Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sunshine and Blue Sky, Hair Cut, Casino Play and Casino Food

I was awake and up out of bed on Wednesday, Mar. 21st by 7:15. The sun wasn’t up yet so I tiptoed around opening blinds and preparing our Keurig drinks. Bill and Clemson were also still sound asleep. The sky was an amazing blue, well gray at first, and when the sun popped, everything woke with it. No clouds at all so the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as it could be but I was just so happy to see it return.

I love the way these ducks were sunbathing on this protruding tree branch
Yesterday was a cold day and made worse by the wind but we got through it easily by cuddling up inside in our home. Looking forward to more outside time today for sure. 

Without my zoom lens, of course I see this heron capture a fish
It is hard to see but the big fish makes this guys mouth look
like a pelican instead

Maybe a better picture
so cool!
A second heron attempted to snag it from him with no success
It was fascinating to watch them
It is starting out at 32F so I will wait a bit for my first walk. After Bill got up and we had our morning drinks and grapefruit I looked out our back window and saw Ron and Freddy out for their run. I think Freddy gets more exercise than Ron does, but that’s the plan!

There was frost on Black Beauty which was gone by 9 even though she is sitting in the shade so that is a great sign. I showered and then called a hair salon in town to get my hair trimmed today. Loree went yesterday and recommended them when she heard I was keen too. It seems to take my hair a long time to grow so I never get much cut off but it is nice to get a pro’s touch once in a while rather than me just snipping at it.

We had an omelette sandwich and breakfast quesadilla and did the dishes so they were out of the way. Bill had his shower and made a phone call back to London. Nothing, let me repeat, nothing drives me crazier than when people do not return phone calls. We have something on the burner at our old place of employment and we’ve tried to follow up 3 times to get answers.

Bill and I saw the staff fixing this walk bridge the other day
Today it is finished and back in place
After being told twice over the last 2 weeks that a message to call us would be passed on, today, it was ‘as soon as she’s off the phone, I’ll get her to call you’. That was 2 hours ago. Venting, that is what I’m doing. I worked in an office for 31 years where it would never have cut it had I treated callers like that. Just make the darn phone call!

New playground equipment coming int
We drove into Grove and found O’Hairs Salon (cute, eh?). Cindy was ready for me as soon as I walked in 10 minutes early. What a lovely lady she is. The owner of this salon for 34 years, I’m so glad Loree recommended her to me. She trimmed my hair without going crazy and we had a nice conversation all for $15. What salon charges prices like that? This one does. I’ll be back and maybe I’ll let her go crazy next time. 😊

There are quite a few large dead tree stumps on the beach
There is something neat about them, the way they lie there
with a long story to tell, I'm sure

Taking time for a selfie
Bill stopped at Cheapo Depot for me to pop in and have a look-see. Nope, it didn’t impress me any more this time than the last time I was in there. I left empty-handed and we drove home to the Suite. At 3:30 I took Clemson for a walk down to the lake and back again. I saw Bill and Ron outside talking at their site so came inside. Within 10 minutes Ron and Loree walked over and we left for the Cherokee Casino at 4.

We stepped up to the Players Club and each got a $10 players card. That was a good start. 
Beautiful pansies in their garden
Loree and I wasted no time giving ours back to the penny machines but Bill was more successful and cashed in his $21.75. I think Ron did okay too cashing out $20 so it was a men’s night. We went to the restaurant and had a great meal including drinks for $30. We chatted, had some laughs, a few tears and the time very easily slipped by.

My Reuben and yummy green beans
Caesar salad and margarita
We had a great evening, some gambling and some food with friends

Back home at 6:30 we all sat inside together for half hour before saying good night. We are enjoying their company very much. We started watching some of our Monday night programs which recorded and had a small piece each of my peanut butter pie. This has been a great day, much warmer than the previous one. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours as well. PS - the day ended without our phone call. Grrr!

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. That was one ambitious heron! Wow, who needs the casino buffet when the fishing is that great.
    Keep enjoying.

    1. i know!!! Shoulda had my zoom lens, it would have been awesome!

  2. Nice way to spend the day. Sounds like Ron and Loree are a fun couple.

    I hope the delay in returning that call doesn't mean bad news. Pretty crummy of them either way.

    1. Yes, it was a great way to pass the day. We've had fun getting to know these two. Yah, about the phone call, it is just so irritating. We're trying to track something down and they aren't helping at all! LOL

  3. Nice to get your hair trimmed and out to the casino for a meal and free slot play. We always have a few good laughs with Ron and Loree great that the guys won some money and you had a tasty meal

    1. It was a good day overall with a little of everything. Ron is hilarious and Loree is a sweetie trying to keep him in line. :)

  4. Did you hide your rock yet? You didn't mention it. Congrats to Bill on his casino winnings....paid for most of your supper!

    1. Nope, was checking out spots on my later walk yesterday but had Clem with me. I'll find a spot today. There are more children in the park and I don't think it will be handled 'quite' the same way if they find it, so I'm more careful. :)
      It was fun to play some on their $ and had a great meal.

  5. I feel your frustration in getting return phone calls. A pet peeve of mine!
    The food looks good at the casino. We checked it out as a possible place for a group to have a meal. I wasn't sure since it was open to the casino area - concerned about smoke smell. How was it? The food looks good!
    Brrrrrr! I'm not sure I'm ready for those low temperatures yet...even if I'm inside. It was in the upper 60's/low 70's yesterday. We've still got a week before we make it to Wichita so I'm hoping it continues to warm up as we move further north.

    1. The food is really good and the prices are pretty awesome. Even our drinks were a great price.
      We didn't notice smoke but we were seated right at the edge and it was louder from the machine sounds than you might like. Although if you requested an area back in the corner, it would probably be fine.
      The weather is warming here now to high 60's and mid to high 70's but figure we're chasing the cooler stuff home.

  6. Nothing worse than people who don't return phone calls. Just went through that with my insurance company. SO irritating!! Great catch of the heron catching a fish!!

    1. I know! today, I sent an email and got a call immediately.
      thanks, I was so excited!

  7. Your casino visits have been rewarding experiences with good food, some extra cash and nice company. We've never stopped at a casino but it is on my list of things to do. Hopefully we'll be as lucky as you were. Nice colourful pansies, love the colour combination.

    1. We never win much, if any, but the thrill of spending $20 on a penny machine is worth it. The good and company is always the best bonus!