Sunday, August 18, 2019

Welcome Rains, Friends for Dinner and Double Series

The Ridge
Saturday, Aug. 17th was the perfect day to sleep in, so we did. It is not unusual that Bill is up past 11 but for me to stay up until 11 is very rare. After ‘To Sir with Love’, to which I did cry, I watched a couple of hours of the 3 ½ hour movie ‘Woodstock, Three Days of Peace, Love and Music’. What an eye opener!

Our loaded crabapple tree for the first time
Obviously, it is loving this weather
I was 14 and a good friend of mine (and a boyfriend for a period in my teens) invited me to go with him and some friends. I was shy, naïve and denied by Mom. That turned out to be a good thing although what an experience it would have been! It was a long movie so I had begun recording it on the get-go.  We’ll watch it together over the winter.

And speaking of apples, the one at the road has great ones
for applesauce
Don't ask me their name though!
So, we got up around 7:30 and made our hot drinks. Even though it wasn’t raining and a beautiful mild morning, I chose not to walk today. How nice it is to see that it had rained a few times overnight without any heavy stuff or storms. Our awnings were out all night. Bill hears them if they flap, he is such a light sleeper. I chatted with Donna by text and got an invite to go swimming at the Hanover pool next week again. Yay, that was fun last time.

My peach banana smoothie - yummy

At 9:30, I made our breakfast of peameal and eggs. We usually cook 3 eggs. Bill has 2. Today, I debated on having 2 on top of my peameal but stuck to my original order since I wasn’t overly hungry yet. When I cracked my egg shell, it was a double! Such strange little things make me chuckle. Guess, I’m having 2! It was good and I offered to do dishes while Bill got ready to go to Hanover. 

So, my dessert started out looking good
 He needed to drop a prescription off in Durham, go to Rona for a sheet of plywood and Zero Coke on sale before picking it up on the way back home. In his absence, I dusted the Suite and reorganized things off our hutch. We have invited company for supper and a later game so I like to have space beside the table available for serving dishes. Someone is going to get first hand instruction on how to cook a one pot meal! 😊

Looks like enough liquid
I/we weren’t expecting outdoor weather today, although more so than the London area according to last night’s forecast on CTV. Because of that, I thought an indoor meal would be nice. 
However, I still went out and wiped the chairs and patio table off and moved them to our mat area. Soon enough, around 11 am, the sun made an appearance. How lovely! The 5 – 10 mph breeze is quite nice coming in the windows too. I can feel humidity in the air.

I wanted to show you the difference from this year to 2016
With the dusting done and meal planning done in my head, I pulled out my last package of frozen rhubarb from the freezer. This has done us well from last summer. Who else to make a rhubarb dessert for if not for the people who provided us with the delicious fruit? By now, you’ve probably guessed who our company is. I puddled around inside and then outside for a quick walk down the lane.

That was the year of the drought and boy was it apparent early September
(ps - the tractors were the reason for the picture)
The sun didn’t last long but we may see it again. Yesterday, while I was inside during the showers, I put together my Word document tallying our 2018/19 winter expenses. I’m happy that I record every penny we spend when we are away. Each year we try to curb/kerb our spending but I record in U.S. dollars so it bounces off the document less than what it would be in Canadian funds. Depending on the exchange, of course. It is what it is.

We had beautiful skies at one point and it got very hot and humid

I want to sit down and put together my book of our travels. I wasn’t as impressed with last years and will revert back to my original format. I won’t do them every year from now on but because last year was special in so many ways, I will try and get one finished in the next month. The dessert was in the convection oven. This is Jo-Anne’s recipe for Rhubarb Custard Crumble. Seems our guests, no matter who they are, are guinea pigs for something!

