Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Thunder Through the Night, Early Morning and All-Day Rain, Happy Hour with Friends

I know that it was thundering through the early morning hours of Tuesday, Mar. 27th but other than a loud clap around 1:45 am it wasn’t disturbing to me. Bill said that Clemson was up around 4:30 to go out and my sleep never skipped a beat. That is one good, no great, thing about a King size bed. We don’t disturb each other when one of us moves………..well, unless it is intentional! 💑

So yesterday I showed you this pond receding

This morning after 6 hours of rain here it is again
Well, it was raining cats and dogs this morning so even though it was a mild 58F at 6:45 when I got up, I wasn’t going outside for a walk or swim! I couldn’t get over the puddles!! The rain only started around 4 am but in 3 hours it sure made a mess. I did the usual, opening blinds and preparing the Keurig before grabbing my book (which I didn’t manage to finish last night) and settling in my comfy recliner.

We had a project/chore to take care of today. A couple, really so as I headed downstairs, dirty towels, face cloths and tea towels got replaced in my travels. I began a pile as I walked. I know these small items need to be washed but sometimes we end up missing something. This way, I know everything will get done. Bill and Clemson slept until 7:45 and when they got up, we had our morning brew together.

Bill sat at his laptop but I remained in my chair until my book was complete. Such a good book, I just needed to read it when I wasn’t as tired as I am after supper. Once done, I sorted the dirty laundry and Bill loaded the truck. We almost needed a kayak to walk from our cement patio to the paved road. Dodging and jumping over the water was a feat in itself. Bill drove me up and we started the 3 washers. I doubt we’d ever have to worry about having to wait here, or so it seems.

I had my laptop, my book and an elastic for my hair. I had a plan to hop on the treadmill and get my first 30 minutes in and I set to it before I changed my mind. I set the control to ‘weight-loss workout’. Okay, yup, that was a good one and I was proud that I stuck to it for the whole time.

I watched my heartrate rise to 128 on my Fitbit at the point where I was really pushing it. There is a warm-up and cool-down period 2 or 3 times throughout the program. It actually felt good as long as I could read at the same time. Otherwise I get bored. When the washers shut off, I transferred them to the dryers and then read Blogger posts. It is so nice, as we’ve said before, to have this wonderful FREE wifi here. It is the best we’ve ever had. FREE FREE FREE what isn’t to love about this park?

The water is really up under this dock
My only disappointment from staying here is our own fault but we didn’t get out in the paddle boats or kayaks. We didn’t play mini golf or pool or get to go swimming. All of these things are FREE. Some of that was weather, some was the timing but most of it was the ‘get up and go’. We just didn’t do it. That should help to explain why we don’t ‘need’ to be in a big park with all kinds of events going on.  

It is great to have some things available to us, just in case. Now if the weather was conducive to swimming and the pool was open, I would have been up there daily. But don’t misunderstand me, they aren’t regrets at all. We’ve had a great time here at Eagle’s Landing and it will always be a stop we’ll make on the way home when we come this route.
Can't argue with this!
This is our last day here and the first time and the longest we’ve stayed here. We took full advantage of our ROD membership and haven’t paid a dime. Okay, back to my regularly scheduled post now. After Bill had his shower and called his Dad, he joined me at the clubhouse to help fold the clothes. We drove home and put things away while discussing lunch.

We hadn’t eaten anything yet but at 11:30, I wasn’t keen on bacon and eggs. I offered to make some for Bill but he declined. I knew I had some of my veggie soup left as well as a bowl of George’s chicken noodle soup. So, that decided I warmed my soup up and Bill had a toasted peanut butter and cheese bun. We cleaned up dishes and drove into Grove.

The second, third and fourth chore on the agenda was to pick up a few food items, get some cash out and fill Black Beauty’s tank. That is one of the advantages of the fifth wheel for us. Our truck is easy to get into all gas stations and we can fuel up before hooking up for a travel day. Yes, Flying J’s and Love’s truck stops work too, but when you have this opportunity, we like to do it the easy way.
Corned beef brisket found its way into our cart
I wanted to look for some corned beef as I mentioned in my comment to George, I’ve never bought it before. He suggested that we get some at Harp’s before they run out as Walmart doesn’t have it in their coolers. I was able to pick up a 3 ½ lb pack which will do us for 3 meals, easy. The price was right. Now, Bill doesn’t like cabbage, no way, no how, so instead I picked up a couple of small cans of sauerkraut. Hmmm, Reubens!

The coolest thing happened to us when we were walking down the deli/cheese aisle. As we were choosing our Tillamook cheddar, a lady came by with a cart and offered us a FREE Pot Roast and Mashed Potato meal. Wha?? I chose it over the Chicken and Noodle dish for obvious reasons. This is pot roast! It was marked $10.

