Thursday, March 22, 2018

Friends Arrive, Rock Hiding, Happy Hour Reunion

It was just after 7 when I got up on Thursday, Mar. 22nd. Yes, I woke from another neat dream about our good friends back home, Rob and Pat. Somehow, as often happens in dreams, time was of no essence and we’d jumped ahead to the upcoming winter. They joined us in the journey to the southwest. That was cool and a very happy dream. I opened blinds after Bill and I chuckled, whispering together about Clemson’s little sleepy groans.

Bill was up making the bed as I made my tea. The sun was hesitant to push through the clouds but I still captured this first pink pattern. Looking forward to a warmer day today with sun and clouds. I didn’t walk early, instead savoured the tea and the time sitting with my sweetie. 

Morning sunrise
We are often in our own world reading blog posts but came together in sadness upon reading about a fellow blogger and friend back home having some difficulty. We can only continue our prayers for his recovery, which seems helpless to so many extents.

We noticed Ron and Freddy out playing again so Bill wandered out to chit chat. Freddy bounded over greeting Bill with his ball. I took the opportunity to do a quick dusting on the woodwork in the kitchen and living room area. We do get dust so it is really no different than the sticks and bricks house back in London. Just less to dust and that in itself is wonderful!

Freddy rolls around a bit while the men are talking

Come on, Dad, let's play
I had some broth leftover from the pork ribs so decided to make a soup of some kind today. I pulled a pork hock out of the freezer as well to add some more flavor and a bit of meat. Before I add too much, I have to decide whether it will be a Pat soup or a Pat and Bill soup. As you probably have gathered, I eat different things than Bill does. I’ll let you know what we end up with.

Bill's drone takes a flight
The clouds look like cotton here
I went out to go for a walk around 11 and to walk up to the office to purchase a few greeting cards. I have a need for one in particular right now and I like to have a few various ones on hand anyway. Especially when I can get them at a decent price. First, Bill noticed that a Jayco travel trailer was being prepped for pull out had a Sicard’s wheel cover, therefore, from Ontario.

George and Suzie arrive
I wandered over and started talking to the owner of the Jayco and discovered that they are from Niagara Falls area. We chit-chatted until Bill came out and joined us for probably 30 minutes. Next thing we know, George and Suzie (Our Awesome Travels) pulled up to get into the same site. Too funny so we said our goodbyes and let the Yates’ back in and get set up. Ron came over as well to greet the newcomers.

Bill and I took Clemson for a walk and couldn't believe this
PINK trailer
In my picture I now see the Breast Cancer Ribbon so I understand
I picked up a handful of cards and came back to the Suite. It felt quite warm out so I changed into shorts, picked up my book and went outside. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was too cool for shorts....for me. Bill had the drone out for a bit of a flight and he didn’t notice the same cool air that I did. Clemson and I came back in and I read for a little while in my recliner.

A bunch of happy people
I was ill prepared but still started making the soup from my broth. I added onions and went to add carrots but I had obviously used up the last ones. No problem, George was here! So, when Bill and I took Clemson for a walk, I asked George if I could borrow one. He is almost like a grocery store and offered me some carrots and celery. At least my soup won’t be a dud today. Thanks George!
And one with Ron in it too
We offered to hold Happy Hour today, we haven’t had a group one for quite a while. At 3 o’clock Ron, Loree, George and Suzie joined us and we caught up on things from our last time together. At 4:45 it was time for us to get supper going. Bill lit B.W. Weber and put the foil wrapped potatoes on the grill. We were having pork chops, broccoli and mixed veggies tonight.

This picture is prettier than I first thought taking it
those clouds are crazy beautiful!
We did manage to get to a high of 71F today and we will be happy to only have a low of 59F overnight. That will make for a nice sleeping night with no heat on. It was actually warmer after supper with just a slight wind because the sun broke through more constantly. That encouraged me and I walked up to the mailbox to mail our card.

This tree had a very odd coloured trunk
I hope the right person finds it!
Okay, now I'm just stunned with the reflections
Each picture just gets better
From there I walked back to the far clubhouse library. I had previously decided that it would be the right place to leave my rock so while perusing the books, I found the perfect corner up on a higher shelf to tuck it. Now it is out of my hands and I can only hope someone who will carry it on finds it.

If you look closely you can see the 2 paddle boats out there
Great night for these people to have some fun with their grandsons
When I left the clubhouse, I walked around the pond to where the sun was reflecting on the water. There was a family out in the two paddle boats, grandparents with 2 grandsons, I think. It could be our Mobile Suite neighbours, I wasn’t sure. I snapped some photos, saw Mr. Heron once more and walked back home.

You've seen this before but it just keeps growing
This was a good day, we enjoyed it and I hope you did too. PS - follow up:
This morning I emailed who we were trying to contact. Within 15 minutes, we got the call we were waiting for. Turns out, messages weren't passed along...........or were they? Anyway, we are looking at a resolve to our issue and very happy about it.

and the sun sets with a lovely finale
good night all!
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. It was another wonderful day, great to see you guys again as well as Ron, Loree and Freddy. All caught up again and enjoying thing wonderful weather.

    1. It is nice to see you arrive safely for another visit. Nice that we have the warm weather for a while longer.

  2. The sunrise is gorgeous as well as sunset! How fun that looked like a great Happy Hour! Hoping for good weather for you all!

    1. You can't seem to go wrong with the sun, can you? Love that!
      Nice to see George and Suzie and have a good old fashioned happy hour.

  3. Our smaller Jayco travel trailer was from Sicards and had that spare tire cover with their advertisement on it, too. I would've gone over to say hi to those folks also. Nice that you get to spend a bit of time with friends on the trek home.

    1. Always nice to chat with fellow Canadians and share stories.
      It is great to spend time with new and old friends. :)

  4. I can't get enough of sunset images. Where I come from there is rarely a sunset worth capturing.

    1. Certainly not having difficulty finding great sunsets here. I love the way they change by the second!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful Patsy.

    1. Thank you Loree! So nice to see you are able to post a comment. :)

  6. Great pictures Pat! Nice that you found some wayward souls to bring in. Enjoy your visit.

    1. Thanks Dave.
      Yes, the 'travelers' have arrived. :) It is nice to see them again before the last journey home.

  7. I'm sure glad I don't see any snow there. Don't get in too big of a hurry to head north!! Always nice to meet up with friends. Safe Travels.