Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Last Day Here, Pretty Much Perfect Park, Truth or Consequences Shopping, Quiet Day

It was 6:20 when I looked at the clock so wasted no time in doing my stretches before rising on Wednesday, Mar. 7th. Looks like a great morning so I was anxious to get the day started. I bundled up against the chilly 35F morning but again, with no wind, it was a great walk in another new direction. 
I wasn't kidding when I say I bundle up
Still no winter coat though. It is all about layers
Haven't needed it once this winter and I don't plan on starting now
I do enjoy walking in this park but I’m surprised that I don't meet anyone that early. It is the perfect time to walk, in my opinion.
I opened the blind facing the lake and was encouraged by the sunrise
When I got back to the Suite, Bill and Clem were still in bed. I had let Clem out for his piddle before I left. The sky is mostly clear with very few fluffy clouds spread across the blue. The following group of pictures are from my morning walk.

....was here!

The lake is calm so it will be interesting to see if there are any sailboats out today. Bill had his shower while I started breakfast and once that was cleaned up we drove into Truth or Consequences to Walmart.

Walmart parking lot
It is interesting to see their parking lot with covered solar panels. We definitely wouldn’t want to bring our Suite in there though. 

Maybe that is their general idea, keep the rv’s out. I doubt that was even considered, really but if you parked on the right side on a very hot day, your vehicle would be in the shade. Anyway, we picked up a few groceries, enough to get us through until we hit Grove, Oklahoma.

Pretty view across the lake today
So, with the items put away it was time to relax. Well, first things first. We received our on-line Wedding Invitation for Jess and Matt so wanted to take action right away and reply and get our room and flight booked. We called the Wedding Planner (sounds like a movie, but it wasn’t Jennifer Lopez) and got everything taken care of. A deposit was required before May 1st so now we don’t have to think about it.

A couple of cutie patooties in love
With that done, Bill and I took our books and went outside for an hour until we got too hot. When Bill takes his shirt off, you know it is over 65F/18C. We both got some Vitamin D today. Around 2 our breakfast had worn off so we cut up some cheddar and I had some nuts and our last couple of fresh dates to fill the void. I went back outside with my last blended margarita.

this is a pretty good job if you can get it
If you can believe it, the clouds had moved in completely and I needed a jacket to be comfortable in the now 65F. It is amazing what the southern sun does to the temperature. I was just happy to be warm enough to sit outside and read.

A nice little bowl of goodness
I was distracted by the chatter of all the Gambel’s Quail down over the hill so I tried to capture them on video. I hope you can share my joy in watching these critters.

As I was sitting there, I also witnessed the cutest thing. Two bunny rabbits were playing in the sand. I tried once again to record the playfulness exhibited here.

What a great thing to see on our last day here. I’m going to be sad to leave this little haven.

After soaking up a few more chapters, I took another walk with Clemson around 3 of the designated camping areas before we started supper. These are closest to our location and not too far to walk. We have new neighbours pulled in beside us, on the corner site. A Mom and her son. They set up and he immediately started grilling supper on an open cooker. How special is that? 

Sitting in our recliners watching NCIS reruns before turning the tv off for the night, I’m sure I dozed off for a few minutes waking at 6 to start warming up supper. You guessed it, more leftovers. I cooked some corn for Bill and steamed a nice batch of spinach for me. We have one dish left of my casserole so might share once more or one of us will eat that and the other something else. We are full and cleaned up the dishes.

And the sailboat is out there catching the breezes
Bill has put everything away with the exception tonight of our Welcome mat. We just have to secure the last of the cupboards in the morning and unhook water and electric. Tomorrow we move on down the road, taking yet another step towards home. It is a long enough drive tomorrow so we want to dump our tanks and get on the road as early as possible without rushing.

A whole mess of coyote gourds/melons

this one is half ripe and half dried out

I like the days when my shadow walks with me
Tonight, we just sat and read our books until it was time to go to bed. I’m usually gone by 10 and Bill may join me tonight since it is a move day Thursday. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as much as we have!

Good night from Peter Cottontail and I
from Elephant Butte Lake State Park

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  1. We have not finalized our plans for heading home yet but New Mexico, Tom really wants to visit Roswell, is a strong possibility and that park is wonderful. Enjoyed your short videos.
    Safe travels.

    1. We are heading to Bottomless Lake S.P. today so we will be close to Roswell. I hope we can get in as it looks like a nice park too.
      thanks Deb.

    2. Fingers crossed you get in...:)

  2. Nice morning sunrise. If your weather doesn't get warm soon I may go south when I leave here. It was over 80 here in Apache Junction today.

    You better start worrying if your shadow stops following you😊.

    Have a safe journey tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Doug. I wasn't thinking of that! I thought it only meant there was no sun. haha
      Cool mornings and evenings but pretty nice through the day. Certainly not 80's though! enjoy!

  3. At least the lake isn't frozen!
    Love the Quail video.
    Safe travels.

    1. The water temp of the lake yesterday was 50F so really..not for swimming but not terrible either.
      thanks Dave.

  4. Nice to wrap up your last day there , now moving on down the road again,enjoy the journey and new sights along the way

  5. Our youngest son had a destination wedding in Mexico and it was so much fun! I'm sure you guys will have a great time. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. We've only heard positive things since Jess decided this wedding, so we are looking forward to it!
      Thank you!

  6. I always love to watch the critters!!! Thanks for the videos.

    1. I loved the bunnies playing. I've never seen them jump and play like that. :)