Thursday, March 15, 2018

Love This Pace, Feet Up, Seat Back, Books Open, Tour of the Park

We were up at 7:15 on Thursday, Mar. 15th, commonly known as the Ides of March. By the time I opened blinds and got our hot drinks prepped, I realized I wanted to take a morning walk. Bill made the bed and I told him where I was headed. I can’t get into trouble here, I can walk where I want without stepping out of bounds. I love that about the parks.
Need to have a seat?
This park used to be called Bear's Den
so a lot of their 'decor' features the little guys

The sun wasn’t up yet so I got to witness that beautiful site. I walked around the outside perimeter of the park, past the bigger rental cabins and down along the dock. 

Rental cabins
It is unreal to see all of the debris on the banks, meaning just how far the water comes when it floods here. One good thing though is that it brings all kinds of crap up that you really don’t want in the water. A Shop-Vac?? Lordy oh Lordy!

Yes, that is a Shop-Vac washed up on the beach
It is a beautiful morning, around 48F already and it is nice enough inside with just the fireplace running all night. On the park’s dollar, no complaints there! Bill and I have been really good at preserving our 19 gb of data per month and let me tell you, having it free here is just a blessing. We don’t open a lot of videos in emails on our phones or laptops, unless it is really important, so we apologize if you send them and we don't open all of them.

Back at the Suite, we sat with our drinks and grapefruit and read emails and blog posts as well as comments. 

The most important thing I saw this morning
were 6 chubby breasted robins
I know we have a few birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks or so and made a point to get the cards out while I’m thinking of it. Things pop in and out of my head so fast, I have to act quickly when it is ‘in’. I just now need to keep an eye on the dates so I don’t miss the special days. I hate being late with cards.

Mini golf
A view from the far end of the clubhouse
Around 9:00 we hopped in the shower and got that out of the way. By 9:45 we were eating breakfast. I made Bill bacon and eggs and I had the last half of my breakfast quesadilla from the other day. Before too long, the park staff came to advise us they were turning the water off in 20 minutes for maybe an hour. They are doing some work at the end of our row. No problem for us, it gave us time to brush our teeth and clean up dishes.
These will end up outside or in the ground somewhere soon

A nice large dining (or whatever) room

Pool or ping pong, anyone?
The Bear's den and book room
That was the extent of my/our activity for the day. Bill walked up to the office and gave them a copy of Clemson’s papers, proof of shots, and I walked up to put a card in their outgoing mail box. All 3 of us sat outside together for a while and then the boys retired inside. 
Clemson is the best relaxer of all of us!
I was very happy in my chair with my book in the sunshine and the breeze. From my vantage point I could see and hear the work going on at the end of the street. Those guys certainly earned their pay today!

The hard working guys never stopped all day
Notice the Wifi post? No wonder we have such good reception!
I came inside at 5 and sat with Bill for a while before supper. There have been a few in and outs today, trailers, I mean. We are happy with our site, it faces the west which means I get as much sun as I want from 10 am until sundown. The sites are very wide, giving each unit lots of space to spread out.

Bill walked up to the office
For supper tonight, Bill grilled cheeseburgers and at the same time, heated up the leftover dressing from the other night. Again, mine was lettuce wrapped as opposed to a bun. It was good and we were filled up. After dishes, I had to slip outside to catch a picture of the big orange ball going down for the night. Just a few low-lying clouds made for a pretty sight.

And the sun makes its descent
Not much happened today but it still made for a really nice Ides of March. I hope you can say the same!


And then after sundown, we get this blanket

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Beautiful bear seat. Really a nice looking place to stay. Glad you clarified the in and outs. I wouldn't have had a clue what you meant.

    Glad to see the warmer weather and those Robins. Just think, it will be spring soon.

    That Clemson sure loves his pillow.

    1. Isn't that bear seat, cute! Sorry, I hate to leave you in the dark! :)
      The Robins got me excited, yes, spring is on its way.
      Clemson loves sleeping, let's just face it! haha

  2. I love that bear seat, it's so cute! Do you get asked for Clemson's papers very often? I didn't know RV Parks did that.

    1. Bill remembers one other park that asked for his papers, it is rare.

  3. Glad you are enjoying the weather there, it is a very nice park getting all fixed up one day at a time. We will be joining you there soon. Once it cools down here.

    1. We do like this park. There are only about 15 rv's here right now so everything is available for us. :)

    2. Have never seen that park very busy over the last 11 years, but I can imagine very busy in the summer.

  4. What? No pictures of the pool. I guess it isn't really swimming weather. It looks like a nice cozy park and a very nice clubhouse. The robins are a very welcome sight, I hope they are on their way back to Ontario. Enjoy your 2 week stay!

    1. Ha ha, the pool isn't open. She said not until the weather warms up. LOL It isn't heated. I forgot to include the picture for you!
      Loved seeing the robins, very very welcome sight indeed. I'll tell them to follow us home. :)

  5. The bear's den and book room look very inviting. I must say that is a very nice RV Park and so spacious. That is the first I heard of management asking for dog papers. As Canadians we must have them anyway in order to cross the border. Haven't played mini golf in years but wouldn't mind to do a round with some friends.

    1. The clubhouse is done up really nice. Only about 15 units in here right now so a quiet time for them. Only the 2nd time we've been asked for papers, seemed odd to us too since they have to be on a leash anyway and there is no dog run here.
      Come and play mini golf with me! Bill isn't a 'player' persay. :)

  6. Wonderful relaxing day. I know you enjoy those a great deal. Glad it's warm enough for shorts again. Love that lazy fella Clemson on his stool, he is too cute. Although I will admit I have a hard time figuring out which end is which with all his fur!

    Robins do mean spring don't they? Hopefully Ontario is getting ready to have a few of them around too.

    Enjoy your time there.

    1. We do like being lazy! :)
      I'm happy to give my shorts another go!
      I agree about Clemmy, he needs a haircut but we're still debating about that one.
      Robins definitely mean spring and my sister back home is hoping we send them her way.

  7. What a great day and a wonderful park! Beautiful sunset Patsy! Enjoy your time..Do you have to be a member to stay in that park?

    1. Thanks, this is a nice park.
      No, this is not a membership only park. I don't know what the regular cost is to stay here though.
      We like the 'free' amenities. :)