Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tough Days, NOT!

I was awake and up out of bed by 6:30 on Sunday, Mar. 4th. It is so nice to wake up knowing that there is nothing on the agenda for a couple of days. Tonight, we’ll plan something for tomorrow. I wasn’t sure what the outside temperature was as our thermometer wasn’t registering. My phone said 49F but I think it was cooler than that. 

These few clouds made for a beautiful sunrise
I bundled, took my camera and walking stick and headed towards the west this time.
Walking the paved roads was easy and I only veered off the path once when I was chasing a jack rabbit. Ha! I’m so glad I saw him and didn’t mistake him for a kangaroo this time but he was much too fast for me to capture him on film. 

There are tons of Gamble’s Quail, bunny rabbits and doves throughout the park area. I walked up to Quail’s Run which is another camping area, with no reservation required, and where we parked on our last visit.

These trees are all over the park
It is neat that the tiny leaves drop and form a self-made mulch
at the base of the tree
No gathering necessary!
I mistakenly lead you all to believe that you can park on the beach here for Free, I think. I said you can boondock but that area is actually called Primitive Camping and there is a $4 fee. Just so we’re clear on that but my goodness, really nice spots if you don’t need hook ups and can drive down there.

From Quail Run, in the park, our Suite is over there
Nice walk this morning on paved roads
Staghorn cholla
The only cactus I've come across in this area
You might all think I’m sick or something has happened to my fingers because this is probably one of my shortest written posts, ever! I am, however, very fine. It has just been a very slow day and I’ve not done anything other than walk, read, sit in the sun, walk some more, oh, and eat. We did eat. I had hot steel cut oats and Bill had cold cereal for breakfast, early.

The quail is in the tree
And a closer look
For lunch he made a meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich while I made a chicken salad wrap with a glass of milk. The wind once more picked up which required us to hold onto our books and to forgo the hats. It came in very strong gusts and then would die down to almost nothing. I was a sucker for punishment though and remained outside for most of the morning and afternoon. I did take pictures today of things I found interesting, so I'm sharing those.

This was taken at 7 am but with the sun's glare it looks dark
Inside, Clemson plays King of the Castle because I left the pillows
on his bed and he wanted the sun
What a nut!
This big guy flew over us a couple of times
We've seen this sailboat almost every day since we've arrived
And the lake is a different shade of blue again
We planned sausage for supper. Bill would have his on a bun, there is no question about that. I wish we could stop buying the buns but that is a one-sided wish! My sweetie enjoys them too much. I will have some spaghetti squash with mine. Neither of us feels overly hungry tonight for some reason.

They look after the park very well
The Montana couple left this morning and the ranger was there within the hour
to rake every inch of the pea gravel and sand
Just before supper, Bill and I walked down to the lake
and fought the wind on our way back up the hill
I hope your day has been as relaxing as ours has. I’ve enjoyed getting into my J.A. Jance book, “Edge of Evil”. It will likely be a two-day read. For me, that is pretty good. Or, who knows? It may be finished tonight!

And this is pretty much how we spent our day
No complaints
Thank you for popping in for a read today. Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Upon your recommendation (sort of) I sat in the sun in shorts today. You're right - it was toasty warm. Glad you are enjoying the critters. It's what I come to the desert to see.

    1. ha ha. The sun here is so warm no matter what the temperature is. :)

  2. Its not wrong to have a do nothing day. Thats what we are suppose to do! Enjoy!

  3. You two definitely look relaxed. I wish I could catch such crisp sunrises. Maybe I should get up earlier 😂.

    Save some sunshine for me.

    1. I must admit, we are so relaxed. Trying to get the best out of the days this last month, without running around too much.
      The sun is indeed up earlier. It was 6:30 this morning or thereabouts.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day well lived and enjoyed.
    Some days I have trouble believing how lucky we all are to be living this lifestyle.

    1. thanks, we did our best!
      I said the exact same thing yesterday to Bill when he was discussing next year's route. Lol Love our choices!

  5. It's nice to have days like that!

  6. That is great park to kick back and relax enjoying the scenery. Glad you enjoy it there.

  7. Beautiful sunrise pictures! Sounds like a great day to me, what a beautiful place to be! That pic of you and your little family is just too cute! Enjoy the slower days.

    1. thanks guys. It was a pretty easy day, I'll tell ya!
      I told Bill it was time for a family picture. He said he was looking pretty white so sat with no shirt on to get some colour. To prove he was in the southwest, I guess! :)

  8. Hi That "Sailboat Pic" reminds me of "Chesley Lake". Those were the Days!!!!.
    Love, Dad

    1. Hi Dad. Bill was thinking the same thing. I think it was early afternoon before the winds got too strong. The lake is so beautiful to see with the boats out on it.
      Thank you for your comment! xo