Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Busy Day and More Gorgeous Weather

The Ridge
On Wednesday, Oct. 9th (Hump Day) the sky was once again as clear as it was yesterday. I’m not sure how we deserve this but I, for one, am ever so grateful! Even if it is the last kick of summer, with only a couple of weeks left here, I wanna yell ‘Yahooie Louie!’ I texted Bill from my snuggly position in bed when I knew he’d soon be leaving for work. He won’t text me until he knows that I am awake so I like to give him a hint. šŸ˜Š

A little bit of fall colour this morning and look at that sky!
I’ve got a busy day planned so it will zip by. I got up at 7 and drove into Durham to clean a few minutes later. No one was around and that made things go even quicker. I had taken our cotton sheets in so popped them in a machine right away. There were 2 washers that needed a load run through them, no fault of the users, just ‘fall, grassy’ clothes leave their mark. I guess it would be nice if they wiped them out, but not too many customers do that.

If you squint, you should be able to see the line of geese
sorry, I'm kind of hooked on these guys!
A closer look
I retrieved change from a washer and started those loads and then came across a third machine that had lots of soap inside and some time left on the machine. Looks like someone was hasty putting change in and then removed their clothes before doing a wash. Only $3 had to be added to the $5.75 machine to start it and it was clean when I checked before leaving. No real issues today, I like that. When I returned home, I made my tea and sat reading blogs.

With a slight occasional breeze and the heat of the sun
they will dry quickly
The sun wasn’t up on the berm yet, because of the trees to the east of my clothesline, so I waited. When I’d finished a tea, I’d chatted with Bill, caught up on posts from yesterday and even checked the Baggage/Lotion restrictions on line. Bill discovered last night that Yvonne and Dennis will be sitting in the 2 seats directly behind us on the flight. Jess and Matt will be 6 rows ahead of us with Easton and Charlotte, Cory and Krystal’s boyfriend across the aisle. I've never been on a plane with a group of people I knew before. It's kind of neat.

I knew that I needed to get some food into my system before heading out to see Mom so had some yogourt and a peach along with my coffee. When I left at 11:15, I was concerned that UPS would arrive while I was gone with my book delivery so I left him a note on the door. I had to sign for the first one so I wasn’t sure if he would be able to leave it if I weren’t home. I let him know that I would be around tomorrow if he came back.

She looks like she's sleeping but she was actually talking to me
Sleeping Beauty
Mom was sleeping in her room, facing away from me so I woke her gently and she smiled and opened her eyes. She didn’t sit up though, kept saying how cold she was so she rolled over to face me and I covered her with the quilt while we talked. She seemed happy and kept asking how long could she stay there until we had to leave. I’m not sure where she thought we were going but eventually at 11:40 I encouraged her to sit up for a chat and a selfie. I got her a wash cloth to wash her sleepy eyes as I combed her hair out.

The colour in this photo is not great, the backlight was a killer
but the moment was special 
Her spirits were good as we walked down to lunch but I should have grabbed her another sweater as she still appeared cold. She waved at me until I went out the last door and that gave me a good feeling. From there, I drove to the Beer Store to return the bottles and cans we’d accumulated and then I drove to The ladies fashion store, MacGregor's to pass some time. They are a very pleasant couple. This is where I bought my two fascinator 'hats'.

I still love her sign
Stop the Car!
Lastly, I visited the Day Use Conservation Area. I hadn’t been here yet this summer. The picnic tables were put away for the season so I sat on the new steps.

Silence at the conservation park

how peaceful the river is
It was quiet and nice to just sit there in the sun for a few minutes. I’d told Pat I would be at her place at 10 to 1 so had time to kill. 

In summer months the swimming hole is very busy
When I arrived, she was almost ready and we said goodbye to Rob at 1. I drove to Owen Sound to the Marine and Rail Museum. My sister, Wendy, the curator of the museum, was giving an historical talk on Undergarments. The rail car was full with the exception of 2 chairs so as usual another great turn out in support of these talks.

The tables were set so beautifully for the approx.  46 in attendance
Wendy has the gift of gab and it is obvious after her first few statements, that she loves what she is doing and what she is talking about. We enjoyed the history lesson and when the tea and the carrot cake from All Things “T” were served, we devoured them like there was no tomorrow. 

These two ladies were our table mates
Sharon and Denise (I remembered their names!)

My little sister makes me proud
This view shows you the head of the only gentleman in attendance
Even he enjoyed the story and their were no models!
Delicious cake warranted a second shared piece
It was our lunch after all
Pat and I even shared a 2nd piece because there was lots leftover and it was so yummy. I took a few pictures of the items Wendy brought from her personal collection. Very cool stuff!

Some beautiful pieces here, some very old
If you have anything like this, please hold onto it
Wendy is always looking for additional history

Bloomers, corsets and bed jackets

I'm sure glad we live in our 'free' times now!
We said goodbye and I drove through the construction crazed city to Value Village. Pat found a couple of things and so did I. I was looking for something in particular and luck was on my side as I found the white stretch capris I couldn’t find all summer and for a mere $4.50! Last stop was Dollarama where I picked up the cards we’ll need for the winter. I don't believe in spending any more than that on a piece of special paper with written words. That is now taken care of and all we have to do is buy stamps as we need them.

