Monday, March 5, 2018

Chilly Windy Day, Petroglyphs in the Area? And Gabby is Back

On Monday, Mar. 5th I was up at 6:30, came downstairs and opened the blinds. As I prepared things for our morning drinks, I noticed the wind and the temperature resting at only 39F. That meant it was probably feeling more like 32F so I soon decided not to go for a walk yet.

A few cirrus clouds today
Bill came down within 15 minutes, dressed, thinking he’d walk with me today. I felt bad but told him I’d decided to wait because we’d need to bundle quite a bit. He was okay with that so we made our tea and coffee.

I noticed this sailboat up on shore so we watched for the owner to return
and soon enough, he did and put the sails up and sailed away
Sitting at our laptops, I took Clemson out and that confirmed my reason to not walk. Brrr. I hopped in the shower as we decided to put off what was our morning plan until this afternoon when it warmed up. Today isn’t going to get above 60F so from shorts to long pants. Strange weather but only for a day and the heat returns again with less sun.
and he was out for the best part of the day
and then we saw this bigger one taking advantage of the wind
Looking out the back window at our view, I noticed a sailboat mast, no sail, pulled up onto the sand. We’ve not seen the sailboat on this side of the bay so got the binoculars out to get a closer look. There is a small boat trailer on the beach but no one around. I would imagine it would be cold out on the lake this morning but just hope everything is all right with the owner.

My boys go for a walk
So, I made bacon and eggs this morning for breakfast and Bill wanted to finish the last few chapters of his book before doing dishes. Worked for me as I was using our free EBSP Wifi while reading blog posts. I don’t want to say it is a ‘chore’ to catch up on everyone’s blogs because that sounds negative.

The drive on I-25 was as pretty as ever
I enjoy the ‘reads’ for sure but I’m sure my blogger friends agree that it does take up valuable time. Especially on a nice outside day, I find I read a whole lot faster and leave briefer comments. I don’t read them on my phone and maybe I should so I could sit outside at the same time. Today, I’m not in a hurry to get out so I managed to get most if not all of them read.

Bill called his Dad this morning to catch up with him. He is doing a bit better with the meds he is on to control pain and the shingles seem to be dissipating. Yay! Bill had called his oldest daughter, Yvonne, yesterday when he saw she was online. It is nice to see family when talking to them on Facebook Messenger. Good to chat with her for a while even though she was visibly upset over the loss of a cousin. So sad when someone so young passes for whatever reason.

I was prepared today and got a good photo of the craggy rocks
They remind me of enchiladas lined up in a casserole dish
We also contacted our RV dealer, CanAm, in London to see if they could use our help for their Seminar Day on April 8th. We will be crossing into Ontario on the 7th and hope to stop there for a few days if they have room for us to park with electric hookups. Bill and I both enjoy helping our RV dealer at the RV shows as well as on the Seminar days. We get to meet new rv’ers as well as people who are just thinking about it.

Pink cement girders? (or whatever they are called)
John, a sales rep, agreed that they would be happy to have our help on that Sunday. Bill helps with drive tests and I help greet inside. Peggy, one of the service writers, didn’t hesitate and graciously said they’ll find us a spot for a few days. Such a great group, we are pleased to call them friends too. This way, we will be 'kind of' paying for our stay.
Bill walks along the wall
Even when we don't know anyone on this wall, it is very touching

With that settled, I went on and made my Avon payment for the last order I had delivered to Donna’s for me. I also checked on Facebook at my Event page to see if any other invitees are attending Donna and my Clothing Exchange. These are always fun times, an opportunity to clean closets and at the same time ‘refresh’ our wardrobes. Sometimes, it is just a great time to spend with our female friends, even if you don’t bring or take clothes.

With all of that out of the way, Bill and I bundled up and took a drive to find the Painted Rock Petroglyphs in the area. We thought we’d seen a sign coming in on Thursday on I-25 but today we were following a wild goose. This wasn’t too discouraging as it was a nice day for a drive and we were happy to be out of the Suite for a couple of hours.

 On the way back through Truth or Consequences, we discussed how things are NOT marked for tourists. We’d see one brown ‘historic’ sign of something that sounded interesting but then as we drove on, no further signs could be seen. I can’t help but think of how encouraging it would be for folks like us to stop and shop IF we were directed to some points of interest.

did you call an ambulance?
Again, no big deal, as we instead stopped at the POW memorial. This time to get out and walk the Historical Walk of Education. After strolling down beside their Wall, we wandered back into the garden put together mostly by volunteers and Legions in the surrounding area. Bill and I read each plaque and were quite impressed with the whole monument. I took pictures of the plaques briefly outlining the wars that were familiar to me with the exception of one.

The Mexican-American War which was fought between April 25, 1846 and February 2, 1848. You can read about it in the picture below. The bottom line for me is that when the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was singed, the U.S. agreed to pay $15 million to Mexico for California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. See? I didn’t know that! Until Bill and I started coming to the southwest, this would have meant nothing to me.

We drove home from there and once more I was enthralled with the mountains on both sides of I-25N. Some flat lands, some residential, the Rio Grande River and beautiful mountain ranges. I took more pictures. Back home, the air was still cool but dressed in my 2 layers plus a windbreaker I sat in the sun with my book and my pooch for a while. Still working on the last few chapters.

