Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sunny Sunday or Not? New Experience with My Sister

The Ridge

On Sunday, Oct. 1st we welcomed the new fall month in all it’s glory. Looking out my bedside window at 7:30, it seemed very cloudy. Looking out our eastward facing window from downstairs, it was mostly clear sky. Hmmm, which will win? Bill left for the flying field around 8 and Gibbs and I sat together in my chair while I had my tea.

The cows watched.
Gibbs barked at them when
they came out from behind the trees.
He also backed up from the long grass. πŸ˜‚
Brave but not too brave.

We did get out for a walk around 10 and we walked to the corner and back. He was very watchful of the cows in the field and they were very watchful of him. It seems all they did was stare the whole time we walked by. Can’t they wag their tails in greeting at least? Ha ha. I guess not. Bossy Gibbs barked at the a few times and didn’t get any response so we moved on home. 😊

It was a funny day
for weather.
Look at that sky.

He took off across the field, not for the shade this time because we were under cloudy skies. A few peeks at the blue sky but it wasn’t looking too good. At least it was mostly warm. I wasn’t expecting bill home for lunch so finished up the last of the spaghetti from the fridge and then readied myself to meet Donna up the road, at the Baptist Church.

The process. Someone had to pick the trailer
full of apples. A lot had been used already.
There people, including Laurie, cutting them into quarters.

We’d made plans yesterday to attend their festival at 1 pm. I walked up, carrying my cider bottle that I just bought at the yard sale yesterday, and within a few minutes was greeted by Jenny while waiting for Donna to arrive. I’m writing this down so I can try and remember their names, not because their identity would be of any interest to you. 😊

Many took turns smushing them in the pails.
Also with the fruit press, anyone could try.

So, Jenny is Gloria and Ken’s daughter and her sister, Jess, was there as well. Gloria is the lady I booked the hall from last year for Bill’s party. We met Laurie from the Going Once, Going Twice store, Mary, Gloria’s sister, Cassie and Kevin from the corner house, Everett, the minister and his wife, Brenda. 

They continued to fill this jug which is where
Donna and I filled ours from.
The minister provided sealer jars if you didn't bring any.

desserts inside for consumption.
a picture of the gathering. It was a nice turnout.
Hi Donna!

All lovely, welcoming people. We enjoyed ourselves for over an hour and a half, filled our jugs with free fresh pressed cider and even had some apple desserts and coffee! Fun!

Then my process. They said boil for minimum 1 minute
maximum 20 minutes because they are wild apples. I boiled for 7 minutes. 
Then put through a sieve or cheesecloth. I did the cheesecloth.
Cool and pour into bottles or jars.
We tasted it after supper and it is delicious!

Donna dropped me back at home (saved me walking carrying the jug!) and Bill had returned from flying AND the Acreage where he’d gone to help them with a couple of things in their Landmark 5th wheel. I did nothing from then on but Bill kept busy, washing the tire covers, putting latches on our entry gates to hold them in place when open and cleaned off the outside of the barbecue.

the cactus ornament I bought at the yard sale.
It looks better from a distance but we like it.
The little squirrel is still here. Here he is sleeping
behind Ptooties wheel. His Momma does not win any awards
in my book!

The unfortunate news is that the baby squirrel is still hanging around. Gibbs and I heard him up in the belly of the Suite – we can’t figure out how, but Momma didn’t rescue the poor thing after all. Bill tried to encourage him to run into the trees but I don’t think he listened. We had a pork roast in Madame IP with potatoes for supper and veggies on the side. Supper was an improvement over last night’s. 😊

Our gates were swinging shut, especially the sunny side one.
So, Bill cemented 2 posts into the ground a few days ago
and today attached hooks to hold them in place. 
Nice job again!

The sky eventually cleared up,
and the tire covers on the line look
a bit daunting for some reason. 

Dessert was Bill’s choice and then after dishes were cleaned up, we settled in front of the tv. What a wonderful day. Back to work tomorrow for both of us and more heat to come our way until Thursday when it is forecasted to all go downhill. LOL

It was a very late supper
but it was worth it.
We finished off the Black Forest
pie/cake. ♥
Good night!

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  1. Totally ignorant about apples, because apple trees are rare around here, I have now learned the difference between apple juice and apple cider, having just looked it up. If you let today's bounty sit around in the refrigerator, it will become cider and alcoholic. Who knew. Not me. You probably know that. Apple juice has sugar added. Well, I just wish I had access to so many fresh apples. I like tart ones, and they don't seem to exist in a supermarket. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you. I have the big jug so I may have to Pour it into smaller jars if I want to keep it in the fridge. It had the perfect sweetness last night when it was just a tad warm.

  2. What a nice outing with your sister, getting to know the neighbours and learning the process of making apple cider. (I had no idea).
    Perhaps baby squirrel is planning to hop aboard for the trip south? Sadly, I suspect he or she won't make it that long.

    1. We had a great time together. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.
      We don't think he'll survive unless his Momma teaches him how to hibernate. :(

  3. No apple trees where I'm from. This was so interesting ... you'll have us all making apple cider. Poor baby squirrel ... he must have fallen from the nest. I can't believe Mom didn't pick him up.

    1. The cider is so good! I know, my heart is breaking for the little squirrel.

  4. Maybe make a nest for the baby in a box from torn paper and leaves. (I would use gloves so no human smell). Stick it under the rig and maybe he'll snuggle up in it. Mom just might come back if you later move it to the side of the building when you leave.

    1. Bill has moved him, so we'll keep an eye out. We might have to do something to protect him. :(