Friday, March 9, 2018

Staying Longer, Roswell, ALIENS!!

On Friday, Mar. 9th we were both awake at 6 am and just rested until 6:20 or so before getting up. We had planned to move early this morning, by 7:30 or 8 at the very latest. Since we were up so early, we made our morning brew and sat for 30 minutes. While sitting here we noticed a small trailer pulling out just two sites over. I said “I wonder if that site is now available?”
Our new site, just around the corner
So, Bill went out and chatted with the Host who was picking up garbage in the parks. He said, yes, that site is open and you are welcome to it. We wasted no time, packed up quickly and were in our site by 7:30. As it turns out, this is a NO reservation site so we can stay up to 14 days. Yay! We will stay 2 nights and pull out on Sunday. Did I say ‘Yay!’?
I saw this sky to the east after we got up at 6:30
With that decided, we settled for an hour, just enough time to have something to eat and get washed up. We left Clemson in charge of the house and we drove into Roswell around 9:15. First thing on the agenda was take a walk through the UFO Museum on Main St. This was recommended to us and it sounded interesting enough to check out.

these guys were at the entrance to greet us
Nano Nano
(notice one guy has 4 fingers and a thumb)
Hmmm, they goofed!
The cost to enter was $3 for seniors and $5 for adults. So, for $8 we spent an easy 2 hours reading the paraphernalia and looking at the displays. It is very well done and very well received by the many tourists we met inside. Young and old were fascinated with the stories of the rancher who found unfamiliar bits and pieces in his sheep fields in July of 1947. And thus began the documented UFO cover-up. Who do you believe?

This was very cool
I loved watching the children when this saucer moved and the aliens spoke
One little girl looked at me with a very nervous grin and her
eyes were as big as 'saucers'
You can check out the information provided here at Bill and I enjoyed the museum without even taking in the film that was played inside. At the gift shop I picked up a souvenir pin for our collection and a camping mug for my tea. I’ll test it out in the morning! 

Kind of creepy but certainly interesting to read

Let's see it in colour now
Now let's talk Cover-up
We needed to make a withdrawal at the bank and were surprised to find at least 5 different banking institutions in the whole of 5 blocks.
You just never know what you'll see in the southwest
But also interesting is the unusual trunk on that tree!

I wonder, does he carry Poop bags like we do?

Bill was interested in seeing if he could see any of the planes that were being taken apart for parts as well as seeing some of those that were in to be painted. We drove around the Roswell International Air Centre but wasn’t totally satisfied with what we saw. Oh well, it was an interesting drive anyway. 

We were hungry so stopped at Sonic’s for a quick lunch. (how appropriate!) We’d never been there before and figured it would be just like Mcdonald’s (whose parking lot we couldn’t squeeze into). It was, and we had tater tots instead of fries. That was different but fine.
Coca-cola fan
Now that is unique

With a couple of other stops just to check things out, we then took a drive to the Historical Downtown Roswell. Hmmm, other than a couple of very neat homes, we questioned what we were missing. Been there, done that, kind of thing but it was still a good day and we headed home to our Suite. The temperature had jumped to 77F and I wanted to get out for a walk this afternoon.

My Grandson, Taylor aka Tj, needs to get down here to look after his restaurant
It is closed for business
We arrived home around 2:30. Nice to have the afternoon still. I tucked my hair up under my hat and took my camera for a walk. I walked around Lea Lake, through the picnic and gathering area and down to the Day Use park and playground. As you can tell, I was playing with my camera and my selfies. I didn’t even have my funky tripod, just found places to set my big Canon. (I've begun making a page for these so as not to put them in my post. I'm having fun with it. I have never liked pictures of myself, so I feel this is a big step for me.)

Historic building on Main Street

I expected to see more of these types of homes

but only these two caught my eye
There is a really nice area across Bottomless Lake Road where a lovely long composite walkway was built. It takes you back along the Wetlands Trail. There are three wood shantys’ made of tree branches where you can sit and watch the wildlife in the area. 

Unfortunately, the two I walked to didn’t have a close view of the water as it has been so dry. I knew I’d been half hour so instead of walking to the last one, I turned around. I’m glad I took my water with me, that sun is hot!

okay, one selfie
Back at the ranch, Bill was asleep with Clemson so I came inside and put the awnings out enough to shade the inside of the Suite. The sun is dropping so I might have to extend them a bit more. There is a bit of wind and I always get nervous when they start to flutter too much. I guess, I’ll be here to keep an eye on them.

This is a very neat looking structure
On the other side are the picnic table shelters
What a neat place to have a family reunion!
A nice beach too
Last night I finished my book and it was so very good. I need to get my hands on a new one and dig a chair out of the garage, quietly. I’m so glad we’re staying put for another day. Tomorrow isn’t Sunday but it will still be a day of rest for us. I dug around and found a J.A. Jance to read. Bill recommends these next two, they are Joanna Brady mysteries. So, I’ll start with Skeleton Canyon.

