Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Long Walk with the Sunrise, Playing Hide and Seek with Jack, Clean Suite

It was a cool 35F/1.6C when I got up on Tuesday, Mar. 6th at 6:40. I could tell that the sun was already well into its ascent up through the wispy clouds. We knew that it wasn’t going to be a full sun day so I wasn’t disappointed. Even though it was just a few degrees above freezing here, there was no wind so it made it a nice morning to walk.

I was well layered, with my t-shirt scarf wrapped snugly around my neck and my mini gloves on with the fingers. I was toasty. I took my stick today again as I wasn’t sure which way I was going to go and I was glad to have it with me. It was a full 2 mile walk today and that included me playing hide ‘n seek with Jack. Yup, I saw him (her? Jackie?) again hopping through the brambles and the bushes.

Today I saw the vines where the coyote gourds were born
There is some sand walking, some gravel walking
Of course, I followed! My view finder probably didn’t catch him but it wasn’t from lack of trying. I’m sure it was a game to him, as I climbed over fences and ‘sneakily’ crept through the sand and the brush. I could see where he headed and I would head in that direction. 

In the circle, presenting Mr. Jack Rabbit

And I was thrilled to catch him a couple of times
Last I saw of him he was at the edge of the paved road, after crossing behind Peter Rabbit himself and descending down to the lake area.

and some pavement walking
The clouds had pretty much taken over the sky although they are light and the sun is still leaving shadows across the land. While walking, I saw more coyote gourds (thanks Nancy for naming these for me) and this time I noticed the dry vines from which they grew. I love learning this stuff! 

Back home, Bill was just getting up. Clemson had him up before 6 for a piddle so he was sound asleep when I slipped out the door this morning.

this prickly pear cactus was trying to be fancy
Look at the curled leaves
We had our hot brews while reading blogs and I prepared our last grapefruit. We bought these at Fry’s and they were quite good and seedless to boot! We have no plans for today so it is a good day to clean the Suite, rather than tomorrow. I might even do my hair roots again, they are looking pretty gray, and hopefully I’ll get into a new book too.

Close to 10, I fried eggs and bacon and made an omelette. It was tasty and filling. After dishes, I made another cup of tea before getting cleaned up for the day. I love not having a schedule. When Bill and I were enjoying the heat and sunshine on Sunday, he started talking about our trip in the fall and return trip in the spring. It struck me as unbelievable but very cool that here we are, doing what we set out to do and very easily discussing routes for our ‘yearly’ winter in the southwest. Get that? Yearly! It feels good and I hope everyone who wants to live this lifestyle, gets the opportunities to do it.
These two sites are available for $10/night, no hookups
Not a bad view, eh?
At 12:30 I finished gouping up my hair and as always, came out to the living room and shocked my husband. I put him to the true test of ‘do you love me?’ Ha ha. I never promise anything when I add colour on my own but without Brenda, it is all a risk. My response? It’s just hair! I like to try things, different things, so unless it is outrageous, I let it play out. My co-workers never knew what to expect. Red hair, red and blonde, brown streaks, short, longer whatever, they’d seen it all.

I just read on Facebook yesterday about how good it is for us to spend time on the beach
AND even better if we walk barefoot
Notice the pretty stones?
The temperature had risen to 53F by noon so this afternoon maybe it will be nice to sit outside with a book while my hair dries. Looking out the windows, a lot of rv’s have pulled out from the lower Level C. I can count 5 empty spaces without moving. You can move into one of those sites for one night only at $14. Then you need to go online and reserve that or another site before staying any longer.

Our neighbours pulled out this morning so I was able to get a picture
from a different angle of our site
Where we are is (Level B) first come first served so we can sit here for 14 days if we want for the same price. There is a $12 charge to place a site on reserve. No thanks. Most of the sites along our row are filled and no wonder. It is the best row for the view AND for privacy. 

Bill did one of my jobs for me, sweeping the floors, he got the vacuum out and did the whole Suite, under the couch and nooks and crannies. So, that was great!
and tonight I caught the sunset
While he was doing that, I cleaned out the little basket that sits on our hutch. We each have one and they get lots of little things dumped in them. I drop little post-it notes in there with all kinds of hints, lists etc. I also put little things that I find, stones, chain links, as well as pencils, pens and correction tape. Now, it looks so much neater after putting my collections away.

