Monday, August 12, 2019

Another Departure, A Bit of a Carousel of Friends, Home Puttering

The Ridge
On Monday, Aug. 12th I woke ahead of the alarm at 6:10. I didn’t need to rush in to the Laundromat as I still wasn’t sure my key would work. Arriving at 6:50, I tried the lock but it was a no go, again. My key wouldn’t go in far enough to catch the mechanism. Front door was locked again so I just waited in our vehicle until 7 when things automatically unlocked. There were 3 customers today in the course of the hour and I left the place in good standing.

Red sky in the morning? We've all heard that
but I coudn't see the warning part

Jamie told us yesterday that the laundromat was getting its facelift starting today
So, I made sure to take pictures
I drove to Foodland and cashed in on their Chapman’s ice cream sale, then to Home Hardware to pick up some peat moss. 

While I was wiping the washing machines off, this 3-legged critter
landed on the machine
I know he's missing a leg but is his body also missing part of it?
Their wings are so beautiful!
Lastly, I drove to FS Co-op for wild finch seed. Duh! I didn’t remember to get regular bird seed. I forgot that I had emptied that bag as well and their feeder is almost empty again. Rob, Pat and their friend, Lynn (our friend now too!) left with both vehicles around 10:30 and Ron, Loree and Freddy were packed up and ready to go just after 11:30.

I walked down to get the mail today and these
Swamp Milkweeds drew my attention

I picked a few for our Mexico vase
It’s sad to see our friends leave but I am grateful that they don’t all leave at the same time, the same day even. We enjoyed their company and it is nice to know that even though we all have a wonderful relationship together; we can have just as great ones on a 2 by 2 basis. Bill wanted to drive to the outskirts of Mount Forest to Robertson’s to pick up a couple of mower blades. Our mower gets put through the wringer out here on the Ridge fields.

Freddy waits but keeps his beautiful brown eyes focused on Loree
Bye guys!

Following Bill out the lane

And down North Line
He led the way to the bypass so Ron didn’t have to drive through M.F. as he did on the way here.  And then there were three. It felt odd to be alone, not bad, just different. I went into the Bunky and finished my puzzle. 

We had a couple of pieces of Rob’s cake leftover from Friday night so although we had eaten a decent breakfast, it needed to be eaten. I had mine and Bill could have his when he returns.

When Bill came back through town, he took a picture of the
progress on the Mat for me
Then there were THREE
This morning, when I was making breakfast, Bill dug a deep hole for our Hibiscus plant and I know that wasn’t easy. Our place up here is very rocky and on a hot day, it was a challenge. I watched from inside as he persisted and after peat moss and black earth, dropped it in the hole. It is such a beautiful plant that I need to keep it watered and healthy. I’d hate to kill it!

I see some Supervisory business going on here!

Finishing touch

Yay! She looks very happy
Before Lynn left with R & P, she brought us over a lovely tray of fresh veggies and dip as a thank you. All totally unnecessary but it is very nice to know she really enjoyed it out here. She’s never camped before. Everyone is so nice and although we expect nothing for their stay up here, it warms our hearts to accept their kindness in return. 

Rob pulls out with their Silverback
When Bill returned from M.F. he came inside and had his piece of cake and then we both crashed in our recliners for 30 minutes. I read a couple of chapters first, this book is at the point that I just want it finished – but also want to know how it ends.

And down North Line to home
 Rob pulled in with his white truck to pick up their fiver around 1:45 or so. Bill and I both went out to say so long and then there were two. We all had a huge (no kidding!) zucchini given to me from Rob (from a friend) and I split mine with Donna yesterday. Loree and Kim split one as well. No word of a lie, it was 14” long and at least 4” diameter in the centre. So, I’m spurred on to make something. I would like to try some noodles or at least some muffins so went on a search for recipes.

And then TWO
Bill went out to work on the mower blades and by this time I thought the heat of the day would have abated as the clouds moved in. 

Bill replacing the blades and tire repair
However, as I sat reading my book outside in the shade, I found I was very uncomfortable and the flies were biting. We are expecting some rain, which I’m hoping comes overnight to water my garden for me. Ken and Kim returned home around 3:30 and Bill said “the kids are back” which I thought was cute.

