Monday, March 12, 2018

Colder Days, Quiet Day, Lucky Star, Lucky Us!

Well, last night Bill was in bed by 9:30. He was concerned that he’d be awake in 2 hours but managed to sleep until 3:30 so there is his normal 6 hours. Clemson was out of sorts too as he got up at 4 for a piddle before crawling back under the covers. 

With DST the sunrise is later than we're used to
But it still rose and it was still beautiful
I first woke on Monday, Mar. 12th at 6 but didn’t get up until 6:30 to find Bill sitting in his recliner. Reading was making his eyes heavy again.

And Black Beauty wears a Frosty coat
The picnic table is actually red
I suggested he go back to bed, which he did and he slept until 9. Good! He should be well rested for the day. We don’t have anything planned for today other than setting up our satellite dish. We missed Madame Secretary’s first episode of this season but it couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t life or death that we watch it.

this picture is for Deb and Riley
Parked beside our truck was this utility trailer full of stuff
Even his very own Igloo!
We’d noticed that the couple parked beside us had a brand new Class C Leprechaun. Bill noticed the guy getting ready to pack up so went out to chat with him. When I saw that his wife joined him, I slipped on my hoody and gloves and joined them. They are from the Nethlerlands! What a nice young couple. They are heading to Moab and the Grand Canyon before driving the ‘rental’ unit to Las Vegas where they’ll catch a flight home.
Too bad we caught Patrick in a 'blink'
Such a lovely couple
Patrick and Pavlina came inside briefly to give Clemson a cuddle. She has a poodle back home because of the plane trip and was missing him. They were soon on their way. 
Safe travels you two!
After our tea and coffee and blog reading I made up omelette quesadilla/sandwich. We cleaned up from that yummy brunch and decided it wasn’t warm enough to go for a walk, yet.

Well, you talk about lazy days!! Bill went out early afternoon and set up our Shaw dish and with a little finagling, we got the best reception since we left home. I sat on the sofa with Clemson for most of the day, in the rays from the sun and read my book. I felt chilly even though the fireplace has been on all day. Once I changed into warmer socks, things were much better.

You might have to squint but see the prairie dog?
After feeding Clemson at 3 he needed to go out. It was kind of my turn, I hadn’t really moved all day. So, he did his thing, we went for a very short walk and then I went a little farther on my own. I’m like a puppy myself, I suppose. I catch a ‘sight’ rather than a ‘scent’ and keep following it no matter where it takes me. That was proven in Elephant Butte when I was chasing the jack rabbit.
He's either telling me off or telling me a story
He sure was chattering
Today, I was chasing prairie dogs. Oh, my goodness! There were 5 or 6 of them running in the field over the fence and they are so cute! I was walking ‘out of bounds’ and it took a young security guard to slow me down. He very politely told me that guests were not allowed to walk ‘down there’. Oh, okay. It was him who told me what those critters are and we had a nice little chat about them before I apologized and headed back to the Suite.

And a dandelion grows
Next time, I’ll take my zoom lens. Don’t worry, I won’t go as far so I can remain in the ‘in bounds’ area. The sun is really quite warm and late afternoon it made it to 51F but the wind is still quite chilly. At 5 we walked across the parking lot to the Lucky Star restaurant for supper. We were both hungry and this place has not failed us yet in the two times we’ve eaten there.

Well, now we've seen everything!
Bill had the Fried Shrimp dinner and I had the Hot Roast Beef with baked potato. So much food! No restraint was used when it came to loading up the beef and I wasn’t surprised when I had to ask for a ‘doggy box’ and half of it came home with us. 

Inside, we called our brother-in-law, Gerry and Donna to chat about their plans for the Acreage. Things weren’t working out for their cottage so they’ve gone a different route. We like their new plan too!

Still 6 full service sites left - FREE
We sat in our chairs together and watched NCIS reruns while Murdoch Mysteries was recording. At 7 CT we watched The Voice and recorded the first American Idol for this season. We’ll have an evening’s worth of entertainment when nothing else is on. This was a great peaceful relaxing day. I hope you’ve had a good one. 

And a gorgeous sunset tonight
My title indicates that we are Lucky. It isn't from taking our chances and winning at the Casino though. It is from driving here yesterday after a long day with the hope on our lips that there would be a 'free' spot for us to park for 3 days with full hookups. There was. We are lucky.

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  1. Glad you got lucky and had an enjoyable relaxing day.
    Enjoy your time there and the warm sunshine .

    1. We could have parked anywhere in their lot w/o hookups too but this was what we were hoping for.

  2. 3 days full hookups free??? Yahoo!!! Restaurants - I always take home half.

    1. You are lucky! Really like how clear your sunrise and sunset pictures are.

      I wonder if the holes I see in the ground around here are prairie dog holes. Haven't seen any.

      Enjoy your visit and let your zoom do the walking to stay out of trouble.

    2. Yes, Nancy Free! :D
      I usually do the same at restaurants, just so much food!
      Doug, as well as the holes, there will be piles of dirt beside it. I can't wait to see one close through my zoom. I'll try and stay out of trouble. :)

  3. Love that little Igloo, that is too cute. It's amazing what some folks haul around, or live in for that matter.

    Glad you got 'lucky' for a free spot. Those are nice to find from time to time. I'm behind in my reading and have no idea where you are located so I'll go back one post and find out. Nothing like being nosy is there? Hahaha....

    Enjoy your stay Patsy!!!

    1. I thought of you immediately when I saw it. It's the small things, right?
      It is a Casino lot, one we stayed in last year on the way home. El Reno, Ok.
      Thanks Deb!

  4. Hope your 'luck' holds if you visit the casino!
    Enjoy your time there.

    1. Wouldn't THAT be nice! Bill was lucky here last year and won enough to pay for both dinners in their restaurant.

  5. It appeared that someone was traveling with the Kid and Caboodle by the looks of the utility trailer. Those Igloos are popular dog houses and a previous neighbour had two of them. After your long traveling day on Sunday it's good to just relax and build up reserves for the next leg of your journey. Dinner looked good.

    1. Yes, that was my first comment to Bill when I saw the trailer. Everything but the kitchen sink!
      Nice to be here to relax. Not much close to see but maybe we drive into town, we'll see.

  6. It's a bit warmer down here in Q. Too bad you Canadian's have to rush off so soon.