Saturday, October 19, 2019

Let The Fun Begin Again!

Toronto, Ontario
We were in bed early last night so of course, on Saturday, Oct. 19th we were awake early. At 5:30 we are talking about the day and at 6 we got up. I had a couple of blog postings to get finished and published so I made my tea and got to work. I was able to post one from home, I think, and then started day 2. Yesterday. We both left for the Mat at 7:15 and the place was empty. Surprising for a Saturday morning.

Frost on the ground this morning
And on Ptooties
Bill cleaned the lint out of the big dryers for me and I did the small ones and the washers. He dust mopped and wet mopped the floors and I did the bathroom and counter tops. He realized while there that he forgot to bring his laundry from the past week’s work. When we finished cleaning, I texted Jamie and complimented him on the siding improvement as well as let him know of my total hours. I was done cleaning for this year.

When we arrived back at The Ridge, Bill hopped in the truck and drove over to the Acreage to meet Gerry and Mike. Today was the day to winterize their trailers. I went inside and loaded the laundry. I wanted to say hi and goodbye to Donna so went to the Acreage to do that on my way into Durham. Then, I went back to the laundromat to do the load. Even though the sun was shining and the sky was blue, with the day ahead of us, I dried everything in the dryer. It was all about timing. Jamie met me at the Mat and paid me up to date. We said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Bill mopping the floor for me
Over the last couple of days, Jamie has had the upper wall finished with
the same siding used on the outside wall
It looks great!
Bill and I met on our way to and from Durham. He was headed back into town to fill a propane tank. When I got in the Suite, I started breakfast knowing he’d be along soon. I made us each a stuffed omelette and with that in our tummies, we did the dishes up before packing the personal toiletries. At this point, we decided to add Bill’s small bag as a checked bag. It just saved the worry of ‘is it too wide, too stuffed’?

This is at the Acreage, things are closed up here too
Bill had a snooze and I read a chapter in my book before we hopped in Ptooties. It was 3:00 exactly when we put her into D for drive. 😊 We’re good, that was our plan (give or take an hour!). 

Driving back to where their fifth wheel sits
This is where I love the fallen leaves
In a place where we don't have to rake them

Bill and Gerry were out behind the trailer
Donna was inside so I joined her for a bit
I had to take a picture of this sky
That is actually the moon showing too
The drive was uneventful although quite busy for a Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for it. It didn’t get crazy until we entered the hubbub of Toronto. I took a picture of the population sign, 2,732,000! No wonder it's busy! We made it to the Sheraton on Dixon Rd. and checked in. It was 4:45 so we made good time.

More pretty sky

Starting to get bunged up, especially on the westbound side
 Now, time to relax for the evening. I was hungry so we agreed to eat at the ‘in hotel’ restaurant. The Olio will be expensive but so will any other eatery. We are going to treat ourselves. Just before 6 we went from our 6th floor room down to the dining area. Hardly anybody there, just one family who left soon after. The food choices were interesting but our waitress offered to make us whatever we’d seen on our room service menu upstairs.

The funny part is that after we were seated and had placed our order, we heard the waitress bringing someone else into the room. It was Sandy, Jess’s Mom and her friend, Rose. Of course, we invited them to sit at the little table beside us. It allowed us all to relax, enjoy a meal and discuss the wedding, the trip and the flight arrangements without any distractions. We are all just looking forward to a good time and a great day for the wedding on Tuesday.

The only joy I get out of flying near Toronto is the overhead traffic

Love it when the timing is just right but it rarely happens
This one was close enough and will have to satisfy me
These are very pretty blue buildings
Our nice room, how inviting does that bed look?
Look at this cool swimming pool! No, I didn't go check it out
Bill ordered the clubhouse with shoestring fries and I ordered a thin crust pizza with leeks, onions, feta cheese and potatoes sprinkled with olive oil. 

What do sun dogs mean? Hot days?

The Olio Restaurant in the motel

My pizza and minus about 3 crusts, I ate the whole thing!!
The potatoes were kind of weird, would have been great without them
I enjoyed it very much
Bill's clubhouse and fries
 I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. She said it was more than one person could eat but many customers will finish it upstairs in their room. Well, I ate the whole thing! I was starved AND it wasn’t the type of food that stuffed you. I quite enjoyed it and Bill enjoyed his meal as well.

Pretty lights of the city out our window

The jets are taking off right over our window

It was almost 7:30 when we said goodnight and we returned to our rooms. Bill watched the action as the jets took off and we admired the view of the lights across the metropolis. We have an early morning tomorrow, needing to be downstairs for the shuttle at 5:55. I finished this post and we watched a bit of tv before calling it a night. This has been another full day and we are one step closer to our vacation.

Nope, not flying saucers - 4 jets waiting to land
Thank you for your visit!


  1. Wishing you Safe Travels and Enjoy the Wedding/Vacation.

    It's about time.

  2. Safe travels. Enjoy every moment.

  3. Hoping all goes without a hitch......but I know you guys will roll with the punches if things get messy! Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy the trip and the wedding. Safe travels!

  5. Safe travels and lotsa fun in Mexico. We have stayed there quite few times over the years before flying out to different destinations , so convienient . When I are up in Toronto in the 50's and 60s, the populations had just reached one million mid 60's.

  6. How exciting and what a fancy hotel! I know you will enjoy every minute. Hoping for a nice and safe flight!!!

  7. The Mat is absolutely gorgeous! Great job they did on it! Dinner looks yummy! Not sure about potatoes on pizza though. Have a wonderful time! Can't wait for pics!!

  8. Safe travels! I've caught up on your posts, since I took my vacation, hoping to see a few from Mexico too.

  9. Nice view eh? My daughter and son in law have that view from their condo. Always something interesting for this small town girl.
    One of your cloud photos looks like an angel.