Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What Will Today Bring? Mom, Damp and Dull

The Ridge

I slept well; it was a warm night. When I woke the odd time through the night, I could hear light rain. Each time. When I woke up at 6 on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, it wasn’t surprising to hear the patter on the roof again. I thought about texting Bill, as I knew he’d be awake and up but decided to roll over for another few minutes. I had no pressing reason to hop out of bed today. Next thing I heard was my new notification sound telling me that I had a text message.

Walking with my umbrella worked for a while
and I remained dry
It’s a little embarrassing but trust me, it isn’t vanity, instead just lovely to hear! A nice sounding man (if I could use Bill’s voice, I would) says after a light sound “Hey there beautiful. You have a text message”. How’s that for something great to wake up to? It was Bill’s message wishing me good morning and telling me he was off to work. So, I can easily pretend the notification sound was him talking. 😊 It was 10 minutes before 7 and so obviously, I had been lulled back to sleep by the rain.

My dahlias are blooming like crazy
 I did get up though at 7 and checked the weather first thing. It wasn’t raining at the moment so discovering that it was a mild 52F/12C, I dressed for my walk. I took an umbrella. I know, I know! I said that I wouldn’t do that but I do want to get out there as much as possible for my walks – at least every other day. With the change in weather, there will likely be a few misty mornings, better get used to it until we are in the warm south.

Remember the little plant I pulled at the dam last week?
I hope to plant it tomorrow since the 2nd bloom is ready
It turned out to be a great walk and even though I didn’t go all the way to Turbine Lane, I did keep extending it. 'To the corner and I’ll retreat', or 'to Elvis’s then I’ll turn around', then 'okay, to that puddle up there'. That is as far as I got and the drops grew. The wind also picked up and as I walked facing it, my umbrella did one of those ‘gusty wind umbrella maneuvers’. Luckily, it wasn’t damaged and I only used it when absolutely necessary until I had the wind at my side the rest of the way.

More dahlias by the Bunky
Inside, I made my tea and sat reading blog posts to see what our friends are doing. Some I read faithfully and others occasionally but at least I can see where they are and how things are going in their world. When I was just about finished my tea, I turned the furnace on for a burst of heat. It was only 64F inside and I wanted a shower without my teeth chattering ridiculously when I stepped out. I had an hour before my visit to see Mom so relaxed with a coffee.

Sleeping Beauty - truly
I stepped out at 11:10 and was glad I’d grabbed my wool wrap. The wind is quite cool up here. Mom was dozing in a chair in the first lounge I came to. Easy to spot her today with her pretty red sweater. It wasn’t an embarrassing pose for her so I snapped a picture before calling out. “Hey, pretty Momma”. She stirred and woke easily but I knew she only recognized me as ‘someone’ she has seen. Later, in her confusion, she indicated that she had never had children.

I love how we're so co-ordinated
 Because of the disease, I don’t take it to heart, it was still a lovely visit and I let her ramble about whatever came out of her mouth. That is always a treat, you never know what stories she will tell and where she has been in her mind! I enjoyed the time with her and got multiple kisses when I left, even though until I said, “I love you, Mom” and she didn’t remember who I was, she told me she loved me too. It was worth it, every minute.

Her hair was certainly looking nicer than mine today!
I drove to Foodland and got a couple of squash and some onions and spices. Oh, and flour. I need to pay closer attention when they check the items through, the spaghetti squash was a ridiculous price and I probably wouldn’t have bought it today. Plus, the flour I chose was $3.99 but now at home, the bill says I was charged $4.99. I know it’s only a buck BUT I stood there for a while debating, and deciding on the one that saved me that dollar! LOL

Chatting with my friend, Terry, earlier, I said our colours were not too bright yet
then I drove beyond where I walk and have to eat my words
On the way back through Durham, I noticed Jamie was at the Mat so I stopped in to say hi. I teased him about doing my job but he was actually trying to solve issues. Boy, that place was packed! I’m glad that I go when I do or I’d never be able to complete my tasks. It felt warm in town, like I’d over-dressed, but by the time I got up here on the Ridge, the wind went right through me. It had dropped considerably. 48F/9C.

