Monday, March 26, 2018

Warm Morning, Rain Drops on our Heads, Storm Forecast

I was having a silly dream when I heard Clemson jump off the bed on Monday, Mar. 26th. Bill was mere seconds following him to let him out for his morning business. They both crawled back in, yes right back under the covers, the two of them. Clemson realized it was too warm and came over leaning up against me. It was 6:30 so not too early to think about getting up.

No sunrise today
With it still dark outside, I lie still until 7 before I got up and dressed for the day. I sure don’t think we got the overnight rain that was predicted as there were no puddles around. Our outside thermometer read 57F which was surprising, I didn’t know it was going to be such a warm night. After pulling up the shades and prepping our Keurig and cups, I headed out the door.

There was a strong(ish) wind but it was a great walking morning. I didn’t see anything exciting this morning although on my return after 30 minutes, I waved at George making his way around the park as well. There was to be no sunrise today, the clouds were King of the Day.
This pictures shows how much the pond has receded since we arrived
Back at the Suite, I made my tea. The boys were still in bed but rose soon after I settled at my laptop. Another nice sleep for all of us. I synced my Fitbit catching up on the last couple of days’ worth of steps. Once more, we ‘played’ on the internet it for a bit before I made the bed and started breakfast at 10:30. Usually the last one up makes the bed but when it is Clemson, well, that is just something the old dog won’t learn!

We had our typical bacon and eggs, nothing fancy today and I pulled a pound of ground beef out of the freezer. I never know exactly what I’ll make but it is a meat that is so versatile, I’ll come up with something. I skipped the shower today in favour of just washing. The height of laziness and what’s the priority anyway? I’ll have one tomorrow afternoon so I’m clean for the road.

I watched this young black heron (?) swim across the pond
and then stand on the rock shore with his wings spread out to dry
He wasn't flapping them, just stood there for the 5 minutes I watched
Gotta love that!
The white arrow is pointing to a blue heron that wouldn't let him up on his rock.

We cleaned up dishes and after taking Clem out for a short jaunt, I made my second tea. I do love my tea and cream. The rains today were sporadic to say the least, with the expectation on Local News 6 that between 4 and midnight will be the heaviest possible chance. That is a long period so we’ll just have to see what storms hit our area. No tornado warnings anyway, so that is a bonus.

What a nice view
I touched up my finger nail paint job and sat and read. This book, Mistress, is so good and I’m sure I’ll finish it today. Bill closed the last page of his sometime last night after I went to bed. James Patterson isn’t letting us down with these stories. After reading for a while, we all got up and went for a walk. It was so mild, actually getting up to 64F again with no sunshine.
If there isn't a sun reflection, there is this type and it is just as beautiful
Since I had my little tripod with me, we posted on the white bear bench for a selfie. Bill is getting much better at going along with my requests “let’s get a selfie here!” or “time for a family picture!” 

And there we are!

When we came back we walked over to the Tornado Storm Shelter. It gives me the creeps from the outside and unfortunately, it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside. It needs to be cleaned out for sure but as long as it saves lives………I just hope I never have to use it.

They have lots of metal folding chairs to sit on but they are covered in dirt and droppings

I know that soon enough we are going to be longing for this kind of weather. No matter what time of day I go for my walk, I always see at least one heron. Today was no different. At Ridgeview RV Resort, it was quail. At Quartzsite, it was saguaro, at Elephant Butte Lake State Park, it was bunny and jack rabbits. Here it is geese, ducks and heron. I love this journey!

Lots of rocks still to be placed around the fish pond
Because of the sporadic weather today, they took a break
At 3:30 I prepared meat loaf at Bill’s suggestion. I found a nice easy recipe on line and put it together. That part was certainly easy. I lined a loaf pan with tin foil and spread the meat evenly in it before pouring a sauce I made of mustard, ketchup and a tablespoon of brown sugar on top. I hesitated on the topping but followed the recipe that I found anyway.