At 4:30 I pushed myself to get supper started. I flattened a large boneless pork chop and rolled some stuffing up in it. I was wracking my brain trying to remember how George (Our Awesome Travels does a stuffed pork loin. Bill washed and cut up a potato for the grill while I was doing the meat. I put the stuffed pork chop in a foil pan with a small amount of water and covered it with tin foil. We set the Weber to medium and left it for 60 minutes. Bill put the spuds on for the last 20 minutes. Fingers crossed everything turns out!

The host on duty today didn't have this sign in a very good spot for newcomers
We sat outside until the sun disappeared behind the ribbon of clouds in the west sky. Funny how the air temperature changes so dramatically in the shade. We were both in shorts and me in a summer top, so we came inside and let Weber do his stuff. I downloaded the day’s pictures and began sorting through them.  It has been a wonderful day, all things taken into account.

Some beautiful sights to see here
We’ve been watching other rv’ers pull in and fill up the spots that yesterday showed ‘occupied’ (reserved) but at 5:30, the spot we vacated this morning has still not been taken. It would be the pits if we moved for nothing, but on the other hand, I like this spot better. Things happen for a reason, you know?

Yay! We didn't get abducted today
It is dark now at 7:30 so I can’t imagine anyone coming in now for the night. It happens though, people have had a long drive. Last night someone came in the pitch black and the host had to scoot around on his 4-wheeler to help them see. I just hope we never have to do it. We try to stop at the very latest by 4 o’clock when we are on the road. It just makes sense.

Okay, am I the only one who sees something freaky in this picture?
So, supper turned out great! We didn’t need a vegetable after all with the dressing, pork and potatoes. It was all down within minutes of each other and the pork with my homemade apple sauce was delicious! Imagine that! Me loving a pork chop! 

We cleaned up dishes and Bill returned to his book while I finished my post.

And the sky put on a grand performance tonight
good night all from Bottomless Lake State Park
I hope your day has been as fun as ours has. Thank you for stopping in today.


  1. My only nephews name is TJ. Sounds like Roswell was a winner. Hope you don't get zoomed up into a spaceship while there

    1. I still like Taylor Jesse. :) We enjoyed our tour of Roswell. Me too!

  2. good read! we tried sonic once, good milkshake. :) . Keep enjoying your freedom!

  3. Ohhhh Too bad you weren't directed down Washington, a paralle street west from Main in Roswell. There are many old homes, most of them beauties.

    1. aaah, yes! We didn't know which street without following them all! Thanks.

  4. Beautiful sun sets . ( I believe in them )Vern in Boise

    1. Thank you, it was a gorgeous show last night. We believe in them too. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures of the sunset. You two certainly got a good look at Roswell.

    I seem to remember seeing a flying saucer somewhere near there. Hope it hasn't taken off and left. Maybe you'll see it.

    Enjoy your stay.

    1. We enjoyed Roswell.
      hmm, I'll watch for the saucer. I think he left an alien behind.

  6. The pictures you took of the sunset are beautiful. We really do not have any nice views at this park and I am missing the sunsets. What luck to get a place to park in the park while you are there...yeah! The museum certainly looks interesting. I have a feeling we will be going home through New Mexico Tom mentioned again he still really wants to visit that area...Thanks to you and Bill planning the route will be very, very, easy...:)

    1. thanks Deb. Funny what we miss after a desert experience.
      The Roswell museum is interesting if you enjoy reading. :)
      Seems to me we had 'followers' on the way down too! haha

  7. Enjoy your time there, we had too mu h fun there in Roswell and Bottomless Lakes sp. The visitor centre is the park is a worthwhile stop, lots of great info about the area as well.
    Glad you enjoyed your stuffed pork chop.

    1. thanks George. Supper was good, we'll make a stop at the visitor centre today.

  8. The museum certainly looks interesting! Sounds like you both had a great day and it didn't break the bank. Some of these places that really overcharge, you wonder how a family with kids could afford to go. Beautiful sunset pics and the walk you took. I like your selfies! :)

    1. I agree about the pricing. Two couples when we left (from Missouri) asked if there was a charge and was it worth the $5. They were counting pennies too. They had a long drive ahead of them. The sky was beautiful last night. i am having fun in front of the camera for the first time. :)

  9. Thanks for the tour. If you keep this up there won't be any room left in our bucket list!! Most interesting. As the sign explained, our society is not yet ready to accept the presence of aliens. But why do we keep searching for them?
    Again, great post.

    1. thanks Marlene. lots to see and do if you wish, that is for sure! We like to believe in 'something' far out, I guess. i believe they are around for sure.

  10. I've always wanted to visit Roswell... one day we will. What gorgeous sunset pictures. Glorious!! I see you plan to stop over in Grove, OK again. We have friends who stay at eagles landing often.