Friday, March 2, 2018

Early Walkabout, Loving the Views, Quenching a Thirst, Finally Some Sun-Sitting

I woke up on Friday, Mar. 2nd at 5:20 am and felt very peaceful and well rested. I rolled over a couple of times and dropped off again before getting up at 6:20. It seemed so light outside so I knew I had to move! The great outdoors was calling my name! It was 35F outside and plenty warm inside. We’d left the fireplace on last night since we have electric hookups included.

I bundled up and other than wearing the wrong gloves, I was warm as I walked. I didn’t even get off our site before the sun made its debut. Slowly, slowly and then pop! Upon seeing a graveled roadway straight down to the beach, you know where I went. The water of the lake was so calm and sandy. Looks beautiful but cold.

I took some pictures and marveled at how people will sleep in anything, anywhere. A fellow in his small truck was probably still snoozing away as I walked around. His mat and boots were outside his door and I could hear a heater running inside. I made my way around the edge of the water but not too far and I turned back to follow the roadway.

and I was not alone
Keeping an eye on the campground I walked as far as I dared before the road turned to the north. Didn’t want to go that way so I cut through the sandy incline up to the paved road. It was difficult walking on the sandy terrain and I had not brought my walking stick. My heart was pumping so I knew I was struggling and slowed it up. Happy to get up to Lions Beach area I walked along Loop A and then up to our second level to the Suite.

the water was so calm
There are my sweeties!
No one was home so I headed back out to find my boys. There they were down at the water! I met them and Bill was quick to inform me that our little scaredy 'dog' actually walked right in! Bill said Clemson soon realized his mistake and he stopped in the frigid water and turned to get out quickly. What a goof! I’m always so pleased when Bill comes out to meet me. 

Bill let Clemson go to come and meet me
Inside we had our tea and coffee, sharing the last little bit of creamer and had our last grapefruit. Do you see the pattern here? It is time to pick up a few things. After doing some blog reading, I had my shower and began making bacon and eggs for breakfast. Bill had his shower while I cleaned up the dishes. We needed very few things in town so left Clem in charge, he was pooped from his walk and swim anyway.

They are nice sites here

We drove to Elephant Butte first to get cash out. The Bank of the Southwest was happy to give us some. Then we fueled up and paid more than we wanted for diesel but we were within a few miles from empty. Bill ‘never’ does that, his usual is to start looking for stations at the half tank mark.

As we were pulling out of the park, this guy crossed in front of us
they were moving pretty quickly so Bill stopped and rolled my window down
I hope you can see them
With the knowledge and information that Black Beauty gives us, we knew we could get to the park on the fuel we had so thought we’d push our luck. That was fine, we didn’t have to pull in anywhere along the way with the Suite. We should have just driven the few miles farther today to get it .10 cheaper at Truth or Consequences.

At T or C we went to their Walmart for the few dairy items we needed and Bill got more Def fluid for the truck. At $7.88/2.5 gal it is a hard price to resist. It is over $20 at home. We took an alternative street on the way back, purposely, and just perused the town to see what they have. It is an interesting place for sure, in many ways, good and bad.
Just driving through town

Lots of prickly pear on the rocky hill

Interesting house
So Walmart is getting ready for spring
that is just too funny when you can ride your bikes all winter long!
Back home we unloaded the bag of food and I immediately changed out of my long pants and long sleeves. It is a gorgeous 60F and now the sun is calling. I made a cup of tea and outside I went. Looks like we have company in the corner spot, which is fine, our back side faces them. They are proof that you can camp in a small space. Two adults and a German Shepherd in a small truck camper.

We saw this nice Memorial but didn't stop to walk around
See the Wall in the back of the picture?

quite well done
These memorials always make me sad but proud
Outside with Clemson for a while, I was right in my glory. Bill was inside doing some banking and writing a post about our move. He is a man of few written words but good words and I guess my babble makes up for it. It is short and sweet and you can check it out here.
We are on the middle level so overlook the sites below us
The top level cannot see us so we have the best spots
The lower level does not have a clear view of the lake
As I was enjoying the sun and my Michael Connelly book I tried to think of the last time it was hot enough for me to sit out in my shorts and tank. It was at Fortuna de Oro in Yuma so 2 ½ weeks ago. Way too long! I was craving the Vitamin D. I was in and out with Clemson. He was happy and settled on his stool for a while and then either he would get tangled up or distracted by the dog next to us. I put him in with Bill around 2.
I was trying to set up a selfie with Clemson but he jumped down off his stool
at the last minute
I was slowly losing my sun so decided to come inside. I’ve been asked for a couple of things, a recipe and a video so I need to get started on those. At 4 o’clock I was feeling a craving for something but had some iced tea and a couple of our dates from the China Date Ranch. These things last forever in the fridge, tasting as good today as they did the day we bought them. 

