Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dull Mild Day, B.W. Weber Clean Up, Slow, Easy Sunday, Drone Fun

I was awake and up out of bed on Sunday, Mar. 18th at 7 am. It feels good to be heading back onto my comfortable schedule. It may not be 6:30 but it is still pitch black out at that hour so 7 at least shows promise outside. I crept downstairs and prepared the Keurig and our cups etc. As I opened the blinds, it still was dark so I opted to have a tea before a walk today.

The sun on the pond is beautiful
Bill was soon up, within 15 minutes actually and so was Clemson to go out for his morning piddle. As I stepped outside, of course my tea was just poured, with him I realized that it was much lighter out than I’d originally thought. I could have and maybe should’ve gone for that walk after all. I tend to get lazy if I don’t move right away. We’ll see how the day goes.

After reading our blogs and comments, I searched on line for a Youtube video of “how to groom an ‘aggressive’ dog”. Not that Clemson is aggressive in his normal every day life BUT when it comes to trying to clip his hair, we don’t know how any groomer does it. His last experience at Pet Smart wasn’t a good one and really that was a surprise because they hadn’t even got to the clipping part. We’ve not gone back to a Pet Smart since then but he badly needs a cut.

Selfie with the Sailboat Bridge in the background
So, I watched a few videos today from a gal at My Favourite Groomer. She has the patience of Jobe and even though I can hear sometimes it is on the brink, I give her a lot of credit. She loves the dogs and admits that each dog is different and unfamiliar ones to her can react very differently still. I got some tips for this guy but one thing I took away from it is that a dog with long, matted hair should NOT be bathed first.

The other day I showed you the White Bear Bench
Here is the Black Bear Bench
It was the bathing that did Clemson in the last time. He didn’t like the blow dryer and reacted very strongly to them using it. They stopped rather than freaking him out. I’ve probably told you this. Anyway, I’m going to start brushing his long locks, which I don’t believe are matted, and we’re going to try while we’re here to see what we can do. The weather is cooling down so we don’t want him too short but we don’t want it too long for his next visit back home either.

B.W. Weber gets cleaned up
Ron is either supervising, learning
but mainly keeping Bill company
We had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and/or cereal and cleaned up dishes. While I was being entertained with the videos, Bill went over to lend a hand to Theresa as she was in the process of packing up and moving on. It was my turn to have a shower so I took care of that as well when he was busy. I was just in time to say goodbye to her and Brenda around 11:30. Ron came over for a visit and the guys talked ‘repair’ stuff that we’ve had done to our unit.

Bill decided to give Broken Wing Weber a good cleaning. The ignitor needed a new battery so he replaced that and I washed the drip pan for him. I got the easy part. Boys and their toys, well, as you know, Bill is no different. He isn’t all work and no play so he got his drone out to show Ron. Bill loves his drone and I could tell from the grin on Ron’s face, that he was like a kid in a toy shop. When Bill handed over the controls, Ron did a few turning maneuvers and brought it down safely. Oh-oh, has the bug hit Ron?

A little drone fun
Trying to be proactive, I decided on a chicken thigh and pork chop would be our supper tonight. If I can talk myself into no potatoes, just veggies or salad, maybe I will treat us with a dessert of some kind. With a mostly dull day looming over us and very few patches of blue sky, I didn’t plan on being outside too much. I put on my hoody and took Clemson for a walk around the park when Bill came inside to download pictures.

Hovering over the blue patch in the sky
The weather is full of surprises. With temperatures above 50F you never know how warm that is until you are in it. Sometimes, 50F can feel like 70 if the sun is prominent and others it can feel cooler, in the shade and wind. Today, 53F felt really nice with just a hoody. The sun poked out periodically and when we returned, I took my layer off and sat in the chair with my tee shirt. Bill was in shorts by this time.

