Monday, March 19, 2018

Watching the Sunrise, Bill and Ron Sightsee, Pat Makes Dessert

When I woke up on Monday, Mar. 19th it was 7:15 and I moved at the same time Clemson wanted out. That worked out perfectly! There were clouds to the east, covering what would have been our sunrise but the outside temperature was 56F so I knew it would be a nice morning. That was confirmed with Clemson’s outdoor jaunt. I came back in, brushed my sleep-mussed hair and with just a t-shirt and hoody went for my walk.

Clemson went back to bed with his Daddy for a bit. As I approached the back of the park area, close to the lake I could see that I was in for a bit of a show. The brilliance of the sun was sharpening the edges of the clouds making for a gorgeous picture. 

as you can tell, I couldn't decide which picture to post

I slowed up my walk and kept a constant eye on the horizon at the same time trying to capture the blue heron. I’ve seen one on each of my last 3 walks.

He stood still for me
With just my phone camera on me, I fiddle with the 4.1 zoom max and back down to the 1.1 trying to get the best shot. They are all good so I’ll have to choose once I download them. So, the sky was blue when I walked but soon after returning to the Suite, clouds rolled in from the north. It was going to be that kind of a day. The winds were already close to the maximum of 10 mph so the 64F we’re expecting may not feel like it.

But then I got too close
Seems like we are on the fast track for Police cruisers and EMT’s as we’ve had at least one set go by every day for the last 3 or 4. Ron and I were discussing their frequency the other day. It still isn’t a lot to us. When Bill and I lived in London, On, population of 380,000, it was almost on the hour you heard sirens of some kind. This is peanuts, just chatter fodder really (something to talk about).

And the sunrise still captivated me along every step of my walk
So, Bill was just coming out of the shower when I returned and we then had our tea and coffee together. Catching up on our friends posts we discussed his plans. 

I loved this picture through the branches with the reflection on the water
Yesterday, he asked Ron if he’d like to go to the Darryl Starbird’s Car Museum, just down the road. Ron was very excited to go as he knew Loree wouldn’t be into it and I had no desire to go a second time. Bill loves it and I read that Darryl has a couple of new additions, created for his Car Show in Tulsa last month.

Bill caught Ron taking a picture at the museum
They had a ball today
At 10 they were off with Ron driving. I was expecting Bill to drive so it took a couple of minutes before I realized Black Beauty was still sitting here. I had it in my mind to make the dessert I talked about last night while Bill was away. With the outdoors not proving to be a sunny day, that is what I like to do.

I set about getting things out after I got cleaned up myself. Today it would be a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Glazed Pie. It’s a recipe on the p.b. jar and I’ve made it a couple of times before with success. I may share it with our friends if they like that kind of thing. 😊 Now that is cooling in the fridge, I made myself a second tea and cleaned up the dishes.
I think mine looks fancier but aside from that
It tasted GREAT!
I like the vantage point we have here in our site. It is a clear view to the front gate but far enough away that we aren’t caught in the hubbub too much. We’re seeing more and more small trailers and more travel trailers here than large coaches and large fifth wheels. Interesting. Also, other than Ron and Loree we seem to be the only Canadians here. I just saw to units pull in, check in, drive to the back forty and now they both just checked ‘out’ and left. Weird and curious.

And the field of purple flowers is expanding
About 1 o’clock Ron and Bill drove up out front and my sweetie hopped out of the truck. It seems as though they had a great time and a nice ‘self-tour’ through the museum. Bill told Donna, Darry’s wife, that we were there in Oct. 2016 and that we have a picture of me with her. She kindly sent home a ‘hello’ for me. I’m glad Bill got the chance to go again and I’m sure much more fun going with Ron than me.

Speaking of fun, these are a couple of pictures from Bill's drone yesterday
Our site is front row - you can see Black Beauty
It wasn’t too long after he come in and made a sandwich that Clem indicated he needed to go out. I checked the thermometer to see what I’d need to wear and it had dropped to 47F, 10 degrees in an hour! With my hoody up, we walked around the first block before I basically forced ‘Mr. Sniff Everything’ back to the Suite. Brrr! 

I love this one of the back of the park
With the chill out there, I was happy I had turned the electric fireplace on earlier. I settled into my chair and got sucked into David Baldacci’s The Winner.

My supper with spaghetti squash under the sauce
At 5:30 it was time to start supper. I browned ground beef, baked 1/8th of my spaghetti squash, cooked spaghetti and baked 3 bread sticks. That was supper and it was nice to cook inside on such a cool, windy evening. It tasted great and guess what? We left room for Peanut Butter Pie too. After dishes, I plucked away at my post while we watched Murdoch Mysteries season finale and then The Voice.

This has been a fun day even though I didn’t get into much. Bill enjoyed his time this morning with Ron and after one more cool day, we know we’ll get some more outside weather. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring so does that mean these geese are heading for Ontario? I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too.

Flying northeast
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Glad Bill got back to see the cars with Ron. I have been there e times, Last time with Rob Aljoe and met Darryll talked with him saw his shop and he showed us his newest custom car he was working on. I Always enjoy going there. Suzie did it once with me that was enough for her too.

  2. Beautiful sunrise pictures. Great that Ron and Bill got to see those fancy cars. This Darryll must be something to have such beautiful cars.

    1. Thank you. The boys enjoyed their tour of the car museum. They are all very pretty!

  3. The sunrise pictures are wonderful...must have been something to watch in person. I like your one from yesterday with the sun reflecting on the pond, also.
    Bill's drone pictures are great especially the one of the back of the park. What a beautiful place.

    1. It was worth the wait to see the sun move along the clouds and then finally making an appearance. :)
      I love the drone pictures too.

  4. Oh those grand lake sunrises and sunsets.... gorgeous! In all the years we've spent at Grand Lake we have still not been to Darryl Starbird's, even though we've talked about going many times. Your dessert looks yummy!!

    1. The clouds sure do make for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. :)
      Dessert was yummy! Shucks now we'll have to eat it! haha

  5. I am definitely making that pie. Looks absolutely delicious!!!

    1. It is delicious! And really, not bad for us. Peanut butter is good, cream cheese is good, whipping cream is good and milk is good. There is only 3 oz. of chocolate so only the graham cracker crust has sugar added. I don't care for the chocolate crust. :)

  6. can you share the recipe with your followers please

  7. Love the sunrise pictures and the blue heron. I'm assuming you also had some pants on, not just a t-shirt and a hoodie. Hahaha....

    It's great that Bill and Ron had a chance to get to the car museum, I hope Bill posts some pictures for the rest of us who couldn't make it there.

    I enjoyed the drone pictures as well. Always interesting to see what's like from up high.

    Enjoy your pie!!

  8. Nice sunrise pictures, and the drone shots are great as well!