Saturday, October 5, 2019

My Snuggle Bug is Back, Cool Walk, Taking Care of Business, Happy Hour

The Ridge
I was awake at 6 am on Friday, Oct. 4th and heard the Keurig turn on. I also noticed something different, I had a warm snuggle bug beside me again! It was obvious that Bill was awake too when our hands found each other’s and held on. We dozed until closer to 7 and got up. Bill got washed up and drove to Hanover for his last bloodwork before we leave. Just follow-ups. I made my tea and sat reading blog posts for half hour.

Two houses to our northeast, workers are roofing

They were working when I left for my walk
but the light rain on my way back scared them off
Around 8 I bundled and went for my walk. The air was certainly chilly, only 43F, feeling like 39! Good grief! Part way down Baptist Church Road I noticed that there was no wind and that made a whole difference. The fresh air alone was refreshing and I warmed up by stepping at a regular comfortable pace. As I reached Turbine Lane, up over the hill, a car wasn’t moving over to the other lane so I stepped off into the grass a bit. Then it seemed to be coming right at me! Bugger! It was Bill returning from Hanover.

a gray blanket covered the sky this morning
I’m always watchful of vehicles as some just aren’t as considerate as most. Back home, Bill was having his first coffee of the day and we sat and chatted. Jamie answered my text of yesterday and said he’d be popping around this morning to pay us. I fried up eggs and peameal bacon for Bill and a couple of pieces of bacon for my salad plate later. When our ‘boss’ showed up at 10, we had a nice catchup about the Mat in general and what Bill has been up to.

After he left, Bill hopped in Ptooties and drove to Owen Sound. Princess Auto is one of his favourite stores in Canada and I tease that the little P.A. catalogue is his toy catalogue. He cashes in on deals and things we and he needs for rv’ing or his hobbies. I’m all for a sale so trust his judgement on what he buys. Down south, as you men all know, its replacement is Harbor Freight. I will have to get out to the storage shed today and dig out my old sheets for covering the garden veggies. It will be close to freezing tonight and don’t want to lose my last growers.

There goes Bill in Ptooties towards home
I cut a pepper, tomato, cheddar and feta cheese, got olives out and a piece of peameal bacon for my lunch. I also had a couple of clementine oranges. They’re tiny and go down well. There was no desire for me to get outside today with the chill temperatures. I’m counting on warmer days, at least sunny ones. Bill got home from his shopping spree around 1 and sat with me. I think there was a bit of a snooze in there. We each had a fudge bar and then he got up to go down to the Hangar.

Today I walked far enough to see the colourful autumn beauty

This is where I turned around towards the Ridge

It's always a pleasure walking up our laneway
but today, since the drizzle was dampening my hair,
it was wonderful to be sheltered.
When my cousins, Bonnie and Gary, were here earlier this week they brought a few model airplane parts for Bill. They found them behind their property when someone crashed his plane in a tree. Subjected to the elements and eventually falling to the ground, Gary thought of Bill rather than sending the pieces to the landfill. I accepted them on Bill’s behalf and when I showed him this morning, he was quite pleased. There are definitely things there that could come in handy.

Plane parts that should be compatible with his small Timber
We had our Blue Flame heater on low overnight and up a bit more all day. My toes were cold and so to keep the heat downstairs, we closed the bedroom door. We all know heat rises so it was toasty up there. What a difference that makes! Bill and I chatted about this winter’s travels and missing our buddies, texted to invite ourselves in to their place for a bit of a Happy Hour. We are sad that they are not able to join us for the beginning of our journey.

Custard is cooking
 I had pulled a beef roast out of the freezer this morning so we can have a nice ‘Sunday’ style dinner tonight. Madame IP will be happy to oblige. But first, it was time to make some Keto Custard. It takes so little time to prep it and then only 9 minutes to bake. I’m so grateful for this recipe, it is just the right snack for an evening after a nice meal. Thanks Nancy K! 
Visiting our buddies this afternoon after a long absence
At 3:30 or thereabouts we drove into Durham to Rob and Pat’s. It seems like it has been a while since we sat and relaxed with these guys.

Driving home, the sun was out in full glory
We had a great visit, as usual, and it was well overdue. We laughed, caught up and shared many stories over a drink. The time zipped by and we didn’t mean to stay so long. They had supper to eat, as did we, but they had evening plans. It was just before 6 when we scooted out of there. Rob had the screens for our firepit welded on the frames and ready for us to pick up. Wow! We weren’t expecting that so soon. Bill is very pleased.

My babies are protected for the overnight frost
On the way home, we discussed our own supper. I had planned on the beef roast but it will take an hour to cook and we’re not keen on a late meal tonight. As soon as we got home, Bill brought me the 2 old sheets from the shed and I went up and covered my vegetables. 

So, I warmed up the leftover spaghetti, toasted a bun for Bill and I had some salad with mine. It was fast and still delicious. We had a dish of custard for dessert and then as I wrote my post, we started watching The Good Doctor as recorded on our PVR and then moved on to NCIS and New Amsterdam.

I cuddled up in my chair with my wool wrap. This was a cold fall day. The sun came out as we left Rob and Pat’s making way for a very cold night. That is the first we’ve seen it for a few days, almost didn’t recognize it! I’m glad we are home together and have a few days together. I hope things are well in your world too.

A pretty sunset ends the daylight hours
See ya!

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  1. It is cooling down quickly getting everyone prepared for what is to come.
    Nice that you enjoyed a fun Happy Hour with Rob and Pat too.

  2. Your time here is coming to an end isn't it? We've had a light frost a couple of nights but so far, my mums and geraniums are hanging in there. I'll pull them next weekend before I head out on my own mini-vacation.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You mentioned Sunday dinner roast. We often had that as a kid. My stepmom always made it on Sunday and Dean did too when I first met him.