As I left Durham, the sun was performing in my rearview mirror
At Durham, Bill texted and asked me to go in to Rob and Pat’s when I dropped her off where he called with some upsetting news about a good friend. I won’t go into it but it sure wasn’t what we wanted to hear. I had a tea with them and at 6:30 I left for home. It just wasn’t turning into a very good evening after such a great day. 

Travelling on #4 highway towards the Ridge, I met a pickup truck that threw a stone and naturally, it hit the windshield. Crap! It hit close to the edge so not in my line of sight. Frustrating for sure.

Hey Speedy!
 When I called Bill, he suggested I go in first thing in the morning to the Speedy Auto Glass in Hanover to see if they can nip it in the bud. We’ll hope that whatever needs to be done can be dealt with in the time we have left here before pulling out. As I arrived home, my book was sitting on the step in the box, in a plastic bag. What a nice guy, I think my note helped him make the decision not to just leave a card. I'm so happy and the book turned out great!

I was getting a headache indicating that I needed to eat something so I plugged in to power and warmed up some roast beef, carrots and gravy. The roast is so good that I don’t mind eating it another night. Then I sat with my laptop to work on this post. It was a pretty good day until the latter part, a couple of things we really didn’t need. I hope yours was a good one too. 

And turning north onto Baptist Church Road, the sun said good night
The weather was pleasing and unfortunately, by the time I got home and settled, I remembered the sheets on the line. Oh well, they will still be there in the morning and have more sun to refresh them. I watched a couple of programs and by 10 o’clock I made my way up to bed.

Lastly, I'm happy to show you the book I just created and received
Good night/day everyone!
Thank you for your visit today.


  1. The book is such a great idea. Sorry Patootie got whacked, but at least it's fixable. I've got several items of vintage clothing I would love to donate. I could go through everything in November and maybe send some things to your sister??

    1. Thank you, you're right, Ptooties is now fixed. :)
      Wow, that would be awesome! She would be thrilled!

  2. I love the picture with you and your mom. Cherish the moments you have together. Those books you created are a wonderful idea and they will keep all your memories alive of this great lifestyle you are living. Hope to view them sometime in the future. That chip in the windshield is a bummer and I hate that when it happens. Hope it can be fixed.

    1. thank you, she makes the cutest little faces which are endearing. :)
      I love making the books even though sometimes there are frustrations it is worth it. I'll show you when next we meet.
      The chip is something you can't avoid, it isn't slow motion where you can move out of the way! haha

  3. Always love pictures of you and your mom! Wow, what a turnout at Wendy's talk and tea! Love vintage clothing like that, but glad I don't have to wear them LOL> Gotta say that carrot cake looks so good! The fall center pieces of wine glasses with leaves and pine cones..great! Can you get any simpler but it's beautiful! Too bad about the chip but hopefully it can be repaired easily! Prayers going out for your (our) friend :(

    1. Thank you, and I sometimes think 'do I need another picture?' but quickly decide YES!
      Wendy does a great job with her display and talk and the other ladies do the tea and table set up. Very simple and very lovely. :)
      A new windshield because of its positioning but had to be done. Minor in comparison with 'life'. We are also praying for our friend.

  4. Great pictures of your day. While we were parked in Escanaba we had a group of geese that visited nearby every day...:) Always nice to see pictures of you and your mom. Looks like you and Pat had a lovely afternoon. Not a great way to end the day it caught my breath to read the news even though someone had mentioned it to me beforehand. Prayers going out for sure.

    1. Thanks Deb. I try not to take pics of the geese every day but they are so pretty on the pond, enjoying the sun. :)
      We had a great time but got tickets late so were at the back table. Wendy teased that it's too bad I didn't know someone with 'pull', ha ha. Definite prayers and hopeful thoughts for G. & S.

  5. For the most part a very good day. Sorry to hear that things are not well with your friend, and drat on the driver that threw up the rock. Hopefully Speedy will be able to repair the damage.

    The book looks interesting. I'm curious, what does the title "And then there were five" mean?

    1. Yes, definitely. Small things get in the way, the chip is minor although it costs us the deductible but the news about our friend is a major thing and we pray for him.
      This is my 3rd book of our winter travels. The title means, it isn't just Bill and I but includes Rob and Pat and of course, Clemson. :)

  6. I think everyone was taken aback on the news of our just can't be. It is early and hoping for the best.

    1. Three of us here figured it had to be more than what he first thought but still it is a shock. Life changer and we fervently pray for the best of all results.

  7. What an up and down day you had. I would have enjoyed the Undergarmets program for sure, and carrot cake - one of my very favorites. It looked delicious! Those rocks are nasty things when they hit glass. Hope it's something they can fix for you. My heart is hurting for our friend as well and have been keeping him in my prayers all day. Having met or not, you can't communicate with someone for several years and not feel like you know them personally.

    1. It certainly was up and down and it breaks my heart to think of how plans and lives change so suddenly. Still praying for the best, holding that hope.

  8. We have sure been blessed by magnificent weather the past week!