Saturday, October 19, 2019

Busy, Fun Day – Pedicure, Lunch by Randy, Magical Brenda, Long Drive

The Ridge
On Friday, Oct. 18th, we woke up together in a new bed for me. I had a bit of a time getting to sleep last night mainly because we’d slept on different sides than our norm. I didn’t think that would bother me, but I guess it did. Once I dropped off, it was a great sleep with no complaints! Bill and I had some of the cereal he’d taken along earlier in the week and that was just enough to get us through until lunchtime. Cereal is a temporary fill only.

A cozy little room all to ourselves
I wouldn't have minded Higgins joining us but he won't come
down the stairs (sound familiar?)
we could've played pool if we'd had a hard time sleeping!
Bill was heading home to the Ridge and I was going to London so we got cleaned up to go. Bob and Jo-Anne and Higgins were going to Turkey Point to their cottage for the weekend to clean up a few things there.

Jo-Anne said Higgins thought we were all leaving
but I prefer to think he didn't want to say goodbye to us
We said goodbye around 8:30. I knew it would only be an hour for me so took my time on the highways, enjoying the ride. As I nipped in on the familiar Commissioners Road, I stopped in at Southside animal Clinic to inform them that Clemson’s file could be closed. They were good to him while we lived there.

It was a nice day for a drive as I headed to London
An even more familiar sight as I got closer to Brenda’s home was our workplace. For 33 years I turned in there and reported for duty for 7:30 am. Wow, hard to believe that I left there 3+ years ago, how time flies when you’re having fun. Brenda and Randy greeted me with open arms in Old South (London) and it is always lovely to see these two. She has a beautiful home and they have made it ‘theirs’ after Randy moved in this past June. I’m so happy for them. Peas in a pod, they are.

Brenda and Randy's home
We chatted for a bit and then Brenda drove us all (in our barefeet and sandals) to BaseLine Rd. for our pedicures. I thought it was very cool that Randy joined us as well. I’m sure that Bill would love the pampering too. 

What a great way to get our feet pampered!
Our chairs were even complete with massagers
The girls in the salon were welcoming and although a couple were very difficult to understand, my gal spoke very good English. One of the best experiences I’ve had with Asians. 
A 'plug' for their business
They treated us royally
We had fun with laughs and wonderful foot and calf massages. Thank you, Brenda for the birthday treat!
Do we look relaxed and happy?

Just about done
Meet my Happy Feet showcasing
the colour "Sexy Divide"
Thanks Brenda.
Back home, Brenda and I chose colours for my hair and I showed her an example of what I was going for. 

Brenda's business sign
She does it all!
Randy was busy in the kitchen making lunch for us all. Boy, does he put out a nice spread! Smoked salmon, olives, crackers, cheeses, eggs and dips. Oh, and don’t forget the delicious red wine. He shooed us off saying he’d look after the cleanup too. 

Turkey soup and healthy munchies
He’s a keeper!! Brenda and I went back to finish making me beautiful. Well, at least making my hair beautiful. She is magical and while she worked, we caught up on our lives.

Miracle worker made my plain blonde hair look amazing!

Just a little trimming and a few layers added to it
They are leaving on Monday for Madrid, Spain with some hopes of their planned bus trip taking them to Barcelona. Catching up on all the unrest there this week, they are trying not to be concerned that their trip will be hampered. I’m sure the trip planners have had this kind of thing happen before and will ensure them the best vacation possible under the circumstances. It will be exciting for them regardless of where they go.

Beautiful Brenda in her home salon
I felt like I rushed out after my hair was done but with a 2 ½ hour drive ahead of me, I needed to get on the road. Brock, Brenda’s handsome son, took pictures of us before we said goodbye. 

I miss her and we need to try and get them to the Ridge next summer for sure. This year was too crazy for them. I texted Bill at 3 when I left and pulled into the Ridge just a few minutes after 5:30 so made good time. The traffic was on my side and only one stop for a school bus making a drop off.

London continues to expand - oh my
The last hour was a tough drive, my left leg gets crampy so I had to keep stretching it out every so often. The butt also was tired of me sitting all day and my eyes were getting very heavy. I don’t know how Bill did/does this when he works at CanAm. It is just too much driving for me when I’m not used to it. It was a great relief to pull in and park by Black Beauty. Home sweet home, literally! I unloaded and sat with Bill to watch some tv until we had to decide on supper.

Hmm, how about toasted tomato sandwiches? That worked well and together we made it happen. We watched a couple of recorded shows of which I fell asleep through, off and on, and was in bed at 9. Wasn’t I surprised when Bill joined me at 9:30? It wasn’t long and we both drifted off soundly. What a busy but wonderful day! There just wasn’t time to post blogs so forgive the lateness.

Yay Durham!
Good night y'all!
Next post from Mexico - ole!

Thank you for stopping by! Stay tuned for Cancun!


  1. Sure sounds like a busy fun day, with a wonderful visit with Brenda a Randy, lookalike you are pretty well ready to go, Have fun in Mexico ! I know we always do.

    1. Yes, fun days even though tiring. It's great to see Brenda and Randy again.
      Thank you George, we'll do the best we can to have fun! haha

  2. A pedicure and highlights you are definitely ready for Mexico...:) Not to mention lunch sounded delicious. How nice to get a chance to spend time with a good friend and catch up. Be safe and have fun. Looking forward to your posts about your trip.

    1. Thank you, we are ready for sure for Mexico!
      Loving the new adventures. :)

  3. Your hair looks fantastic, and pretty colour on your toes. My daughter and I are going for our pedicures this afternoon.

    1. Thank you! Brenda is magical. My hair is so fine, not easy to work with.
      Enjoy your pedicures......I guess they are done by now. :) Happy feet!

  4. That was a Royal treatment you got. Your hair looks not only nice, but one can tell it was done professionally and so trendy. Try to keep it like that for a while (so no diving in the ocean at Cancun ;-). Never had a pedicure either but looking at the pictures I think I could get used to that too! Have fun.

    1. My hair looks so nice when I leave the salons but I can never duplicate it! haha
      You need a pedicure too, you'll love it!

  5. One of my legs get crampy too when I drive so I bought a pair of compression socks. Works a charm....

    1. Interesting. I actually have compression socks but didn't have them on. I'll remember that. Thanks!