Saturday, October 26, 2019

Last Day in Paradise

Bahia Principe Akumal Resort

Bill and I were awake around 6, soon enough to get dressed and go down to the beach to catch the sunrise. Today is Saturday, Oct. 26th, our last day in this lovely resort. We met Yvonne and Dennis doing the same thing but left them and carried on for a bit of a walk. 

We returned to our room and around 7:30 got dressed for breakfast. We walked to Akumal lobby following Krystal, Matt, Charlotte and Cory.

The other four joined us soon after. We couldn’t get a table for 10 but sat 8 and 2 beside each other. We’re glad we were able to get them all together once more and we enjoyed the meal. We’re all going to miss the great food and services available when we go home. We went our separate ways and since I was dressed ready for the beach, I just stopped long enough to grab my beach bag and walked to the Infinity Pool.

A sunrise beach photo
Yvonne and Dennis were already there and once more, the others joined soon after. We’d all decided that our last day would be relaxing and catching some last rays. Bill remained at the room, read on his laptop, made our lists for our declarations on the plane and began his packing. Then he came to the pool. All in all, today, I had 2 Miami Vice and concluded that I’d have one more with lunch and that was it for this trip.

Maybe nice for a picture frame

When we went for lunch at Los Corales, by the pool, we found a table for two. We were almost finished with our drinks when the winds started up and the rains hit. Bill ran back to our chairs, where we’d left our towels and books etc. and by the time he and Cory got back inside the restaurant, it had quit and the sun was out. This is apparently typical for rainstorms down here in the middle of an afternoon.

Another little sand crab scurrying along 
The staff swept water and wiped tables in order to accommodate the large lunch crowd. They did this in record time. Bill and I walked back to our room for a siesta and then around 3:30 I went back to the pool. The kids were still there but left soon after I arrived. I’m getting a complex! Ha ha, they’d been there since 9:30 and needed some activity so off they went to find something else to do.

I ordered my first omelette and it was delicious
the ceiling was a topic of our conversation this morning
I read and relaxed until 4:30 before taking a walk along the beach. They weren’t playing volleyball either in the pool or on the beach so I figured they’d all returned to their rooms as well. 

pool necessities 
I missed Yvonne and Dennis but these are the kids enjoying their last day
Jess & Matt on left, Matt & Krystal top right
and Cory & Charlotte bottom right
A Few beach photos just for fun

I returned to Bill and did my own packing before hopping in the shower. Bill and I were dining alone tonight for our last Akumal Resort dinner. The Last Supper? It was good and after some dessert we took a selfie and left the buffet. Walking around the lobby, checking out the entertainment for the evening we decided to walk back to our room. Not much was happening.

Roast turkey and potatoes anyone?

A little bit of light desserts
All calorie free, of course! haha
Bill said he hates feeling like an old fogey but when you’re tired, you’re tired. I was just as happy to go back and get at my blog post. Tomorrow is flight home day and it will be a long one. Our checkout is 7:20 so we’ll be there early. Our flight is 1 pm and we'll arrive in Toronto around 6 pm. The drive home from there will be tough but we'll arrive at the Ridge sometime after 9. 

This has been a wonderful day again for our last one. Jess, Matt and Easton are staying here until Tuesday so that will give them a bit of time on their own.

We've had a blast here and are ready for our next winter adventure
Buenas Noches
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  1. I'm sorry to see all the fun end. It's a special place to be sure. Safe travels!!!

  2. What a wonderful week you've had with so much happening. I'm glad you all have enjoyed it so much. Safe travels home - and then the next adventure!

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the fun with us! The water in the infinity pool is amazing! I'm sure it feels like it was over way too quickly! On to a new adventure :)

    1. It sure made it easier to leave knowing soon we'll be with all of our winter friends.

  4. What a wonderful adventure and how lovely to be able to enjoy it with family. That little guy is sure a cutie. All your pictures of the ocean and sunrises are beautiful.
    By the time you read this I am going to guess you will be settled in at the Ridge. Hope you had a safe and uneventful trip home.

    1. Easton is such a good little guy.
      We didnt get home to the Ridge until Sunday night at 10 pm.

  5. Have a good trip home. Lovely pictures of the resort to help you remember the nice time you spent there.

  6. Hope you can handle cooking for yourself again! Seems like you've had a perfect time. I love the pictures of the rocks and shells in the sand.

  7. What a great last day, and a wonderful trip. Safe travels back to the Ridge, that can be a long drive after a long travel day.

  8. By the time I've read this you should be at the airport and waiting for your flight. Safe travels!

    You definitely had a great time, and the hardest part is definitely coming home and having to do the cooking and cleaning yourself!

  9. Actually we got home last night at 10 pm. Safe and sound. Rob came out and turned our heater on for us so it was lovely inside.