For supper we have planned burgers so I’m hoping we don’t have an issue with the winds blowing the Weber out. This summer, a project for Bill is to make a wind screen.
Love the different shades of blue in the lake
We relaxed together inside until it was time to start supper at 5. Bill grilled our burgers and I prepared the inside stuff, toasting his bun. Our burgers are always so filling, we don’t need anything else with it. This makes for an easy delicious supper that we both enjoy. Clean up is also easy too. No picture of our food but Bill's was a double and mine was on a 'lettuce' bun.

Lots of water activity today
I wanted to take another walk so changed into warmer clothes and took a walk down to the beach. There are now 3 rv units along the water, the motor coach in particular because there is no spot available up here in the park campsites. As I was down there, I saw a pick-up truck pulling a small Boler towards the water. It is getting dark so at least there won’t be much ‘setup’ required.

The trailer on the left has been there all night
The motor home on the right drove around and around
up on our levels and ended up here
I doubt he is too disappointed

and lots of activity on the beach too
the sky to the east was gorgeous and notice the
pink rim around the water's edge?
so pretty!
Here comes the pickup with the little trailer
and there he is in the prime spot on the beach

The sun had set so I just took pictures of the water. Bill was disappointed that we missed the moon tonight. It must have been early and went unnoticed without the fanfare of last night’s full moon. I walked back up and came inside after folding the chairs up for the night. The air is cooling but still resting at a comfortable 63F. I’ve enjoyed this day and this park is not going to be a disappointment.

a silhouette of our level
The arrow is pointing to our Suite
Thank you for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. What a beautiful place you have landed in. Your views look fantastic. You were right when describing your train graffiti pictures yesterday they are cool and artistic. Enjoyed your pictures of the drive I always love looking ahead and seeing the mountains in the distance and the road going on forever. Your shots of the moon on the lake were beautiful.
    Great sunrise and evening pictures today. Hope you get more days to enjoy the sun.

    1. This is a beautiful state park and well looked after. I love how you can park right on the beach if you want. I can see Lorne and Sue choosing those spots! :)
      The pictures of the seemingly 'never-ending'roads don't do it justice but I love them too.
      Thank you, the moon shots were a surprise for sure!
      I think the sun is going to be my friend here. :) I will be careful.

  2. Glad the weather has warmed. And to be near a lake makes it doubly nice. Hope doubly is a word😂.

    You're quick on the camera finger to Cath this two fast moving deer.

    I'm leaning towards making a visit there on my return journey base on your recommendation.

    Enjoy your stay.

    1. I think doubly is a word, at least in my books! :)
      I have the camera with me whenever we go to town or for a drive. They were a delightful surprise!
      You will not be disappointed. You can park on the beach if you wish to boondock or along the road overlooking the marina and lake. those spots have no hookups but a brick cabana with picnic table. you would like those for $10/night.

  3. Looks like a great place to stay! Especially when you can get some vitamin D and not freeze!!

    1. Absolutely! A very nice spot to hang our hat for a few days.

  4. Gotta love that park wonderful scenery, nice sites and reasonable rates. The moon rising here last night was much later than the night before.

    1. Yes, we saw the moon at 9 when I took Clemson out. Odd that it was so late.

  5. Super pictures of the area. You sold me to go there for a visit. Considering the time of year I think you are doing alright with the temperatures, most importantly that it is sunny and warm during the day. Hope you get more of that in the following days.

    1. Thank you Marlene. It is worth the visit and good prices. Either $14 for electric and water or $18 for full (with sewer). You can also boondock with nice views for $10/night. Great views here.
      The days are certainly warming up nicely.

  6. Great area. Love the view. It's an amazing walk down there on the beach isn't it? WE loved the time we spent there, although we weren't out in those loops. WE were closer to the front gate. Beautiful park. It's in that park where we had the friendly road runner that was almost climbing up the steps trying to get inside.

    Enjoy your time. Glad you found some heat finally.

    1. So, you know how beautiful it is here. And the walk to the calm beach is great. I need to test the water. :)
      Haven't seen a roadrunner but quail and bunnies and deer.
      The days are warming up nicely. Thanks.

  7. I'm glad you got to sit in the sun..that's the Patsy we know and love :) I can't believe how crowded it is there, we've been in September and October and there's was no one. Of course that's probably changing with all the baby boomers rving. New Mexico State Parks are some of our favorites! Enjoy your time.

    1. thank you Shirley! Already you know me so well!
      It is crowded here. So different from the november we were here before too.

  8. Glad you are getting some warm days at the lake! Safe Travels.

  9. I often wonder how T or C got it's name. Been thru there several times. Neat little town.
    Thanks for another very nice blog entry.
    Don in Okla.
    PS Got to 77 deg here in the panhandle today.

    1. I wonder the same thing about a lot of these towns in the south. :)
      Keep the heat there, Don, we will be in Oklahoma before too long!