Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mild, Wet Autumn Day, Black Beauty’s Brake Job, Birds

On the Ridge
Around 4:45 on Wednesday, Oct. 16th, I was awakened by the storm. When I went to bed at 10, the winds increased and rocked the Suite and me to sleep in the process. The storm, thankfully, was just rain and loud overbearing thunder. Maybe lightning too but my eyes were shut and blinds closed so I can’t confirm that. I’m just glad the winds had abated.

This is all I can say about the appointment today
Next I knew it was 6:30 and I texted my sweetie. When he called we talked about the morning’s appointment. Black Beauty was due for the front brake pads to be replaced and an overall brake check. I had my tea and listened to the light rain off and on while I read blog posts. Around 8 I got washed up and more appropriately dressed for the day. There are things I put on in the morning that I wouldn’t wear out anywhere other than the yard.

Lunch back at home
At 8:30 I drove the short distance to Pletsch Automotive, just the other side of Durham. West, for those testing my directions. Ha ha. I arrived at 8:45 and checked in and he took the truck right away. My plan was to wait for it and was fully prepared to do that. The chairs were comfortable, it was a pleasantly warm room and the tv was on. I had just finished a tea so passed on the available Keurig coffee.

Some of the dahlias that are still blooming
My book kept me entertained and that was after perusing my Avon books. Before I knew it, I saw B.B. pulling out of the lot so texted Bill that she was going for a test drive. It was 10:00 when I paid the surprising bill, $130-170 less than we expected, and pulled out. Don’t we all love that kind of surprise? On the way through Durham, I stopped at I.D.A. Pharmacy and ordered Bill’s pills for pick up on Saturday.

And today, a surprise
Top left, 1 robin, Top right, 2 robins
Bottom left, 3 robins and Bottom right, yup - 4 robins
I thought they'd left by now
Back home, I made a b.p. coffee and started today’s post. There would be no outside work to do today but I did want to get my hair roots done before an appointment for a trim and some additional colour at the end of the week. Around noon, I fried up some green tomatoes and refried my half quesadilla for lunch. Yummy, that was so good!
I got the broom out then and swept the carpets and tile floors. When that was done, I did the few dishes up that were in the kitchen sink. 

my rings are cleaned up now
I got out the stuff I needed to do my roots and began that up in the bathroom. When 30 minutes were up, I came downstairs to rinse. Oh, it turned out well! Of course, I can’t see the back but I’m thinking I got the gray covered pretty good. Brenda will confirm that on Friday. She is my London bestie. We met at work and clicked immediately. I’ve never had such a strong connection so quickly with another friend and we haven’t changed since. I don’t see her as often as I would like but when we are together, we giggle a lot.

When my hair was combed out, I took off my slippers and socks to remove my ‘due time’ toenail polish. Brenda is treating me to a pedicure as a birthday gift before my hair appointment and I figured I’d save time there as well by having the old polish removed. I’ve never had a pedicure before so that is the reason for her gift. I guess, when she heard that I’d never had one – at 65! – she would change that. 😊

And the robins invited their friends
Next, I sorted half-hazardly through my makeup and hair products for the trip. I pretty much always wear mascara and lipstick, eye liner and sometimes shadow for an occasion. From selling Avon for 22+ years, I have a nice stock pile of those things so chose a few things for the bag. My jewellery is ready so the last thing I wanted to do was clean my wedding rings. Then, I decided to bundle up and walk down to check the mail. A confirmation of our mail forwarding and another reminder letter of booking a mammogram. LOL

Look at them all!
The bottom two pictures were taken within the same minute
If your eyes are really really good, you might see the gray flutters on the fence line
of them all flying off
It's garbage now BUT it did remind me that Ashley, the nurse from yesterday, told me that if I didn’t hear anything this morning, I had a clear test. I’d forgotten all about it after having it in my head all evening. You just never know and you can make yourself sick over the ‘what ifs’. I didn’t realize how relieved I would be and surprised myself with a ‘hands in the air woohoo’ as I headed up the lane with a bounce.

They didn't go too far, they moved over to
the area between the outhouse and storage shed
there were so many!
Inside I sat at my laptop and relaxed with a tea. A lot of little things got done after the morning appointment and I’m very happy. One sad thing though. Madame Butterfly didn’t make it. I was concerned that she would be coming out of her cocoon into the bitter cold and sure enough, she gave her life in the process.  I couldn't dwell on it. Next, I moved my September pictures into a folder and synced to my external hard drive.

The sad picture of Madame Butterfly II
For supper tonight it will be liver and squash. I’ve decided not to finish the potato casserole. There was just too much leftover so I tossed the remaining 3 cups without a titch of guilt. The sun came out briefly before I started cooking but it soon disappeared and the sky turned dark very quickly. I pulled the blinds and locked the door. 
Our prettiest tree on the Ridge
One of the last mail deliveries here
My last night here alone and already we’re down to 4 sleeps before we’re sleeping in a bed made by someone else. The sheets are always so awesome in any upper-class motel so I’m sure the resort will be no different.

I see some blue sky out there
Supper was good, the liver was cooked perfectly with a light floured coating and squash is never a disappointment with lots of butter. Even the well-done onions tasted yummy. I cleaned up dishes and downloaded my pictures for today’s post. I haven’t had a very active day, just over 2 miles put in but that’s better than nothing. Tomorrow will be busy so I’m glad today has been on the quiet side.

A good supper with my watermelon for dessert
Tonight, I’ll watch a new program that I found a couple of weeks ago. Almost Family is quite good and had me hooked from the first episode. I hope you’ve had a good day and got more sunshine than I did.

A little reality check
Good night y'all!
Thank you for stopping around to see what I’m up to. If you wish to leave a comment, I love to hear from you.


  1. The first part of your winter adventure sounds exciting. Always nice to be pampered. Have fun guys!!!

  2. We have also enjoyed Almost Family :-)

  3. Sure is colorful around the Ridge. Going to be hard to leave it......or maybe not. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    1. Um, let me think. Nope, I think we'll be able to leave it easily. haha

  4. Nice that you git the brakes taken car of and for a decent price, You need to be able to stop that truck and trailer when you want to.

  5. Glad you got the brakes repaired. They are rather a necessity.
    What a huge number of birds. Definitely a sign to head south!!

    1. Yup brakes are pretty darn important especially pulling 19,000 lbs!
      The birds were crazy but I enjoyed watching them. Maybe that is what they are telling us. "Get outta here!"

  6. The colors are changing so rapidly, just gorgeous! Congrats on the mamo, I know just how you feel! Nice to have the brakes cheaper than originally thought. More $$ in the pocket for Cancun! LOL. Love your last picture!

  7. Nice pictures of the Ridge as the colors change from green to beautiful reds and oranges.
    Like Shirley said, always nice when the bill is less then expected.
    Looking forward to your pictures of Cancun.

  8. Brakes are good but a clear mamo for you(and for me a clear mamo and pap) are priceless!