It is hard to tell from this picture but there is a plaque on a base for every
war that the United States was involved in
You can see 3 behind this centre display
called "Guardian of the Park"
The quail down below were stirring up the neighbourhood with their chirps and calls. I’ve never heard them so loud so they were having a ball. When I lost the sun where I was sitting instead of moving my chair, I brought Clemson inside and I finished Edge of Evil in my recliner. Now we both have to find new books to read from our stash of many. Bill finished his C. J. Box this morning. Good read, Suzie! You should enjoy that author as well.

The museum was closed today so we didn't go in

I caught up on my blog post while in my head I’m thinking of what we’re having for supper. Some kind of casserole with ground beef is all I know at this point. It will come together as I go and I just hope Bill will like it. I’m saving him from having to barbecue after all! I found a recipe online which causes me to wonder something else. Why do I keep a book full of recipes plus 4 recipe books? Every time I need one, I go online. LOL

Look at this tree in bloom!
And behind the monument was a very cool water tower
We drove around Quail Run in the park when we returned and there was this
old BlueBird bus
It was easy to choose one by simply looking at the ingredients. Nope, don’t have that, um, nope, don’t want pasta, nope, don’t want to bother with potatoes. I found a Hamburger Rice Casserole which took maybe 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. It was very good! Bill enjoyed it but suggested the next time that I add more ground beef. Well, that’s easy! Of course, there are leftovers for another night and I love that.

Looks like mush but it was quite tasty!
We cleaned up dishes while continuing to watch The Voice which came on at 6 MT. I plucked away at my blog and downloaded my pictures. I took way too many today, again, so will pick and choose so as not to bore you too much. 

When we returned, both sailboats were still cruising the lake
This has been a good day. We weren’t keen on the cool temperature today after being spoiled for the last few but it is still much better than back home.

I'm not getting sunset pictures so Bill shared his of the moon on Saturday night
He followed recommendations from fellow bloggers on how to capture the moon
So, thank you!
Before I sign off, I want to point out that I have added a Page to my blog. Below the main picture of Bill and I at Canyonlands, you will see a heading "Mobile Suite Tour" which you can click on. This is new because one of my readers asked for a 'walk through'.

Thanks for following me today. I would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. You guys have found a very nice spot on you migration north.
    Hope the weather holds. You still have a month to go.

    1. It will be a slow trek home so hopefully each one will be as pleasant. The weather can be tricky but we'll make the best of it. Another month + yay!

  2. The sailboat against the blue lake looks so peaceful.
    To bad about the lack of signs to point the way to what you were looking for. Sounds like you had a wonderful day just the same.
    I cannot help it I have to ask...who is that man you took pictures of...the one wearing a There must have been quite a chill in the air.

    1. Doesn't that sailboat look inviting? Not for me though, never been on one but too afraid of water for the rocking back and forth with the sails.
      Ha ha you are too funny. Yes, I said it was chilly, only got to 59F and with the wind felt much cooler.

  3. That is a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy we toured around there area in the past and checked out a few interesting ghost towns, aways a fun way to see the country side.enjoy the warmer weather when it comes back.

    1. It is nice but no signage really to find anything close. Oh well, we are having a great time here!

  4. It takes a real sailing enthusiast to go out on a lake in the cold, but then again, he did have lots of room to sail. I'm not sure why no one keeps up with the signs to spots of interest. Maybe it's a money thing or maybe the locals really don't WANT tourists!!

    1. Yes for sure. I'm a cruise or kayak person.......not too many other boats appeal to me only because my fear of water takes over.
      don't understand about the signs either, good thing the park is nice enough to stay close to home. :)

  5. Thanks for the tour. At least now we know what is there when we come to the area. Good pictures as usual.

  6. The Memorial was very moving. We toured that on our way through in the fall. Cool is everywhere I think. Windy here at the Superstition Mountain area as well.

    Enjoy your time!!!

    1. Yes, the Memorial is a place that no matter who has given their lives, it hits your heart in all the right places. :)

  7. With the wind the last few days, I bet the sailors are having fun in their sailboats. The Mexican-American war is hardly mentioned anymore. I think we ended up with a good deal in the end obtaining all that land.

    Those pink things are barriers. (: That was one old Blue Bird bus was certainly ancient. Be neat to see the inside.

    Sure are a lot of names on those Memorial Walls. Makes you stop and think of how fortunate we are.

    And thanks for the heads up on the suite tour. I'll check it out.

    1. I'd never heard of the Mexican-American war, I agree, you ended up with a good deal.
      Thank you!! Bill and I were drawing a blank on those pink BARRIERS! Duh, one of those senior moments!
      I'd love to see the inside of that bus too. :)
      Memorial walls are very touching, they aren't just names.

  8. Great post Patsy. I love Memorials like that..they sure make you think and remember how grateful we are. Beautiful. Have you been to the one in Yuma? I think sailboats are so very interesting to watch. Know what you mean about blogging and wanting to respond to your friends, it does take time but it's just something we have and want to do! Your suite is beautiful! I know it's much nicer now that you have made it a home.

    1. Thank you! Memorials really do make us think. I can't imagine having a friend or family's name on a Wall. That would be so hard and all I can think when I look at those names. No, we have not been to the one in Yuma.
      Sailboats are interesting for sure. Yes, we love reading our friend's posts. It is a way to know how well we are doing.
      thank you, yes the first pictures were taken before we moved in, obviously. :)