Saturday, October 19, 2019

Jigging and Jogging, Zigging and Zagging on a Cool Wet Fall Day

The Ridge
On Thursday, Oct. 17th, I was up at 7. After turning the fireplace on to warm up the 57F air in the Suite, I waited for a bit of daylight before I drove into town. It was 7:45 by the time I arrived. Brrr, what a cold morning. I could hear and feel the winds rocking our home again in the mid-morning hours of 4 and 5. 27 mph isn’t very fast when you’re driving but when you’re sitting 200’ up on the Ridge, it is substantial enough.

Took 8 bags of frozen apple slices to Rob and Pat's for the winter
I gave them permission to use a couple for a pie. :)
I was alone for a while until Thomas and his border collie mix, Nova, arrived. She is one very excitable pup and has to greet everyone. I didn’t mind her following me around as long as she didn’t jump up on me. Which she didn’t. Jamie popped in to say hi and we chatted a bit. It seems that he had our departure dates mixed up so I hope he isn’t in a bind knowing that Saturday is my last cleaning day. I should have written the dates down for him, Lord knows I have had a hard enough time with them this year!

It was just after 9 when I was leaving Durham. I’d stopped at Foodland to pick up some of my yogourt, on sale (yay!) and some of the snack bars we like for our road travel. We have some left from last year but haven’t been able to find them in bulk here in Canada. I bought a box of 12 to get us through the first couple of weeks or more. Back home, I had my tea and felt on edge. When I have a day filled with time-sensitive things and travel things, it is hard to settle down.

I hated to disturb her peaceful sleep
but she was glad I did!
After getting washed up, I packed a grocery bag with 8 freezer bags of apples. Pat was gracious enough to offer me space in their chest freezer for the winter so I stopped there. We had a short but sweet visit, with promises to see them before we head south. Then, I drove to see Mom at Rockwood. She was sleeping beauty again in the tv/sports room. No tv on, no sports, she was sound asleep in the chair. The girls hate to disturb her and leave her to one of the last to take down for lunch.
She was saying "Ooh, you're hands are cold!"
I woke her up and received the most wonderful greeting! Not by name, but she knew me at least. She makes it sound like we’ve travelled miles and miles to see her which is very endearing but I have to admit to her that I’m only 10 minutes away. It was a confusing conversation, but still pleasant and I took her down to lunch at noon. She moves slower now and we hate to rush, try hard to be patient like she has been with us all our lives. When I left her at her table, she gave me a kiss ‘give this one to Bill’……then hesitation ‘did I get that right?’ Ha ha we both laughed at that. She never remembers our ‘guys’ names.

So, we took a second one
Bill texted as I was leaving Rockwood and told me that he and Bob were done work for the day. That was a surprise so I put things into a higher speed. I got home, made a coffee and a couple of pieces of toast with jelly. Then I finished packing up the few things I wanted to take along and was on the road by 1:30. It was a wet drive, off and on, but the traffic was light. That is always good. I made one wrong turn (or rather missed a turn) and that was my own fault for not paying attention to our gps.

And just a few pics of my drive
Varney first, a small town south of Durham
Playground in bottom left corner looks like fun!
I arrived at Bob and Jo-Anne’s at 3:10 and didn’t realize that I had passed where George and Suzie are currently staying. Darn! Missed a picture of their coach when I was trying to capture things along my drive. It was nice to be greeted by our friends and most importantly after the human hugs, to see little Higgins. He barked a little bit when we arrived but soon got used to us being around. He’s had a haircut and looks so cute and so much like Clemson.

It's too bad they didn't spoil Higgins
Look at this position of sleep!
We caught up and Jo-Anne was busying herself in the kitchen making supper. What a great meal that was! Bill chided me later with a chuckle that I forgot to take a picture of the food. LOL I was too busy being social. Scalloped potatoes, oven-baked home-made sausage, waldorf salad, home-made apple sauce and of course home-made apple crisp with ice cream (not home-made) for dessert. Oh, that doesn’t even touch on the 3 kinds of pickles and beets she’d preserved. It was delicious!

Yup, it's going to be a fun winter
Isn't he adorable?
At 6:30 we took a drive 5 minutes back to the Suzie’s sister’s place where they were set up for a couple of weeks. We needed to visit our friends before we took off for our winter journey. It was great to see them again and George looked pretty fair for what he’s all been through. He definitely was not the George we know, his energy certainly very low. We had a lovely visit and will keep in touch with them over the next couple of weeks.

Sorry for the blur, I moved too quickly
this is where G & S are temporarily set up

It was great to see our good friends for a visit
Hope you had a great evening!

Back at the house in Tavi we all sat and enjoyed the evening together watching the Mission Impossible movie Fall Out. Higgins gave me some puppy love during the course of the evening, just being plain adorable. We were in bed by 10:30 and had a good sleep in our ‘private’ bedroom downstairs. They have a nice set up down there and we feel very comfortable. This was a busy day and I was sure ready for the sleep. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well!

Thank you for the visit today!


  1. You've been a busy bee! Higgins is a cutie. Glad you got a puppy fix. I guess you'll be on your way soon. Looking forward to those pictures.

    1. A little busy - ha ha. Too busy but it's all good, right?
      (and look who's talking!)

  2. Sounds like a busy but wonderful day. Nice to be able to touch base and see Suzie and George I am sure. What a nice picture of the two of them.
    Sounds like you are going to have some nice traveling companions this winter.
    Something about retirement makes it hard to keep days and dates straight...LOL

    1. Absolutely! Busy and wonderful, I like that!
      We were glad to see George and Suzie for a visit.
      Bob and Jo-Anne will be fun travel mates too.

  3. Love the pics of you and your mom, so cute! Nice you were able to get by to see George and Suzie, that is a cute picture of them :) On to a new adventure when you head south..will look forward to meeting your new friends along with seeing you two again! Now on to Cancun!! :) woo hoo!

    1. Thank you, I never know what Mom's face will be when we do these selfies. It's always a treat!
      New adventures around the corner and I'm sure they will be wonderful memories together.