Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Good Morning, Bahia! What a Wonderful Day!

Cancun, Mexico
On Monday, Oct. 21st Bill and I were awake around 3:30. Not surprising, again, because of our early bedtime. We were able to drop off a few times in the cool atmosphere and got up around 5:30. We were able to just relax and finally connect to the free wifi. I was very happy about that and emailed my siblings, children and our buddies back home to let them know of our safe arrival.

The time on my camera was still on EST - the sun rose at 6:50 am
 Then, I was able to publish yesterday’s post so I felt better about that too. We showered (and I let the water run today!), got dressed for walking and together we toured the area of the buildings where Jess, Matt and a few others were staying. Except for Bill’s 3 oldest daughters we know no one else in our building. We saw the Infinity Pool which is VERY cool and I MUST go there a few times. We ate in the restaurant right beside it.

Our room visitor

I was there too although not many pictures depict that
It was buffet style and for breakfast and lunch there are no restrictions on clothing but a treat was that it is an adult only eatery. What a feast! We’d like to come back for dinner one night and it just means wearing more suitable attire, nothing fancy. That’s easy for us ladies as we can throw a summer dress over a swim suit. The guys need to pay a little more attention. Some say shirts with collars and long pants, others allow shorts and a nice shirt.

We are enjoying Los Corales restaurant for a few meals
We met up with Yvonne and Dennis, Charlotte and Cory at one point and agreed to go the Akumal Lobby to ‘register’ for our return shuttle to take us to the airport on Sunday. That was quick and painless and gave us the information we needed. Then we walked back to our room and I immediately changed into my bathing suit and began today’s blog while I cooled down. Then it was beach time! They hadn’t been in to clean our room yet so it was good to vacate, allowing them access.

We found a spot on the beach to sit, swim and read for an hour or so
Bill and I took a walk to the Akumal main building and behind it, walked by the 3 pools along the way. There were a few more ‘little’ people in the pools than we wanted to experience so walked down to the beach area and snagged a couple of chairs. Bill had one in the shade and I had one beside him in the sun. We met a couple from Uruguay, well, the Mrs. anyway. She was trying very hard to communicate with us but there was a huge barrier. Still nice to try and she seemed very nice.

Pool time fun
We took a swim and the water was beautiful! So warm! When we returned to our chairs, I messaged Charlotte to see where they all ended up and after ordering and finishing a rum punch, we walked back to the Adult Infinity Pool. Cory, Yvonne, Dennis, Krystal and Matt were all there so we joined them for the remainder of the morning and into mid-afternoon. I don’t think I’ve spent so much time near water in one stretch. I think there will be a few more days just like this one.

top pictures were lunch
bottom pictures were supper
We ate in shifts at the same restaurant that we had breakfast in and this kept our lounge chairs for us. The food is wonderful and the staff are efficient and often very funny. We have always had a good rapore with the Mexicans in Los Algodones so didn’t expect this to be any different. They want us to have a good time and they also want our American dollar.  At 4:45 we walked back to our room, some of us a little redder and some of us browner than others. We were all very cognizant of the sun’s rays and used sun screen.

These funny raccoon/monkey type critters are called Coati (ko-ah-tee)
and are all over the resort
They aren't pests and are not dangerous
Fun to watch with their typical raccoon/monkey behaviours
Bill and I had a snooze in our cool a/c room and read our books. We dressed for dinner with the girls and their guys and met at 7 at the Akumal lobby buffet. I’ve never seen so much food at a buffet. Not even Lin’s in Yuma has as much to offer. It went on and on and on. I started with a small salad plate and then refilled with some of the same and tried a couple of new things. I skipped dessert but Bill didn’t. He hadn’t eaten as much as me this time.

One more critter right at the edge of the leaves
at the pool
We met in the Theatre room for a Back to the 80’s tribute and even though the 80’s wasn’t our time or our favourite music era, the dancers were very good and we knew half of the songs at least. Yvonne got chosen to go up on stage and compete in a hula hoop competition. She’s a great sport! Go, Yvonne. From there, we walked outside into the beautiful fresh air around the pool to listen to a group performing ABBA songs. They were good but we had no seats and when we’d finished a drink each, we walked home. Again, not a group we really followed.

Tonight's indoor entertainment
Back to the 80's
Outdoor entertainment ABBA

It was 10:30 so time for us to call it a day. I wanted to get this post done tonight so I could get up and out for a walk in the morning. What a wonderful day we had! I know the time is going to fly by with the wedding tomorrow and a tour on Wednesday but we’ll do our best to keep up and relax at the same time. It’s tough, but someone’s got to do it. Bill and I like to step up to the plate in times of need. 😊 I hope you are all filling your days too.

Good night from Cancun!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Don't you just love it there?? The weather is perfect and the food delicious. The lizard in your room is good luck, so don't chase him off. If you look across the water, you'll see Cozumel where I used to go diving every year. LOVE the sun and sea. I know you will enjoy every minute.

    1. I'm loving the beach water and the available pools every where we walk. Easy to endure the humidity this way! It is the only thing I miss in Arizona - beaches. Bill showed me Cozumel on the map so I know where you are talking about. :)

  2. Looks and sound like a wonderful day! Gotta say that lizard in my room is not for me! I can hear the screaming now!! That pig's head, doesn't do it for me either. hah. The description of the water though sounds lovely! Everyone in your pictures, looks like they're having a great time! Keep on enjoying!

  3. Okay, I am officially jealous. What a beautiful fun place to be. Keep up the good work of enjoying your time there. Like you said, someone has to make the sacrifice and do it...LOL...glad to read you and Bill are up for the challenge.

  4. What a wonderful day with family and friends in the beautiful setting. Enjoy!

  5. Looks like you are having a wonderful time, enjoy the sun the beach the food and all the fun stuff there.
    The real Mexican people away om tourist places are even more fun if you get chance to adventure that far away

  6. Hi Patsy-Irene-

    Your vacation sounds (and looks) wonderful.

    Here at O’Hare it’s a cloudy 41-F, with a strong 40 MPH wind w/ gusts to 50.

    The cold rain feels like bullets hitting the side of my face. --No sun protection needed--.

    Thank goodness for your blog. It's nice to hear and see that the weather is perfect somewhere!

    Enjoy your adventure! Thanks to you I’ll be humming the Pina-Colada song today while 'getting caught in the rain'!

    -Chicago Robert

    1. Ha ha, Hi Chicago Bob! Sorry about your weather but trust me that we are getting and enjoying the heat (and humidity) while your rain is unkind to you. :(
      Hope it doesn't get worse too soon!

  7. Oh wow, you make me yearn the Caribbean Sea and weather. I miss it so much. This resort you are staying at looks like a very nice place with so many choices for swimming, eating and entertainment for everyone. Wishing you all a great day at the wedding!

  8. Enjoy every second of it! You both deserve it and to celebrate with family makes it extra special. Happy for you...

    1. Thank you afcg. We are glad to have the time with Bill's family. :)

  9. " We showered (and I let the water run today!)" I had to laugh when I read this! Akumal is one of the best snorkeling areas, going in? Not blurking today!

    1. Yes, it feels like such luxury 'wasting' water because we can!
      We may do some personal snorkeling before we leave. :)