Friday, March 16, 2018

Warm Laundry Day, Working Out, Trip to Grove, New Friends

On Friday, (yay Friday! Our working friends are saying) Mar. 16th I was up at 7 to greet the day. The clouds were trying to keep the sun from making a grand appearance but I could see the brightness peeping through regardless. I opened blinds and then slipped on a jacket and went for a walk. This time I took along my camera with the ZOOM lens. It was a beautiful morning at 55F.

Started with some cloudy skies
 Thanks to our friend, Rose, we now know that all of that debris on the shoreline was from the flooding last year. Now it makes sense why it was up so far and why so much stuff floated in. It would take quite a bit of manpower and elbow grease to get it cleaned up again so you can walk down to the water. Right now, I wouldn’t want to attempt it, you don’t know what is there.

The sun was fighting to take over
Bill and Clemson met me up by the pool as I was on my way home. It still surprises me when he does that and I love surprises. 

Back inside we made tea and coffee but then drove over to the Laundry/Exercise/TV room with our dirty clothes. There are 3 washers and 3 dryers and with only 15 – 17 rv’s in the park right now, there is no rush. So, we took all 3! Bill and I even worked out on the treadmill, bike and elliptical machines while waiting for clothes to dry.

Look at him go!
The laundry was all done up and put away by 10:15. We each had breakfast, oatmeal for me and cereal for Bill. 

A pool picture for my sister, Donna
With an inventory taken of our dairy products and other things we were running low on, we took a drive into Grove. First, we stopped at Harp’s, their grocery store, and then to Walmart for the cheaper prices on dairy. Lastly, we pulled into Walgreens where we purchased our Omega 3’s.

Crossing the Sailboat Bridge over Grand Lake
going into Grove
I registered for their Rewards card so I got the second bottle half off the price. I don’t get deals like that back home! Back at the Suite, it feels good to be stocked up again for a couple of weeks. The temperature has risen to 78F yet the winds are quite strong today. Our Camp Host came around again asking not to light a fire or grill today, the winds are forecast to hit 40 mph at some point. No problem, we cook inside tonight.

Bill did the banking on line and I recorded our purchases in my registry. I’ve documented every penny we’ve spent since we left home and kept all our receipts in a folder. At some point we’ll figure out what we need to claim when crossing into Canada. With that bit of business done, I swept the floors in the Suite, things were getting a little out of hand!
Yup, if I owned this beauty, I'd park way back here too
I sat outside with my book, not sheltered from the wind but in the sun, snug up against the Suite, I was plenty warm. I watched as rv’s continued to pull out and others continued to fill the spots. Some fifth wheels, class C’s and class A motor homes. As I was sitting there, reading, I heard someone say “excuse me”. A man walked over from the Holiday Rambler I’d watched back in earlier.

Holiday Rambler backs in across from us
He said his wife sent him over to ask if my name was Patsy. Too funny and my response was “No way!” but soon clarified “yes, it is”. It just never ceases to amaze me when someone who knows me from my blog only, comes and introduces themselves to me. I love that!

Ron and Lori are from Arkona, Ontario and know George and Suzie, Gerry and Melinda, Rob and Pat and George and Rose for starters. Their home park is Rock Glen RV Resort, as is ours. Lori was busy inside setting up but came to their door and waved at us. Ron took their brown-eyed Freddy for a walk and suggested we get together tomorrow. I poured myself a drink and continued to read and watch.

At one point I took the 6 books that we have both read over the last two weeks up to the big clubhouse. They don’t have a huge book library in the Bear’s Den but at least there is someplace to leave and pick up books. I found a Stuart Woods as well as a John Sanford book, the latter was one of Suzie’s recommendations, so brought those back for us to read.

Not a field of green, but a field of purple
another hint of Spring!
I came back inside when I felt the heat and my drink hitting me. “Where’s the couch?” Ha ha, I stretched out on the sofa and had a little snooze. At one point, Clemson sat with me but when he got too hot, he moved to my recliner to have his own nap. We knew we wouldn’t be cooking outside so we had to discuss supper. The usual question is how hungry are we?

This day kind of went to the birds
Bill made it easy by saying he was good with just a toasted sandwich and when I opened the fridge to see what I’d like, my ‘doggie box’ from the other night’s dinner stared me in the face. Yup, leftover baked potato and hot roast beef sounded good to me. And it was. We cleaned up the few dishes and when Clemson wanted out, I took him for a walk around the block.

Back inside by 7, I finished preparing my blog and then sat to read more of my book. This one is the J.A. Jance book, Rattlesnake Crossing that follows Skeleton Canyon. Her stories of the Arizona desert are quite interesting now that we’ve been to so many of the places she writes about. Tombstone, Benson, Huachuca and Sierra Vista, places I’d never heard of before the winter of 2016/17.

and this was the sky today
This has been a fun day. I hope you can say the same!

goodnight my friends

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Hey what a small world, so nice that you got to meet Ron,Lori and Freddy from Rock Glen, What a super couple have camped with them many times over the years, have dog sat Freddy a few times and see them often at Rock Glen.

    1. Funny too because when they backed in, without even seeing their license plate, I wondered if we'd meet anyone else who knew us through our blogs. that is why I said 'no way' when he asked me! Too fun.

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing day. Enjoyed your pictures of the small towns from a couple of days ago and yesterday's sunrise and sunset pictures were wonderful.
    Looks like a very nice park you are at. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks guys. I think there will be a lot of relaxing going on here. :)

  3. It's always fascinating when people walk up and say "are you _______, I read your blog." LOVE it! Great pictures of the birds. It looks like a nice area to rest up for the next leg. I haven't heard of that author ... going to check it out! You can never have too much relaxing!!

  4. Isn't it nice to occasionally get things for free? It pays out to register at all the big stores if we keep coming back. What a nice surprise to meet up with people from your own membership park. It's a small world, although it doesn't always feel like it.

  5. How nice to meet folks who read your blog!!

    Love the sunset pictures.

  6. Great that someone you haven't met knows you from reading your blog. Sounds like you're having nice warm weather as spring approaches. We're having a couple of cooler days here in southern Arizona.

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you and Bill. Put a green outfit on today.🍀