Then I moved to my bedroom cupboard beside the tv. It as well needed a good cleaning out. Some things that were souvenirs went under the bed (for now) and the rest just got packed neater. Funny how such small jobs give me the feeling of accomplishment. 
Then, I dusted. 

I have a lot of cupboards to go through and eventually they will all get a good clean out. When I get home, I already have a couple or three projects that I want to tackle. Aha, I should start another list!

And the mountains in the east put on their best performance too
My hair turned out fine. A little different shade but a pretty colour and soon enough the brilliant southwestern sun will have me blonde again.

The rest of the afternoon went by with a couple more walks and some reading. It didn’t take long to get into the James Patterson book The Midnight Club. I got caught up in really quickly. Around 6 I warmed up the leftover casserole from last night. Well, actually my microwave warmed it up. It went down as good as it did the first night and it looks like enough for a couple more supper meals.

Tuesday night means entertainment night on the tube so I’ll download my pictures while watching the programs we love. It has been a good day, getting things done in the morning and enjoying the afternoon. I hope you’re enjoyed your day.

And to all a good night
Thank you for reading. Your comments mean a lot to me.


  1. I can see it all now. The neighbours peeking through their windows at the crazy lady hiding behind bushes and sneaking up on the rabbit! :-)
    Nice sunset pics!

    1. ha ha, I thought the same thing but it was too early and I didn't see any movement from the neighbours! :)

  2. What! A young lady such as yourself has gray in her hair😱. I'm shocked.

    Two miles is an excellent walk. Great to do it so early and then you have the rest of the day to enjoy.

    Beautiful sunset photos.

    1. You are a charmer, aren't you Doug? Anyway, thank you kindly all the same.
      I enjoy the morning walks. Strange that I never see ANYONE out between 6:30 and 7:30!

  3. This is my third comment to you and Google hasn't been accepting them.
    Maybe they will all show up. I'll make this one short to see if it works.
    Thank you file the tour of your Suite.
    It's very impressive and comfortable looking. A sharp rig, I reall like it, especially your kitchen!
    Enjoy your posts!

    1. This one worked, yay! Thank you for being diligent, Linda. I enjoy reading your comments. Thank you for asking for a tour, it was a good idea. :)
      I do love the island, dining area and my (woops! our) walkin closet.
      thank you for reading.

  4. Beautiful sunrise and sunset photos, never get tired of them for sure! Ken always asks me who is he going to be waking up to whenever I color my hair..you just never know. Cute narrative of you and the bunny..Love the footprint in the sand. Ridiculous it's a 12 dollar reservation fee..geez. Glad you got a site you can stay in for 14 days if you want. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you S & K. Funny about changing hair colour. When I went bright red, Bill thought he was cheating on me but still loved it! Hmmm, what does that say??
      Footprints in the sand......:)
      We do have a great site but the pickings vary by day. Some days there are none available on this level.

  5. You had sone sunshine and walkabouts that wonderful area, keep on enjoying it.

    1. We had a bit of everything here. We do love it and will for another day at least.

    2. We had a bit of everything here. We do love it and will for another day at least.

  6. I'm curious, did you make reservations on-line for the park or did you just show up and grab a spot? You have a great site!!

    I've been known to stalk critters through the bushes ... it's actually fun to see if you can capture them on camera!! GREAT sunset pic.

    1. We did not make reservations and we're told when we arrived that there were 2 spots on this '1st come 1st served' level. He didn't think we'd fit in them but this one was perfect. You can also park in the other areas in the park without reservations but only for 1 night and then you have to either reserve online for a $12 fee or move.
      I get excited chasing the critters, I must truly look ridiculous if anyone saw me!

  7. I can totally relate to Bill’s reaction to your gouped up hair! Frank always “acts” shocked and horrified when
    I come out with the goup on!
    Safe travels on your way home!
    Peggy and Frank

  8. I was thinking as I read the beginning of this post about someone reporting you to the rangers or something. Some crazy woman wondering around like she's lost her mind. Hahaha...That was too funny!!!

    We enjoyed the park but I thought those spots out there on that end would be windier than the others. More exposed and less sheltered. The views always seemed to draw me though.


  9. Were we channeling each other yesterday? Cleaning, hair, and I cleaned out my little basket, also...LOL Great last picture and glad you caught Jack/Jackie in your viewfinder.