Sunday, October 6, 2019

Laundry Day, Windy Up Here, Checked Baggage and Clean up In Lane Way

On the Ridge

After a wonderful afternoon and evening with Bill’s family yesterday, we slept well until about 4 am. We were in bed and asleep by 11 but perhaps the coffee at 7:30 pm was the culprit. No worries, no regrets, it was great to see them all. We woke next and got up around 6:30-6:45 on Sunday, Oct. 6th. Bill first and I followed. It was still dark so we sat and had our morning brew together.

An usual thing for us, using our Mat dryers
15 minutes to dry .75¢
They work so well!
I had a blog post to write, having just created a title yesterday morning. It was too busy to do more than that!  I finished publishing, finished my tea and drove into the Laundromat to do the laundry. It got busy, which is nice to see, and I received a compliment about how clean the place always is. Gotta love that! I had taken my work keys and glad that I did as I needed to clean a washer for a customer.

We helped Donna and Gerry take down their car cover for the winter
Driving back out of the Acreage lane is very sheltered
but the sun had come out
After 2 days of someone else not removing their clothes, it smelled musty. I took the liberty of removing them into a cart for her and giving it a wipe down. She was very appreciative since the others were full. I’d decided already to use two dryers as we were supposed to get rain this morning. It still hadn’t rained by the time I was heading home at 9:30 but I was just as happy that for $8.75, the wash was done and folded. turns out, We never did get any rain.

It was a good day to trim back my lilies
We wanted to see Donna and Gerry while they were at the Acreage today as Donna brought a couple of suitcases out that would be suitable for our checked bag. We’ll have a look and maybe I won’t have to ‘scrunch’ my clothes so much. Bill was getting hungry so I made him bacon and eggs. We took care of the dishes and he went out to work on the mud/stone guard for Black Beauty. He had purchased new rubber and lights and Bob had some of the ‘sweep bristles’ that he offered to Bill too.

And the apple tree needed it so Bill could cut under there with the rider

Bill trimmed a lot of these saplings along the lane as they get top
heavy and bend over easily
Too many rv's use this lane way now so it is important!
At noon we drove over to the Acreage. While there, we helped them take the car cover off the frame so it could be folded and put away for the winter. We, nor they, are sure how much they’ll get out before we leave and these are little things where extra hands make a big difference. We chose the suitcase that would work best for us and around 1 said goodbye. The sun was coming out so we wanted to get at some of our outdoor stuff too. I was hungry when I got home so had some peaches and cream with granola. Just enough until supper.

It's an improvement but there are some weeds and grasses on the other side to clean up too

Much better with the lilies trimmed
Then, I went outside to trim the tiger lilies at the end of the lane. I took the wheelbarrow down with 2 different clippers. Long and short bladed ones so I could also cut some low branches on our very fertile apple tree down there by the fence. The lilies turned out not to need clippers, they were ready to say goodnight and with gloved hands, I easily broke the stalks and leaves off at the base. It isn’t an overly neat row of garden along there, with grasses growing close to the geranium plants, but I still like it.

The pond was very calm today

We had Geese visitors all day, just like a family reunion!
By the time I’d finished that garden, I cut the apple tree branches that my clippers could cut and soon Bill joined me with the chain saw. It was easier for him to cut the bigger ones. What a shame, looking up into the tree to see still tons of apples. I’m sure I heard a weak ‘pick me, please pick me!’ but I only grabbed 5 good ones to bring back up and eat this week. I don’t need anymore apples! These are the best ones on the property though.

These are a nice size for a snack

Sitting on the patio, it was lovely when the sun wasn't behind
a cloud when it would cool down considerably
After a couple of wheelbarrow loads up to the rubbish pile, I’d had enough and when Bill finished a few things on his list, we quit for the day. 

I hope you can see him heading towards our electrical cord
 I sat outside at the patio table with my book and watched dragon flies, geese and even a caterpillar dropped from my boot and crawled like crazy across the carpet and under the Suite. I don’t know what his destination was but he was sure moving. My book was too good though to dwell on the little guy for too long. I didn't get pictures of the dragon flies as they kept landing on my peach coloured top.

He moved very quickly and slipped under the cord
The other day, I mentioned that Rob welded our screen into the
firepit frames - this the finished product
Bill will have to buy new hinges to attach a couple, I think but that
will be a spring project - Thanks Rob!
When I came inside, Bill soon closed his book and had a little nap. He has a drive tonight again so wanted to be rested. I finished The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and it was a great read. I have 3 more J.P. books in the cupboard so will just move right along. At 4 I got the roast out of the fridge and after adding salt and pepper, sautéed it in Madame IP. I’d used all our potatoes up yesterday so had to get creative tonight to give Bill a nice meal.

