There are a few other things to bring in as well, things that went last year but we store them while home.

The garden is bedded down for the night (haha)
I watched NCIS until 6 and then I needed the microwave so ran out and plugged us back into power. It became a mostly sunny day and I’ve been unplugged since 10 this morning. 

Look at those white bellies and butts
 I had asparagus in the fridge that needed to be cooked before it went bad so I washed and cut it up for steaming. It would be too much for one meal but leftovers work. I also cooked another piece of spaghetti squash and warmed up the remaining portion of spaghetti sauce from the other night.

The meal was delicious and filling and finished by 6:30. There was still some lime Jell-o in the fridge so I had that a bit later for my dessert with a peanut butter fudge bar. The sun was setting from a clear blue sky with the air cooling quickly behind it. I knew it was going to be a cold night, hence the covering of my veggies, so closed up the Bunky before supper. It is nice and cozy indoors so far without any heat on but I think that will change before the evening is done.

The geese depart and encourage others to join them

They are so uniform

And although this is blurry, I loved the sunset glow on their bodies
in flight
Good night everyone!

This was a good day, with a lot of things taken care of. I hope you had a good one as well. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. The preparations for the end of your time at the Ridge are well underway. I'm envious of your ability to travel to the warmth each year.

    In the meantime enjoy the lovely fall weather.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. When we had to endure the winter as working people, fall wasn't a joy to me. It meant the end of my favourite summer season but now that my summer can essentially continue, I enjoy the changing seasons beautiful colours much more. :)

  2. Another very nice fall day getting things all cleaned up there.

  3. Wow that was a busy, busy day! You are getting alot accomplished for sure! Beer margaritas are so good and I didn't make a batch all summer, darn! We'll have to have some when we meet up down south! (See I'm thinking positive!) What an awesome looking dinner, yum! :) Are Rob and Pat going with you guys this winter? Don't know if I've missed that somewhere..

    1. it was good busy today for sure. yes, we will share some beer margaritas for sure!!
      Rob and Pat will not be leaving with us this year but hopefully joining us in mid December or early January.

  4. Wow its that time of year already! We packup for the season this coming weekend. Can't believe thw summer has gone. I'll be looking forward to your travelogues and live vicariously through your journeys
    Safe travels!