The pond looked pretty with reflections
Bill had a snooze; he’d not stopped all morning and then a shower. I had a quick wash and changed into something cool and light. Another batch of shingles on my back, right at the waistline makes wearing shorts uncomfortable. Today will be the last day they bother me. I’m so glad that we’ve found a resource for getting the pills and cream. I used to skimp with the prescription, now I’ll just keep stocked up.  I’m taking them more regularly and breakout seems to vanish quicker because of it.

Rob and Pat arrived around 4 and we made short work of our visit immediately. It is such a comfortable feeling with these two, no pretenses, no concerns. The conversation and laughter never ceases in the company of our buddies. We sat outside in the shade of our little tree (the Happy Hour place) and shared a bottle of a delicious fruit wine. Did they make it? I forgot to ask, but we enjoyed it before Pat and I came inside to start supper.

It was a refreshing taste of dark fruits
It was a bit of tutorial for Pat as I related step-by-step how I cook a one-pot meal in Madame IP. We had chicken thighs, small potatoes, carrots and onions with gravy to top it off. For dessert, I’m ashamed to say that the rhubarb custard crumble did NOT turn out. Bless their hearts, when I said I wasn’t serving it to them, they insisted I give them a bit in the dishes so they could be the judges. It wasn’t as horrible as I thought but served it with ice cream – that helped a lot!

Supper is served!
I filled the dishwasher and had used our new dinner plates for the first time. Food tasted just as good! The thighs were perfect as well as everything else. I hope this helps Pat to get her IP into action easier. Sometimes being shown, first hand, is what we need. Kim helped me with mine. We cleared the table and got into a very challenging game of Double Series. We played best out of 10 and the guys came out on top by one game. That was fun!

I either needed more food or smaller plates!
We broke the carb rule tonight with no regrets at all

It sure doesn't look or taste like Jo-Anne's did
But our guests were gracious

After they left around 9:30 (we’re such night hawks, aren’t we?) Bill and I sat up with our books. Mine is King and Maxwell by David Baldacci and it has caught me right from the start. Bill is reading a Stuart Woods called Dead Eyes. Summer is not his time for reading so he has quite a few to catch up on. I was in bed by 10 and dropped right off to sleep. Work tomorrow so I’m glad I sleep well.

A friendly game among friends
This was a great day, some time to ourselves and then one on one time with our buddies. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as well.
And a lovely day it was from beginning to end
Toodle-ooh from the Ridge

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. Breakfast sounds yummy! Dinner looked delicious and I'm sure Pat enjoyed the tutorial on dinner! Blueberry wine is definitely different, glad you enjoyed it! I didn't remember you getting new plates, but love the color! Sorry your dessert didn't turn out, but everything is delicious with added ice cream :)

    1. Supper, wine and guests for dinner was wonderful. The dessert passed muster too, haha.
      Our game was fun too even though us gals lost. :)

  2. Your issues with shingles have convinced me I need to get the shot.

    I like the idea of IP but I haven't thought I'd use it enough. It's nice of you to share your expertise. Have another great day at the Ridge!

    1. I'm glad that you are getting the shot. No one needs to deal with this if a shot is available to prevent it.
      I do love my IP but it isn't for everyone. :)

  3. Nice that you had a good day and Rob and Pat over for a tasty meal and game. Supper people they are.

    1. We wanted some one on one time with our winter buddies. It was a great evening.

  4. I always record our expense in USD as well. I figure there is no point in doing the conversion since, so far, it doesn't matter how bad the dollar is we still head south.

    1. You are exactly right. Makes no difference to us either. We're still going! :)

  5. Did not know you have shingles, sorry.
    Do you mind sharing what meds your doctor gives you?
    Our uncle has an awful time with his and his doc only
    gives him pain pills.

    1. Thank you. My doctor prescribed Famciclover pills for the pain and a cream for the spots. It is called Zovirax and expensive which is why I now get the Mexican version of both. If your uncle has large areas covered with shingles, I'm not sure if the cream would work as well as on my quarter size breakouts. Good luck, they are very uncomfortable.