Who knew that oregano and milkweed would make
such a pretty bouquet?
 When he finished doing the mower repair, he joined us for Happy Hour. A small group of four today and we listened to them relate their visit with Ken’s cousins. It sounds like they all had a good time and we got a few chuckles out of the telling. 

this little buzzer was loving it

Bill was slipping into a coma, er, I mean, getting dozy so wanted to get up and move around 5:30 when I suggested supper. We were just having burgers and corn on the cob so he went to cut some grass (and test the mower) and I lit the Weber. Successfully! That doesn’t always happen for me.

A cute picture of Kim while I was taking a picture of
this pretty yellow Monarch (swallotail?)
Kim and Ken went in to relax from their busy day. Visiting can be tiring plus there was some rowing, some water walking and some driving involved. They can tell those stories! 😊 I didn’t have a bun with my burger but did manage to eat a half cob of corn. The cake earlier did something to my appetite apparently. No worries, I saved the last one and a half for another day. I did them in Madame IP so it was perfect and filling.

Chippy came out of hiding today again and gathered the bird seed
in his puffy cheeks
I cleaned dishes up while Bill went out to finish cutting the back field. He wanted to get his plane out for Ken to try flying it. It was a calm night and with the grass cut, landings would be much easier on both the pilot and the little electric Timber. This happened but I didn't get pictures. Next time!

We had plans for company tomorrow afternoon but unfortunately, I got a text at supper time cancelling. Totally understandable and the next plan is to definitely make it work sometime before we leave in the fall. We are overdue catching up.

A small but wonderful Happy Hour
It looks like we were fighting but we were spread out to make it look fuller
Catching up with today’s post and downloading pictures took up my next half hour before I brushed my teeth and went upstairs to sort laundry. Tomorrow is the day to take care of that – early. I might get a few more chapters done in my book tonight before bed so took it outside. I had a chat earlier with Kim about what went wrong with my pork chops last night so I think I’ve learned how to rectify that next time.

My supper tonight was simple and filling
I couldn't even eat both pieces of corn
At 7 pm, it was still 78F/26C so another beautiful evening. Whether we have a campfire tonight, come inside for a 4-person game or go our separate ways and relax on our own will be determined as the evening plays out. There is no pressure in this camping thing. We all understand each other and any choice is acceptable. I hope you have found a great way to spend the rest of your evening! We’ve had a wonderful day. Sad to see people leave but happy that they came in the first place.

And a non-descript evening sky tonight
Good night y'all!
With one rv here with us until Wednesday, we will enjoy our friends for another couple of days.

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. I've started grating some zuc into my smoothies. Can't really taste it and it gets more veg into me.

  2. As the party winds down once again , we all had such fun time there together. Soon you will just be 2 once again, empty nesters and we all headed south.

  3. It is rather sad to see everyone go, but nice to know you will all catch up again later on. Your milkweed is beautiful!! Unfortunately there's nothing like that in the desert to plant on my table, OR in my cactus garden. Even though it's still hot, the rains seem to come more frequently. It should be nice and green when you get here.

    1. It is sad but we will enjoy some alone time before our next guests arrive near the end of the month. :)
      The wild flowers here are beautiful so i try to remember and place some in my Arizona vase. :) Looking forward to the results of the Az rains!

  4. I've been reading about your get-togethers with your RV friends and thought what a nice idea it was to have everyone come to your beautiful place in the country. And you had the space to accommodate everyone, too! Hope the Hibiscus plant will thrive on your property and it will be a nice reminder of the great visits from your buddies you had.

    1. Your small trailer would fit in just fine, you know. Think about it. We're still hoping we'll see you this year for an overnight (or two) visit.
      Love the hibiscus, I will certainly remember this great time.

  5. Beautiful sunrise picture! Busy days you've had but fun! Can't wait to see the changes in the Mat! A nice Happy Hour for sure, even though it's getting smaller. I agree nice that not everyone leaves at once! Love your place there and the fact it was able to house all those rvs comfortably! Great little RV park you have there! Dinner looks so yummy! You're making me hungry for a burger! I agree cute pic of Kim!

    1. We've really enjoyed the company. The Mat needs a sprucing and Jamie is just the young blood needed to do it. :)
      Wish you weren't so far away, you could come too! :)

  6. It's wonderful you've had lots of company and the space to share your lovely place at the Ridge. Nice too, that they aren't all leaving at the same time.

    1. I'm very happy that they didn't all pull out at once. Too sad.

  7. Replies
    1. We'll get you here yet and next year when the gang is all here! :)