Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Early Morning Upset, Gambling!

Last night was a tv night for us, so we watched the programs we enjoy until 11 pm. We’d forgotten about The Good Doctor so it was included and was very good. That is late for me to stay up so I dropped off immediately after a peek out my window. There are lights in the Casino parking lot so things are lit up well. I could see a late arrival of a truck and travel trailer, who pulled in at the end, not in a site. That is also an option if these sites aren’t available.

I can't think of any better way to start my morning
Tea with cream in my alien camping cup
Through the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, Mar. 13th Clemson woke up with an upset tummy and we had a bit of cleanup in the bed at 4 am. Of course, he needed to go out as well. Between my late night and that wake up, it might explain why I slept in until 8:30!! Holy cow! I haven’t done that in a very long time. Bill remained asleep until 9 before he and Clemson crawled out of bed.

Bill tried the Casino gas station first but they were out of diesel
The first station in town, Phillps 66, had $4 worth left
then we ended up at Love's
I’m getting lazy here in the cooler mornings. I’m not walking much. It is different than in a park but still lots of places to walk so that is NO excuse. Do better, Patsy! I admonish myself. We had our tea and coffee together with a half a grapefruit. Yum, they are so tasty. Naturally, the morning was gone in no time but the temperature slowly rose from 34F to 46f in the first two hours of our day.

Need a bail bond?
We’d bought cinnamon rolls, similar to the Pillsbury brand, so I baked those up for our breakfast. I don’t like the sweet icing so had lots of butter smeared on mine. After dishes, Bill got cleaned up first and drove across the roadway in to the gas station to fuel up. That didn’t work out quite so well since they were ‘out’ of diesel. Hmm. We will be heading out tomorrow morning so like to top up while unhooked. We all drove into El Reno to the Love’s. At $2.69/gal who can argue the price?!

Bill is checking something out at O'Reilly's
One of his favourite stores here
Interesting and old grain elevator
I love the old downtown buildings

A nice water town and old grain elevators
When we returned I went for a walk around the area with my zoom lens in the hopes of catching the little ‘doggies’ in the field. I’ve noticed a spot on my camera lens/sensor again so want to see if I have as much luck with cleaning that like I did the last time. I guess, my camera is an extension of my arm and goes everywhere with me, so maybe that is why this happens? Not sure but it can be annoying!

Clemson is happy to go for a ride even if he sleeps most of the time
Bill checks out sales in HIS store
The critters were out again in full force, I saw about 8 scooting around and did the best to catch some of them on ‘film’. When I returned, the sun was so warm and I noticed that the picnic table between the Suite and Black Beauty was sheltered from the wind. You know I’m going to sit there with my book, don’t you? I was probably out there an hour or so before the flimsy clouds moved in from the south and semi-covered the sun. They brought the cool air with them.

Canadian County Sheriff's Office
I moved inside and we sat with our books. 

It was a pretty nice day
I managed to finish Skeleton Canyon before 4 o’clock. We got cleaned up a bit and walked over to the Casino with our Player’s Cards that we got last spring. I noticed on the sign that Tuesday was His and Hers day so I asked at the desk what that meant. We were pleased that once we earned 5 points, we could claim $10 at the Player’s Club.

It was like hide and seek
Bill and I set our limit, earned our points, claimed our free $10 and at the end I walked away with $18 plus $10 on my card for next time. That was enough to almost pay for our dinner in their restaurant. I ordered the Loaded Cheeseburger Burrito and Bill ordered the bacon Cheeseburger. Another enjoyed dinner although I would not order that burrito again. It was good but not what I expected. Bill reminded me that this is a Native version, not Mexican. That made sense.

Not quite what I expected but good all the same

We walked back across the parking lot and I took Clemson out for a short walk. There is something about the grass that he doesn’t like, he won’t walk on it. I don’t know what it feels like to his little paws so we let him walk on the pavement. There must be something uncomfortable about it. Inside, we watched some of our regular Tuesday night programs and recorded the finale episode of This is Us. I’m still 3 shows behind on watching these.

A back view of our site, our Suite and Black Beauty
 This has been a good day with a little bit of everything. We had fun at the Casino and are ready to move on in the morning. The weather has warmed up today from yesterday and tomorrow it will be even warmer for quite a few days. I’m ready to bring my shorts out again for a while. I hope you’ve had a good day too.

A gorgeous Tuesday night sunset

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  1. So tell me. did you really find time to read that book you mentioned? just wondering. ;) miss the 3 of you. continue your safe journey home. Give clemson a hug for me. I will continue to read you blogs. Thank you for taking the time to write a blog for us to READ! ;)

    1. Truth be it told, Lori, yes, I actually squeezed in time to read my book! :)
      We miss you guys too. It seems such a long time since we've seen you. :(
      Consider Clemson hugged, another thing that is rare. hahahaha
      Glad to have you along by reading my posts, they are for you, my dear. xo

  2. Sounds like a great day, a little of this, a little of that, not too much of any one thing, so you didn't have a chance to get bored.

    Funny how there is often a run at the pumps for certain things at certain times. Must be all those travellers heading north sucking up the diesel but the price at the Love's was an excellent price. I just spoke to Dad and he filled up for $1.18 per liter a couple of days ago back in Northern Ontario.

    Love the ground hog pictures. They sure do keep you busy trying to catch them in a pose. Hahaha

    Safe travels.

    1. it was indeed a great day. We enjoyed it very much, the peacefulness is wonderful.
      Yes, the gal at the first pumps said her tanks usually last a month but this time it hasn't lasted her and she has to wait another week for the next fill. Must be us travellers!
      Those prairie dogs are so cute and they were chattering the whole time. :)

  3. Sounds like you three had a good couple of days parked at the Lucky Star Casino and the down time was worth the long travel day to get there. Love that you were able to get pictures of the Prairie Dogs they are quick little guys. Congratulations on your winnings.
    Thanks for sharing the dandelion...:) Nice sunset picture. Continued Safe Travels.
    P.S. Like your new header picture.

    1. thanks Deb and Tom. We like it here for nice meals and some down time. Not much in the area to do but relax and gamble! :)
      Love the prairie dogs, first time I've seen them and so many! They were actually posing a lot.
      The dandelion was for you, you popped into my mind when I saw it. :D
      thanks, time to change the header.

  4. Nice you are enjoying your time there and the weather warming back up again for you.
    Nice to come out ahead at the casino.

    1. Looking forward to warmer days for a few days. Today sounds lovely!

  5. LOVE those prairie dogs AND your alien cup. Always be sure to turn your camera off when changing lenses or taking out the card. It has a kind of static charge that can suck junk into the sensor area. I have the same problem since mine lives in a backpack. Nothing better than being in the black at a Casino!!

  6. Nice header picture. Sorry to hear Clemson has an upset stomach. Hope he's alright now. Those prairie dogs are cute.

    El Reno looks a little like down town Bloomington. Our town is an old Midwest town with silos.

    You must be living right. Walking away a winner in a casino isn't easy. Hope it warms up for you three. I'm going to stay as far south as I can for another week or two.

  7. I hope you get a warm shorts day! Just for your info, I don't have problems with dirt like you are having with your camera and I don't go anywhere without mine. I hope you figure out what the problem is.

  8. Love your new profile pic! Poor Clemson..and you guys having to clean up in the middle of the night..but that's love :) Great town, 1985 they had a KOA and that's the first one we ever stayed in. Prairie dogs are something aren't they? Dinner looked good, was that a pickle in yours???