More reflections
Bill wanted his French fries tonight so I put him in charge of washing and cutting up his potato. By the time the lard (yes, I cook with fat and olive oil) was hot in the fryer the meat loaf had about 10 minutes to go. Meat loaf always takes longer than I expect so today I planned for that extra time. The fries were done in 15 minutes and I made a salad for me.

Supper was so good and the bonus is that we have exactly the same amount of loaf leftover for tomorrow night’s supper. Yay! Clemson’s little nose was going a mile a minute so he got a few scrapings from the pan bottom. The only change I would make for next time is to spray the tin foil so it didn’t stick in the corners. As for the sauce topping, it will be added every time. It was delicious!

and the purple is still spreading
After dishes, I wanted to take one more jaunt around the park before calling it quits for my walks. It wasn’t going to happen though as the rains began. 

Windy enough to bring the waves in to shore
This has been another great day and we’re making the best of each and every one. I hope you can say the same.

Yesterday, I mentioned about Bill moving the truck off the grass
Here is where he parked it on cement pads

And the other day I asked if anyone recognized
this child star
A couple of guesses but it is Kurt Russell
The movie was made in 1965
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. It's probably a good sign the shelter is dirty. No tornados lately! Lol. Love me some meatloaf!!!!

    1. you're right about the shelter but it would certainly test my 'standing' power. The chairs are really bad.
      Love meatloaf too!

  2. Your meatloaf looks yummy! I always make enough for sandwiches the next day, delish! That is strictly a winter meal for us oven meals once the temperature goes above about 95F, lol!
    Peggy in Buckeye, AZ

    1. Bill would probably enjoy meatloaf sandwiches too. I understand but in a convection oven the heat does not warm up the rv. :) Still, I have to remember where you live! :)

  3. Lucky of you to catch that water fowl drying his wings like that. And I'm amazed you got those two bears to smile like that in your family selfie (:

    I made it to Oklahoma today just in time for the spring rains too. Boy, is it ever wet around here. Looks like rain all the way home. I'm just glad it's warming up.

    1. I surprise myself sometimes too with pictures!
      Those bear were very willing to cooperate with the Richards' family photo!
      Hope the rains don't deter you or us too much as we travel northeast.

  4. We always have something to keep ourselves busy no matter what the weather, now meatloaf sandwiches would be awesome !

    1. We sure do know how to keep busy even if it is reading. :)
      Love the meatloaf but sandwiches are hard when trying to avoid the bread. ha ha
      Bill would enjoy it though.

  5. Funny when I first saw the picture of the child star..I said Kurt Russell, but reading your blog about Charles Bronson, I though well it does look like Charles with the thin lips and smallish eyes..oh well:)..Your meatloaf did turn out great by the looks of it! Glad you're enjoying even with the weather.

    1. Love the pix of little Kurt. :)
      Meatloaf was the perfect 'winter/spring' meal for us.
      the weather is fine, lots of rain since 4 am, lots of huge puddles but we are safe and it should settle down before we move tomorrow.

  6. Pat,

    I believe that the black bird you witnessed the other day is a Cormorant.

    Safe journey home...........soon.


    1. Hi Jim! thanks for that. I love that my friends can answer the questions for me!
      Thank you, we will be home soon. :)

    2. Really like the pictures of the reflections on the pond.
      You made one of Tom"s favorite meals...:) Not mine, so I hardly think of it as a meal choice...thanks for the reminder...I
      Nice picture of you two on bear bench.

    3. Sorry Deb, maybe I'm trying to get in Tom's good favours? I don't know but it is such a nice winter meal for us. :)
      Thanks, as Doug says above, even the bears smiled!

  7. Enjoying your posts and you mentioning meatloaf has me needing to
    make one ! Funny, huh? Lol. Think I'll try that topping on it that you made.
    It's close to dinner time and I'm hungary. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some hamburger out.