With those things taken care of, we scooted home, dodging the puddles again (although they have receded in front of our site) and we got things put away. Such a dull day and what else to do on a dull wet day but read, snooze and watch tv. I know I have things to put away before our move in the morning but all of that takes less than half hour.
They were too smart for me, each time they flew in with more twigs
they didn't give me time to snap their photo
I’m watching a couple of small chickadees or wrens trying desperately to build a nest on our ladder on the back of the Suite. Bill has already cleaned their first attempt out and we’ll have to do it again before it gets to far. They are so smart and so cute! We hate to destroy their efforts but we have to before their twigs turn into a nest filled with eggs.

While we were relaxing with all of the things above, Suzie texted to see about getting together for an indoor Happy Hour. I’m so glad because even though it crossed my mind earlier, I neglected to act on it. At 3, our good friends traipsed across the soggy grass and came for a nice visit. It is always good to have one more chat session.
Clemson says goodbye to Suzie
George gave me tips on the corned beef we bought so I’ll cut that up into at least 2 roasts and put them in the freezer. I can keep it in the fridge for a few days according to the package because it is essentially ‘pickled’ meat. They went home around 4:30 or so and I decided to take my book and go over to the laundromat for another walk on the treadmill. Trying my darnedest to keep these steps up now that I’ve started.

Happy Hour with the Yates'
When I returned at 5:30 I pulled 2 bread sticks out of the freezer, boiled some mixed vegetables and heated our FREE Walmart meal. It took 8 minutes to heat that up, 8 minutes for the bread sticks and 10 minutes for the veggies. How’s that for a nice quick meal? I wish my pot roasts tasted this delicious! The gravy in the container was an added bonus. All we had to add was butter and horseradish.

With supper done, Bill offered to do up the dishes while I hopped in the shower. We’ll be on the road tomorrow night so I wanted it out of the way. Tonight, is Tuesday night (no kidding!) which means our television night so we were able to sit down at 7 CT to watch our programs. In the morning all that is left to do is put the satellite dish away and the normal ‘unhooking’ stuff.

Just enough for two
The breadsticks looked yummy but I let Bill have them
Trying to stick to my game plan and succeeding so far
It has been a full day of rain, heavier at times than others but pretty decent as far as warmth. No complaints here, a pretty nice last day here. I hope you’ve had a nice day too.

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Sorry for all the rain. Hope you stay high and dry. My kind of meal - nuke it and done!!!! Looks pretty yummy!!!

    1. Thanks, the rain has stopped this morning and it is a dry day to drive but cloudy.
      My kind of dinner too!

  2. Rainy day in all the south today. Glad you got your workout in and got the 💓 pumping.

    Liked the pink booties. Have a safe trip tomorrow.

    1. It was the only day I really needed to workout inside. My heart was indeed pumping since I let the treadmill set my program.
      My pink booties are so warm and comfy!
      Thanks Doug.

  3. Safe travels tomorrow and hope you have a good weather traveling day.
    That certainly was a lot of rain...When we were back in the house in the spring I loved those types of rain storms it made everything seem so clean.
    That is my kind of meal...quick and easy and tastes good to boot...plus,free is always good.

    1. thank you guys. The rain has stopped and so far good roads. We don't mind a cloudy driving day.
      Yes, there is something about a rain storm.
      That meal was great for all reasons!

  4. It was a wet day all the way around, you got things done and Happy Hour was fun you free dinner looked pretty good too.

    1. We made the best of the wet day and even got my exercise!
      The beef was excellent!

  5. Safe travels today. I've been wanting to purchase some corned beef myself but just haven't done it. Dean does not like sauerkraut either. I love it!! Good for you sticking to your plan.. no carbs.. walking/ tred mill when you can.

    1. thank you Cheri. It takes a lot of willpower to avoid the foods we love and I've slipped off the wagon many times but this time I'm being very tough on myself! :)

  6. wow I"ve never gotten anything free from Walmart! How nice of them! Travel safely friends! Nice you got to have happy hour together. Clemson is so cute!

    1. ha ha first time for us too. I thought 'what's the catch?" but there was none! :)
      It was a good 'last for now' happy hour as always.
      I agree, Clemson is cute. I'm a bit biased though!
      Thanks for the travel wishes. It is at least dry. :)

  7. Have a good trip today and hopefully less or no rain. What a bonus to get that pre-cooked meal for free. We don't take advantage of all the free things the RV Parks offer, either, so don't feel bad about it. But hey, you had a good workout while doing the laundry.

    1. Thank you guys. We are an hour an a half into the day's trip and it is dry but cloudy. That is a good travel day!
      The food was delicious! Never knew Walmart did that.
      It was good to be able to workout inside when the weather was so wet outside.

  8. Free from Walmart? Wow, what a deal.

    Amazing how fast the rain can accumulate here in the south east isn't it?

    I love the pink booties. Very nice.

    Safe travels!

    1. Surprising, isn't it? We laughed after thinking that maybe we look like we needed a FREE meal! haha
      The ground is so soft I'm surprised it doesn't sink in more, especially here in Ok.
      Thanks, I love my booties. :)