When I got home, I was hungry so had a hard boiled egg and all the other
goodies on this plate
It filled me until supper time
Inside, I made myself a Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with cream and it worked towards warming me up. The Suite temperature was taking its time doing the job so I turned the b.f. heater on. I’d already dressed in layers and that wasn’t working. I sat and read a few chapters of my book until my eyes got heavy so I put my recliner back and closed them for 20 minutes. Bill called just after 4 and he was doing the same thing in Tavistock. Relaxing after a day of work, with his book. He earned his, me? Not so much.

I take it back, Terry!
I watched some NCIS reruns, read some more and skimmed through the guide on the tv. We’ve missed recording 2 premiere episodes of two different programs so I was hoping to find them on a different day and time. No such luck. Darn! At 5:30, I decided to start supper. I cut the pepper squash into 4 pieces and got out a pack of liver. Now that I have onions (bought them today) I’m ready for another taste. As you know, if you've ever cooked liver, it doesn’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes per side so I put the squash in the microwave once I started frying the onions.

I am enjoying the liver and Bill doesn't have to smell it either!
Everything was ready at the same time and I sat and enjoyed my meal. It sure looks like a fall (dare I say ‘winter’?) evening out there tonight. The sky is full of gray heavy clouds and there is a chill in the air. 48F feeling like 45F. Brrr. I should have replaced our cotton sheets on the bed with flannel today but I didn’t. Warm jammies will be the answer tonight and I’ll do it tomorrow. Bill will be home tomorrow night so I’ll also have a warm body to cuddle up to instead of just Sergui’s stuffed fur.

The liver was perfect, the squash was a treat and after getting the dishes done, I served up a little dish of Jell-o. Mm-m-m-m. Delicious! The rest of the evening will be a lot like the afternoon. Lazy but that’s okay, it was a great day without the pressure of having to do something. The list can wait, I have a few days left to do those things. I hope you enjoyed this fall day in one way or another. At least, after noon hour, our rain had stopped.

Does your sky look like this too?
Good night everyone! Stay warm!
Thank you for your visit.


  1. A full day all in all. Mom looks tired but hey we all have those days. Glad Bill will be home tomorrow.

    1. Yes, one way or another we fill our days. Mom does look tired lately and always sleeps a lot. Her distance glasses have gone astray and doesn't 'need' them, thank goodness. She was always losing them. She looks different without them. Yes, I'm expecting Bill for supper! :)

  2. Your Mom is a beautiful lady. Such a wicked disease that scrambles the brain. My Da was going down that awful road too. Unfortunately he turned nasty.

    1. Thank you. It is a wicked disease. She has her moments of irritability and nastiness with the staff. I feel sorry for what they deal with.

  3. Your mom is beautiful as always! Love the pics with the two beautiful girls! Dinner looks yummy if I pretend that's steak instead of liver LOL. The colors are gorgeous!! Nice Bill will be home :)

    1. Thank you Shirley. Dinner was good and tasted like a different kind of steak!
      Bill will be here for supper, yay!

  4. So nice to get that visit in with your mom while you can. Interesting how much cooler it is there than here.

    1. Yes, it is definitely cooler up here in the north. Even Tavi wasn't as cold.

  5. Brrrrrr ... it looks cold, but beautiful! Your mom looks wonderful! Glad Bill will be home soon.

    1. Definitely brrrr. When Mom doesn't know us, it is related to UTI (urinary tract infection) so we'll get her tested again. She is prone to that for some reason.
      Yup, making supper for him tonight. :)

  6. Nice that you got a visit in with your mom. She obviously likes you, whether or not she recognizes you as one of her children.

    If you're for shows that you've missed PVR'ing, check the website of the network (eg. as you can generally find full episodes on the website. If you can connect your laptop to your television, you can watch them that way. If not, watching on the laptop isn't that bad.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. That is how I have to look at it as well, about Mom. I love her smile and hugs no matter what. We can always laugh too which is #1 for me.
      Thanks about the shows but we wouldn't want to use our wifi for watching programs. We'll just have to hope to catch them on reruns. :) I appreciate your suggestion though.