Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hoping for Sun, Goodbye to Friends, Starting New Books, Sky Pics

I was awake off and on through the night and early morning on Saturday, Mar. 24th. I think the biggest issue was the warm night. We were surprised that it only went down to 61F overnight and was a mild 65F when I went for my walk at 7:15 this morning. Spending 8 hours on flannel sheets and under a duvet is what made my sleep so restless.

Good morning!
I’m not complaining at all though, we will enjoy this warmth while we have it, soon enough we’ll appreciate those flannels! My walk took me down to the lakeside and I remembered to take my funky tripod with me. Time to play with more selfies on the beach and surroundings. There was a wind blowing but mild and I didn’t mind it whipping my hair around at all.

Bill and I both finished books last night, The Runaway Jury and The Winner, so I carried them with me. Unfortunately, they went for the whole walk with me since the clubhouse didn’t open until 8. 
I met George from Our Awesome Travels when walking this morning
Back home, Bill was up so I made our hot drinks and we noticed Ron and Loree were getting close to leaving. We walked over to say goodbyes and using my tripod I was able to capture a selfie with all 6 of us. They were on the road by 9 if not before.

Sitting on the swing on the dock of the pond
Back inside, we did some internet stuff, taking advantage of the free wifi. We played our Scrabble game on Facebook. It is a pretty close one this time and those are the best kind. It was my turn for a shower, not that taking turns is necessary by any means! With that taken care of, I fried some bacon and scrambled up a few eggs. After doing up dishes, I took our two completed books for another walk.

First, I stopped at the mail box and put Mom’s card in. I don’t know if she’ll get it by Easter but I’m hoping so. I took the books into the Bear’s Den (my name for the room) which has the selection of books. I noticed that my painted rock was still there so decided to take it back. Even if someone noticed it, they might think it part of the décor and not want to be ‘stealing’ anything from the park.

Momma, Daddy and 4 babies
So, outside, I found another location, in a more suitable spot, I think. It may never be found and that’s okay but at least I have re-hid it. I’ve done my part. At the clubhouse, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely gorgeous it was sitting next to the south end of the building. The wind is coming from the north and it is making a sunny day feel cool. I sat there for quite a while just soaking in the warmth of the free Vitamin D.

Hidden in a different location
I walked back past the pool and noticed it locked up again. Geesh! I don’t want to swim but I would like the opportunity to walk in and sit down for a while on their lounge seating. That’s just me, I like hanging around a pool with a book. Bill took the opportunity today to vacuum Black Beauty. I’ve said before he doesn’t feel the cold like I do.
Friends from Ontario
Bill saying goodbye to Freddy

Bye guys! Drive safely!
I wasn’t going to pass the opportunity to enjoy more sun, so while he was busy at that, I moved my chair to the southeast corner of the Suite, where there was less wind, and got into a new book. This one is called Mistress, another one of James Patterson’s mysteries. It seems to have started off good so I’ll carry on with it.

And Mr. Heron is looking for fish again
and this is called being in the right place at the right time

with a camera ready
Unfortunately, with the night I had, being awake so much, After Chapter 10 I had to go inside and have a snooze. Bill wasn’t far behind and stretched out in his recliner. I don’t think he got beyond the first chapter in his, Lifeguard, also by J.P. I prefer the upstairs, our bed for sleeping so that is where I spent the best part of the next hour.

Interesting how these roots curl in the rock
It is actually attached to a tree, which I didn't include in the picture
More park visitors left as more came in. Probably 4 or 5 daily make the turnaround. Today I got a few walks in, took a few repetitive pictures and played with my tripod and some selfies. At 3 we took our chairs over to join George and Suzie for Happy Hour. The wind appeared to die down and while we sat there, we didn’t need jackets or long pants. The sun was extreme and I loved it.

Woops! I almost cut my sweetie off!
The conversation once more never halted. We have shared many H.H. with these two and yes, some stories we repeat but we always seem to find new things to discuss. Today we talked about tornado warnings and sightings from the past and it led us to how we need to keep an eye on them during our travels home. Suzie suggested we tune in to local tv stations by using our antenna.

At 5 or so we returned home and I took another walk, and you guessed it, more pictures of the sun’s reflection on the pond. I can’t seem to get enough. It is so pretty. I checked for my rock that I hid earlier and it was still nestled in its spot. I know, I’m impatient but I’m anxious to see it find a home. 😊 While I was gone, Bill used our antenna, which we didn’t think we were able to use because of something we’d done, and found 7 stations in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Let's see how many can recognize this young fellow from the movie
It was good to watch the news and weather for Grove and we’re happy the discussion came up this afternoon. We actually watched part of a 1965 western with Charles Bronson. That was cool! For supper tonight, I warmed up my dinner plate of leftovers. The catfish and veggies from last night were very good and Bill enjoyed Van Camp’s brown beans on toast. With dishes cleaned up, I set down to finish my post and download the day’s pictures.

First time I saw these plants, they were inside the clubhouse
Next time we see them, maybe they'll be around the fish pond?
We know that we have some wet weather coming tomorrow so in the morning we’ll have to put our chairs away. No point in getting everything wet when we won’t be sitting on them. We’ve had a fun day and truly hope that Ron and Loree made it safely to their destination in Missouri. I hope your day was a good one.

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time


  1. It was a nice day, and a fun Happy Hour , glad you got a few local channels on the tv.

    1. I'm glad we took advantage of the beautiful day now that rain is coming.
      Good to be able to follow the local weather now. :)

  2. Great sunrise pics! Love the pic of you in the swing down by the lake! What a great place to put one! Happy hour looks like fun once again and the sunset was beautiful! Glad you are enjoying!

    1. Thank you guys. Yes, there are nice benches all over the park, great places to look over the pond and lake.

  3. Thks for making us feel as though we are still there. Very vivid. We arrived safely and all set up by 14:30. Cool damp and drizzly here. We miss you people already. Big hi from Loree. Thks for settling Freddy down Bill. He gets anxious on travel days.

    1. We miss you too!! Glad to hear you got set up safe and sound. Too bad about the crappy weather now we will be getting it for a few days. Wet and stormy tomorrow.
      Hi Loree! Bill was happy to entertain Freddy, such a sweet dog.
      Take care and enjoy the park.

  4. Funny ... everyone looks cold except Bill!! I'm glad the weather is holding for you!!

  5. No clue who that young actor is, you have to reveal his name. We only use our antenna for HDTV since we have no satellite antenna and no cable hooked up and have searched in Google "no cable" it brings up a website "" for the area we are in with the TV guide and other info. Maybe it is available where you are. Just saying in case you wonder what's playing. Again nice pictures you took.

    1. Well, I'll tell you. It is Kurt Russell. Now look at him again. :)
      Thanks for the info on that website. Suzie found it and told me to check it out too. I hadn't read your comment yet. :)
      Our antenna is laying flat slightly under a solar panel so didn't think it would work without being exended. It works! :)

  6. Glad you're having warmer weather. Too bad it has to change.

    Only movie I could find was Sons of Diablo with Charles Bronson. Didn't see the kid. He looks kinda like Little Joe in Bonanza.

    1. Kurt Russel is the kid. Now when you look at it you should see the resemblence. :)