Saturday, October 12, 2019

Quieter Day, Substantial Wind Decline, Cooking and Baking for Sunday

A Cold Day on the Ridge
I was actually awake ahead of Bill on Saturday, Oct. 12th and I realized that this was his first day of ‘sleeping in’ all week. I just lay there quietly, not wanting to disturb him. When he did wake, we were in no rush to hop out of bed and that was nice too. I could hear the patter of rain on the roof but it was light and I wondered if we had received any through the wee hours as was forecast.

A cloudy day was upon us
We got up and had our morning drinks together and I finished yesterday’s post. I was not in the right frame of mind last night to complete it. After Bill finished his coffee, he made a second and went down to the Hangar. He would be working ‘inside’ today too. There is a project he wants to work on that will enable him to transport his Timber airplane to the southwest with us. He has a plan and they usually work out.

And half hour later, the sun came out
When I finished my tea, I went upstairs and got out our little travel ironing board and ironed 5 pieces of clothing for my carry-on. They may need it again once we get to our resort but at least they won’t be as wrinkly as they are now from being rolled and crammed in the bag. With that finished, I began making breakfast. I cut the 3 little watermelon in half to see what they were like and although tiny, the fruit was delicious! Why am I so surprised?

My sweet little watermelons
I called Bill in around 10:30 for breakfast and sent him on his way when we were finished. He wanted to drive to Rona in Hanover and pick up the wood he needs for his creation. I did the dishes up and then Googled a couple of recipes. I had lost the one for apple custard so had to start fresh. Usually, I find one I like and that works as far as ingredients I have and want to use. Then I copy and paste it into a Word document.

The ironing board doesn't come out too often
but I'm glad we have it
This way, I can exit wifi and whenever I need the recipe, I don’t need to be online. I have it in my Recipe folder. I hope that explains to my Anonymous commenter why I don’t include a link. ๐Ÿ˜Š If you are ever interested in a particular recipe, and don’t mind giving me your email address, I will send it to you. In the future, I’m going to try and remember to copy the source link into my Word doc and then I can include it.

Half the checked bag is mine
I sat and read for a while, after stepping outside to retrieve the last of my chives. It is very chilly outside and I’m glad not to be working out there today in the royal dullness. Our winds up here are also making it seem colder. Last night and overnight, we had winds reaching 30 mph and we could feel the Suite rocking us to sleep. Around 1 pm, I drove into Foodland in Durham and fought the maddening crowds on a long weekend. It was even crazier than normal and weekend traffic in town is always nuts.

The 5 pieces in need of ironing
Cottons, silks, easy wrinkle materials
I needed a few things for a couple of recipes so got in and out as quick as possible, which meant about 30 minutes! Of course, the register of my line got jammed up with the customer ahead of me. My 8 items were on the belt already and there were 4 people behind me. They tried everything and 2 supervisors later, when she suggested we move, did one person let me go first (as I would have)? Nu-uh! “Happy Thanksgiving to you too!” I wanted to screech, instead I whispered it to myself. I was thankful to get out, with an apologetic cashier at least.

Apple custard crumble ready for the oven
Back home, I started putting together the apple dessert I found to make for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I’ll bake it in the morning and make up my casserole then as well. For now, back to my recliner with my book. Bill worked down in the Hangar all afternoon, from the time he got back with the plywood. I was surprised when I came back from town that he had accomplished so much. His story to tell, so he can tell it. Yes, he is doing fine, I know his blog is being neglected from his daily busy-ness.

Just ready to pick the last of the veggies

I had to close my book for half hour at one point, after I finished my tea. My eyes felt very heavy. Sure enough, I dozed off which is strange for me. Never-the-less, it was a nap I needed and when I woke up at 4:30, started to put together a meatloaf for supper. Tonight, I’m going to cook it in the convection oven for a change rather than Madame IP. I pulled up the recipe in Word and set to it.  It was in the oven at 5:00.

The last of the veggies
I hadn’t heard a peep from Bill so when I didn’t get a response from an ‘r you ok?’ text, I bundled up to walk down and check on him. No sooner did I open the door when I heard the skill saw, indicating he was fine. I went down anyway as I like to tease him about answering my texts. The message had gone through just no sound on his end. He’s forgiven, again. ๐Ÿ˜Š I told him supper would be in an hour and I would text (or call) when it was time to come up.

Bill has our generator all ready to go
The meatloaf was done at 6:10 and I turned the veggies on to boil. Just a simple hearty meal tonight (well, after all the prep) and we shared a delicious garden tomato.  It all turned out great and we had a dish of custard for dessert before getting the dishes out of the way. 

A nice meal for a cold night
I’ve had a relatively quiet day, nothing major on my agenda other than planning for tomorrow’s meal at my sister, Gayle’s. My garden vegetables have all been picked so if it wants to freeze tonight, let it.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Looks like your bags are packed and you are leaving soon? Wishing you a nice Thanksgiving celebration with your family!

    1. Yes, we leave Sat. the 19th for Toronto.
      Thank you for the wishes, the same to you, Benny and your family. turkey time!

  2. Your veggies look so good!! I roll all my clothes up before putting in the suitcase, layering things in between that can withstand wrinkles. The shirts seem to not wrinkle as much and it actually gives me more room. Looks like you're ready to go! The apple dessert looks delicious. I may have to try that one!!! Early mornings here are in the 40's now, but still up to 80 during the day. I think fall is passing us by.

    1. I see a few meals of fried green tomatoes this week, they won't be ripe on time for toasted tomato sandwiches.
      I tried rolling but the cotton and silk things ended up a wrinkly mess. Never tried rolling anything in between.
      The apple dessert is for dinner today so I hope it turned out. I didn't taste test! LOL
      Our early mornings are in the 40's but no where near 80 in the daytime! LUCKY YOU!

  3. It was very cold yesterday especially that wind was so bitter.
    You are getting ready to hit the road soon. Enjoy you Thanksgiving weekend meals

    1. It really was, I kept saying that to Bill. Brrr.
      One more week before Cancun and then Nov. 2 pull out of Stratford.
      Thank you, George, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Suzie too. Better days ahead for you.

  4. It's looking like you'll come back from Cancun and then zip right outta there! :) Oh my gosh the little watermelons are so cute! They look tasty too! Even your veggies from the garden look like Fall, with their colors. You did good this summer with your garden. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

    1. That is basically the plan. HOme on the 27th late, go to Stratford on the 28 or 29th for a week and then head south on Nov. 2. Yay!
      The veggies did well this year, so I'm pleased.:)
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ken and of course, the off spring! :)

  5. I keep all of my recipes in word as well, it is much easier than trying to find them on the internet again or when you don't have internet. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Great minds think alike M.T. :) Sometimes I must have a blonde moment and think I've copied a recipe but then can't find it. LOL
      Happy Thanksgiving to you both as well!

  6. It certainly was pretty cold yesterday afternoon! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It sure was a bitter cold day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. F.G. too

  7. You are going to be a busy lady between now and when you head south. Enjoy every day. Those watermelons were so cute and I'm glad to hear they tasted great. I think I could eat watermelon and cantaloupe every day. Yummm! I hope the cold air moves out for you soon, but please do not send it this way. We are enjoying wonderful fall weather and I hope it stays around for a long time yet. It could be as late as mid-January before we head south. I pray we do not have typical January weather or we will be purchasing a lot of propane. A new grandbaby takes priority over warmer weather. Lol!