Ron's turn at the controls
We were feeling a nosh around 1:30 so we came inside and up made up a grilled cheese bun for each of us. We must be Canadians because we are finding the now 64F warm under the clouds and the lady across the way is sitting outside in her long winter coat. We are all different, that is for sure. Ron returned the usb stick with the pics Bill loaned him and they’ve made plans for a morning outing. You can read about it tomorrow.
And it landed safely
I’ve decided against making dessert since it is already 2:30 so tomorrow morning when the boys are gone, I’ll make something special up. Instead, I placed the last of our fresh pineapple (which we weren’t eating fast enough) into my blender with some cream and yogourt. Not your typical smoothie but a smoothie we can share all the same. Yum!
After the rain
This has certainly been one of those ho hum, lazy type days. Bill and I did some reading, inside and outside, some snoozing, some visiting and watching tv. At 5:15 it was time to get supper on the go and sure enough as soon as Bill lit B.W. Weber, the sky began to leak. There was some distant lightening on the horizon as well as some rolls of thunder.
Not much fan fare at first
They predicted today’s weather pretty much bang on. However, the temperature surpassed the forecasted 64F, reaching 70 before the mercury began heading south again. Between 5:30 and 6:30 we got a nice rain shower but I don’t know if it will do much to green up the grass.

But it improved
Our supper was great, my chicken thigh was perfect. Inside I steamed broccoli for me and nuked some corn for Bill. I just can’t get him to eat that green flowery stuff! We cleaned up dishes and by then the rain had stopped, possibly for the night. Another day under our belts and we realized that we’ve passed mid-month already. That doesn’t leave too many days before ‘home’ time. I hope your day was a great one too!

And it was worth the wait
Goodnight from Eagle's Landing
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Bill should be a drone salesman. I would like to learn, but don't think it will happen.

    Sometimes I have to laugh at your Canadian words. Wonder what a nosh is!

    Good luck trying to give Clemson a haircut. Could be more than you want to bite off👹.

    I've been lazy today too. Watched the NCAA games all day. Got to stop that, but the north wind was too much for me today.

    1. Bill should be a 'salesman' period!
      Nosh, oh sorry! It isn't necessarily used in the right context but it means a snack, munch. :)
      I know, about Clemson. We'll probably try Pet Smart again.
      We sometimes let the weather rule how lazy we are too.

  2. Bill is practising his skills for use at Can-Am. What a guy!
    A very nice location you have found. Continue to enjoy!

    1. He is indeed! The more he learns about the newer models, the more confidant he'll be and more helpful.

  3. I was just checking to see how the weather will be by the time we get home.... Sounds like the 60's, but much cooler at night. As long as it warms up during the day 60's aren't too bad.

    I love Sailboat Bridge. The sunsets at Grand are really grand!! Oh I miss that place. If Dean has his way that's where we will park if our traveling days come to an end.

    1. Yes, I agree. 60's would be soon do you expect to be home?
      Sailboat Bridge is very pretty, I love the sunrises and sunsets here. Grand indeed!

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  5. Glad you are enjoying the area and Bill is having fun with "uncle Ron" playing with his drone, lots of interesting things in the area, keep having fun.

    1. Looking forward to more fun while here. We have a couple of outings planned.

  6. I went online and found a really good professional pair of adjustable head clippers. They have a lever on the side so you can cut really short or much longer. That's what I use on Cooper AFTER a good brushing, otherwise it gets stuck in his hair. Personally, I think scissors work just fine but it takes a little longer. After all, I'm sure Clemson wouldn't care if it was cut perfectly or not. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Nancy. We have a good pair, well, we think they are but he just doesn't like to sit still. We'll brush him and then try once more. With the cooler weather, he probably doesn't mind his warm coat right now anyway. :)

  7. Good luck with Clemson, I hope my comment the other day didn't offend you.

    Looks like Bill and Ron are having a great time with the drone, and I agree, Bill is a Salesman, no maybe or should be, he is.

    Hope there are better days ahead weather wise. Looking forward to getting back across the border as well.


    1. Thanks, no of course not! when Clemson curls up you truly can't tell which end is up! ha ha
      Bill enjoys talking and sharing his knowledge and between the two of us have helped sell 3 rv's at the shows we've volunteered at. :)
      A cool day again today and then 5 warm/hot ones so looking forward to that!

  8. Big Boys and their toys! I hope you're able to take care of Clemson and his hair. Our neighbor dog (who we love to pieces) is called the 666 dog from hell at the local groomers..they can't bring him back and they double charged our neighbors..because of the problems they had w him. Hope that doesn't happen to your little one. Looks like you're enjoying even with the weather.

    1. Yes, the boys have fun, don't they?
      We may try once at home with Clemson and then take him to his regular gal at home. He just reacted to the blow dryer so if he is brushed well, we'll suggest she not bathe him first. He seems to let her trim him just fine.