Sunday, March 25, 2018

Walkabouts, Herons vs Geese, Preparing for Rain, Reading Room

I slept well last night to make up for the previous night. When I woke up at 6:30 on Sunday, Mar. 25th I felt really well rested. Last night while Bill and I were sitting watching tv I remember that at 8:25 there was to be a sighting of the ISS (International Space Station). Second night in a row but at least it was clear this time so we went out and caught it skimming across from the SWW to the NE. We still enjoy seeing it.

with a sky like this, 'you never know whatchyare gonna get'
I was in bed by 10:30 and I know I dropped off immediately as I didn’t hear Bill come up at 11:30. Because it was dropping down again overnight Bill left the electric fireplace on. When I came down, I heard Bill up going into the bathroom but I had already planned on bundling up and getting out for my walk. I needed a hoody and windbreaker today and was out the door at 7:10. I think it was only 37F. What a change!
It's getting exciting

Ha! the way this turned out reminded me of making these bunny shadows as a child
Today, we know there is light rain expected this morning and then heavier later and overnight. Bill wants to put things away before they get wet. The rains and possible storms are planning on visiting for a few days. I won’t be sitting out anymore if that is the case so the chairs and B.W. Weber can be packed away as well. We can easily prepare inside meals for 3 nights.

Looking across the pond to the west
I walked the perimeter of the park and as is occasionally the case, I was rewarded for my diligence. As I rounded the pond, I could hear some outrageous honking. The geese were putting up quite the fuss! So, thinking there could be some heron/geese action, I crept ‘sneakily’ out into the field. Sure enough, there were two geese warning off the heron.

I enjoyed watching them this morning
As I approached, I could see not 1, not 2 but 7 herons both gray/blue and white standing ‘innocently’ by. I watched three of them gather in a conflab and one idly catching fish from the shallow stream. I just love seeing stuff like that and once again, chided myself for leaving the zoom lens back at camp. Oh well, it was a real treat to watch.

Bill packing things away
Back home, we had our drinks and grapefruit together. I was given some wise advice for when eating grapefruit every other day is to supplement it with some fat. The fat helps prevent the fruit from turning directly into sugar in our body. So, I had a few almonds with mine today. I want to also try and eliminate my after-dinner munching
We can be bad at that and I need to curb those urges for longer than a week at a time. You can tell, once more, that I’m getting concerned about my weight gain. Only I can fix it! 
The sky for a big part of the day
I took Clemson for a walk around the short block and as we returned I met Bill heading up to the office. He wanted to move Black Beauty off the grass but wanted permission from staff to park on the cement pads on another site. The office was closed but he got an affirmative from one of the maintenance guys. We just like to make sure its okay before doing something not only to save the grass but to avoid the chance of getting stuck in the soggy ground.
On one of my walks, 4 choppers went over the lake
I was only quick enough to catch 3 of them
Bill had a shower today and when he was finished I made us an omelette. He likes his on the toasted bun and I had mine on the plate. Suzie popped in to bring my soup jar back and George had filled it with his chicken soup. Thanks George! We chatted weather again and old television shows. I had to go back into my blog to read a comment Suzie mentioned and check out the suggested link.

These koi are beautiful
 After we got the dishes done up, Bill sorted some of his pictures online and then backed them up on to his external hard drive. I googled stuff and went into my RVillage profile. I thought I had already done this but apparently other than joining, there was nothing else completed. As soon as I put in what our rig is, many members popped up with the Common Rig. Hmm, interesting.

Colours that I've never seen in a koi
I can only fiddle around on line for so long and then I have to move. I’m sure most of us are like that. So, wanting to go for a walk, I tried to read what Clemson wanted in his ‘look’. The two of us went around the park again, not as far as if I were alone though. I noticed a motorhome pull in towing a car and with the office closed, I kept an eye to see if they knew the code to get in.

I could sense frustration as they wandered around the rig and the office so I walked out to say hello. She didn’t quite know what to do and told me that they had a reservation and had been on the road for 5 days to come here. I could imagine how upsetting that would be when she said they got an answering machine on the number she just called.

Mr. and Mrs. Marten, are you home?
I hoped that I wasn't crossing any lines but I gave her the code to get in. I said that the staff likes to assign sites so they may have to move but at least they could get in the gate. They pulled into one of the closest spots for the time being and I went to find the ‘weekend’ staff who got them signed in and situated on the proper pull-through. All is well and they didn’t ‘fire’ me or kick us out. Ha ha

I put Clemson inside and because the day seemed better than we’d assumed, I took myself off for another walk. When I came back I opened up one of our bagged folding chairs for a while to sit outside with my tea and book. That lasted all of about 15 minutes before the sun disappeared and I came inside. Bill was having a snack but so far, my breakfast and tea seemed to have me contented with just a piece of cheddar cheese. I will be ready for supper.

This falcon sat on the wire for the longest time
Of course, he flew off when he saw me
We both relaxed in our chairs and read our books. No dozes today! I kept awake but hopping up every so often and going for a walk. The rain didn’t come at 3 so I took one more trip around the park. I just got back in the door and we got about 50 drops before it stopped. If this is as bad as the rain gets, today and tonight, we’ll be happy ‘campers’. And wouldn’t that be unique!

For supper, I planned fish with a salad for me and chips (French fries) for Bill but when I started prepping, my sweetie decided since he’d snacked this afternoon that he would just need a salad as well. The fish is ‘new’ to us, well, we haven’t had it in a long time IF we’ve had it and even then, it was probably in a restaurant. We bought Pollock filet as a switch up from Tilapia so I hope we like it.

I used some Fish Crisp for the pollock and although it took
a bit longer to cook in the oven, it tasted great!
I'll also try deep frying or pan frying it another time
With it baking in my convection oven, I cut up salad ingredients. The rain made another brief appearance just as Clemson needed to go out, naturally, and quit again soon after. This has been a wonderful day of doing basically nothing. It was much better day outside than we’d expected, getting up to 60F instead of 55F. I hope you have had a good day.

and the somewhat threatening sky 

We are going to settle into more reading after supper and dishes and perhaps watch Madame Secretary as long as we have satellite at 8 o’clock. There were a few thunder dunders but again, it didn't last. Maybe through the night. Have a great evening!

Good night all!

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. It was actually a pretty nice day for most of it . I spotted the birds you were taking pictures of but they were gone by the time I got there. Pollock is the fish I served in my restaurant for 10 years and people loved it, very mild flavour.

    1. Yes, the day wasn't bad at all. We enjoyed it too.
      The pollock was good baked and we'll try it a few other ways as well, a few meals left in the freezer.

  2. Your sunrise picture was beautiful Patsy. Eagle's Landing really is a nice park....lots to see and many upgrades. It's damp and Misty here in Missouri but it's okay.

    1. Thank you! We hope you are also enjoying your park, damp and misty is better than you know what!! Nice to hear from you.

  3. I've let people in to RV parks on occasion if they have an RV and aren't familiar with the protocol. Sometimes they just don't look on their vehicle tag for the code!!

  4. Many years ago we used to have 1 slice of buttered toast, 1/2 a grapefruit and 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (nasty stuff) every morning. It worked, I lost 10 lbs in a month and he lost 20... need to get back to that again. Thanks for the reminder Patsy.

  5. I am wondering why the park you are at feels the need to gate it off. If people that are interested to have a look want to come in, they usually do it anyway. You always manage to get great sunup or sundown pictures. The one with the "pop" is beautiful.