Friday, March 23, 2018

Short Post for a Mostly Uneventful Day, Dinner with Good Friends

I think it was 7 am, in my partially awake state, that I noticed Bill getting up out of bed. Today is Friday, Mar. 23rd and maybe a mark should go on the calendar because seldom does he rise before me. I did my leg stretches, I actually find they help me to avoid the ‘creaks’ and aches I otherwise would have.

Pretty start up
Once we were up, our little sleepy head decided to crawl out from under the covers too. It was a beautiful 59F when I stepped outside to snap this morning’s brief appearance of the sun. Even though it was to be a warm day, the clouds and wind were going to keep a handle on those temperatures. The day didn’t bring too much excitement but that doesn’t mean it was not a good day.

They've finished the playground equipment
and it was put to good use over the last couple of days
with spring break
First, after our morning brew, grapefruit and then bacon and eggs we got washed up and drove into the Walmart in Grove. We needed a few veggies and some dairy stuff, of which is the best price at the department store. We treated ourselves to some ribeye steak and that will do us for 2 meals. Our appetites just aren’t what they used to be.

When we returned, I went for a walk with Clemson or was that before we went to town? I can’t recall. That is what happens when not much goes on and I don’t write throughout the day. Bill did some visiting with the neighbour, Ron and George and I replaced the carrots and celery I’d borrowed from George. I also thought his kind gesture warranted a taste of my vegetable soup so I took a small jar over for him to sample.
So, this big Oklahoman is trying to tell us something
The rest of the day, I was inside reading my book. I was in a world of my own and Clemson snuggled beside me the whole time. He slept through his dinner time too, not needing it until close to 4. When Bill came in, we changed into something more presentable and Loree and Ron rode with us in Black Beauty. We followed George and Suzie over to the Cherokee Casino for their Prime Rib special.

We had decided to eat first before playing the machines but when we discovered their special wasn’t served until 5, we all hit the machines and spent a bit of money. It wasn’t a lucky night for any of us, well other than Suzie finding a quarter in the parking lot. Bill and I played a total of $16 and lost it quick enough and by then it was 5 o’clock.

The Ladies' bathroom is pretty nice, I must say
The restaurant was busy and we had the same pleasant waitress we had on Wednesday. Loree ordered the chicken quesadilla which looked good and I had their catfish dinner which came with hushpuppies and key largo. I had to ask what that was and she explained that it was a mix of green string beans and two varieties of carrots. They were good.
Starting the dinner off smoothly
This was my first taste of catfish and I must admit that I liked it very much! Now, I won’t hesitate ordering it again or picking it up in the grocery store down here. Everyone else at our table ordered the prime rib in varying stages of ‘doneness’. Bill and I had Caesar salad for an appetizer and a Pina Colada which was oh so creamy good.
Lots of food, so half of it came home
The food was great but the company was better. We had a lot of laughs and truly enjoyed the comradery with our server. We left the casino lot at 6:30 or so and settled inside for the night. I had some of my soup today for lunch and must admit that I’m getting better at this. I found it quite tasty and put the remainder into a container. It will do me for a couple more meals.

A fun time with friends at dinner
Loree, Suzie, George, Ron, Bill
As I said earlier, this has been a fun, quiet type of day. I hope you can say the same.

And I borrowed this picture from George with me in attendance too

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Sounds like a busy enough day. Glad you enjoyed your dinner and time with friends. Friends are always make dinner seems better!!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  2. A busy day I think. Maybe I should try leg stretches. I need something to help my creakiness. Your dinner sounds much better than my fried chicken TV style. Catfish can be good, but it can be bad if not cooked right. I do a lot of bad cooking so I know.

    1. Busy enough, I suppose. I felt lazy with all the reading I did! If I didn't stretch, my ankles would crack as I walked for the first 10 minutes plus my legs felt achy. This way, I get all the cracks and creaks out before getting up and then I can walk with ease.
      I enjoyed the catfish but would like to try it with a lighter coating. Got some tips from George! :)

  3. It was a fun day relaxing and a nice meal out with good friends. Glad you enjoyed the catfish one of our favourites. Gonna sample your soup today for lunch thanks so much.

    1. It is always a nice treat to go out for dinner and with friends makes it even nicer.
      I'm going to have to pick up some catfish before we go home and try a lighter coating. thanks.

  4. All catfish is not created equal. Hope the next time you try it, it is just as good. Nothing better than dinner with friends, even if you didn't win BIG at the casino!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I actually enjoyed it warmed up tonight better. The coating wasn't so crunchy.
      We had a lovely fun dinner.

  5. Beautiful sunrise! Love your pina colada's haven't had one in many years! Going out to dinner with friends, best way to go. Great pics of you all out to dinner. You're enjoying your time there in OK. Wish we could have caught up with you all!

    1. thank you. the pina colada was soooo good! We had to sip it slowly through the straw or it gave instant 'cold' pain! haha
      We love this park and enjoy our time here. We wish we could have seen you again as well. Travel safe!

  6. Great pictures yesterday of the sun reflecting on the pond. Hope the person who finds the rock posts like you did.
    Sounds like a perfect day, some relaxing and enjoying a dinner out with friends.
    Those drinks look pretty yummy.

    1. Thanks Deb. i love the sun on water. I hope the finder posts as well that they have the rock. :)
      The drinks were an end of day bonus!