Bill and I had our Happy hour inside today and it was very nice
Then, when ready to cook under pressure, I added the inner pot with carrots, a piece of spaghetti squash and yams. We soon realized that it was too high for cooking so removed the pot and will add them near the end for a few minutes. We were eating by 5:45 and as usual, everything turned out tasty. I will have roast beef for a couple of nights this week and I have no complaint about that. I'd made gravy on the Saute setting and I love gravy with leftover beef. This was Plan B when we didn’t have the roast on Friday night.

Supper turned out amazing! (if I do say so myself)
Magical Madame IP gets the credit though
Bill was packed and headed out around 6:20 and would be in Tavistock by 8, ready for another week’s work. The sun was wonderful this afternoon and although very windy up here, upwards of 20 mph at times, it was a pleasant 63F/18C. We sure can’t complain about that. I know that this week will bring some nice sunny days so I should be able to get all of my outside chores done without any difficulty. The weekend will be full as well so good weather is very important right now.

My heart pings when he gets into the truck
but as long as he arrives at his destination safely,
I can go to bed tonight content
So, the saddest part of my week began as I snapped a picture of my sweetie getting in Black Beauty at the bottom of the hill. I washed the dishes and then decided to go for a walk to the end of the lane and capture the sunset. I’m sure you get tired of the same view of it so you get a treat tonight. While walking back, I decided to grab the trunks of some of the branches that Bill cut along the lane.

First, I thought, I would grab some each time I came up the lane on foot. Then, after one trip, I thought, what the heck, I’ll do one more. Then I was so close to my 8,000-step mark today that I would take a third trip which turned into a fourth and last. There is still more to clean up but another day, another walk. 😊 These ones had nice smooth 1-2” diameter trunks so I didn’t need my gloves. The rest are a little harder on the hands.

Sunset through the wild grasses
One of my loads up the lane to the rubbish pile
I didn't pick them up, just dragged them behind me
Back inside, I decided to have some lime Jell-o. I don’t think Bill cares for it as much as the raspberry or strawberry as he opted for his last yogourt cup instead. Oh well, I’ll clean it up this week then. I sat and finished my post before settling down with Worst Case by J.P. First 2 chapters and I’m hooked. This has been a good day and we managed to get a few more things done and crossed off our list. I hope you have been out enjoying the nice weather too.

Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. All sounds good. Glad Bill is getting a little all adds up. Did things slow down at Can Am?

    1. Thank you, it does all help especially when medical/travel insurance time comes up. :)
      Yes, Can Am has slowed down considerably this summer and when they did sell a lot in a time period, they have about 8 other guys who do what Bill does and they live right near the shop. :( They get the work.

  2. I was wondering about Can Am as well? I'm not ready to start packing up, our weather has actually improved and the sun is out, my flower are thriving, and I just can't convince myself to start packing things up. I know I will have to do it soon, and I have cleaned out my vegetable garden, but I'm going to wait until the last minute to clean out my flowers. When do you go to Cancun?

    1. Thanks, see above for the CanAm story. Hopefully spring will be bustling and he'll be needed again in London. Further to go than Tavistock but he does really enjoy that connection.
      I'll do my vegetables this week too and yet many of my dahlias are just blooming. They can wait until next weekend, I hope. They are all I need to worry about other than trimming my peonny bush. We leave on Oct. 19 to drive to TO for a flight the next morning. :)

    2. Well that's to bad about CanAm but nicer to be closer to home. I'm so happy for you for you Cancun trip, it will be so much fun!

  3. Nice to have the weekend together , now Bill heading to Tavi , we will be in Tavi this morning for the next 9 days at Suzie's sisters place on hwy 59 just north of town. The fire place screens look goo, Rob does a great work.

    1. We had a nice weekend together and got a few things done around here. You might have to look each other up this week. His work is in Woodstock but home in the evenings.
      Rob does do great work and we appreciate his help. :)

    2. I can send him and email and see if we can work something out.

  4. Sounds like you whil keep busy while Bill is gone this week. Having a good book close by and cooking always helps fill inside (or outside if it's warm enuf) time. When are you heading south?

    1. I have enough to do outside and inside the Bunky and the Suite. And yes, cooking is always a great way to fill an afternoon! We head south on Nov. 2, at least that is the plan. :)

  5. I love seeing the geese back. You've definitely been keeping busy. Things sure seem to grow fast up there.

    1. Me too! They hung around all day. :) Everything grows well and fast EXCEPT my watermelon. Ha ha. Donna will have to adopt the plant and hope they grow more so they get a treat.

  6. Well, that was a busy day! You both got a lot accomplished and enjoyed your time together. That much closer to your first trip of the season! Dinner looks yummy! The pond is beautiful and so was your sunset!

  7. There's always something happening at the Ridge, both human and critteres. I imagine the geese are starting their flight south. We're seeing (and hearing) flocks going over the house.

    Have a great day!