Sunday, August 11, 2019

Friends Depart, Others Leave for the Day, Acreage Tour, Happy Hour!

The Ridge
On Sunday, Aug. 11th I wonder who says it is a day of rest? Bill and I did sleep in until the clock was saying 7:30. I went for a walk and Bill got up and made his coffee. It was only 49F/10C but with no wind, it felt wonderful! The walk was great even though I kicked myself that I didn’t take my zoom lens camera. Yes, there were at least 2 deer off in the field. I tried with my camera to capture them.

a beautiful day for a walk
When I returned to our road, I saw Loree and Freddy coming out for their walk. We greeted and went our separate ways. 

and the deer were out there
I needed a Zoom

I think I know those two!

A couple of cutie Patooties

George and Suzie were hooking up their tow vehicle by the time I was almost finished my tea so I got out my tripod and set it up with my camera. It was group picture time and then our first camper pulled out at 9 am. 

What a great looking gang!
br - George, Bill, Ken
mr - Ron and Loree in king chairs
fr - Suzie, Pat, Rob, Kim, Patsy

We all did our own thing for the morning. Rob, Pat and Lynn went into Durham for a bit to clean up from the party.

Rob came back with his truck
 Rob returned with the GMC about an hour later and the girls followed in their Edge after a shopping trip to Hanover. Lynn found some things at Giant Tiger and Pat found a top as well. Good fun when the gals get to shop together. Ken and Kim left their rv here at the Ridge and drove to Stokes Bay to visit his cousin for the day and overnight. We’d see them again in the morning. That left Ron, Loree and Freddy so we hopped in Black Beauty and drove over to the Acreage at 12:30.

The ice cream was good
Gerry and Donna were happy to provide a tour of their other property, taken with oohs and aahs from the Fonts. Of course, Freddy loved the place. As Loree says, his wonderful vacation adventure just keeps going on and on. He is so happy and relaxed up here. We didn’t stay long but invited them back for Happy Hour. As it turned out, I forgot my big camera there so was happy that they had an excuse to join us.

I forgot to say that Freddy enjoyed the cone too
When we returned, Loree, Bill and I had a Butter Pecan ice cream cone. Loree has been offering them since she arrived and I was looking forward to it. 

Bill hung our gift from Ron and Loree
and it blends in so well
We began Happy Hour around 4 and it was another great one. Loree gave my sister and Gerry a tour of their new trailer. Lynn went with Carm on the Spyder for dinner and the rest of us hung tight here, holding down the fort.

Bill was happy to get his Stinson Reliant running
The boys (including Freddy) were drawn to it

Freddy is so relaxed here
 Jamie drove out around 6 to pay me for the week’s work and at 6:30 the rest of us split up to start supper. 

Bill wheeled his monster plane up to show us
It is so pretty!
I plugged us in to power so I could use Madame IP for pork chops. These two are really thick so there was no question how I would cook them. A spicing first, then sauté. Next I added chicken broth then the chops and cooked for 5 minutes before doing a quick release. I removed the lid and placed the inner pot with corn on the cob on top of the chops. Another 5 minutes and then a 5-minute release.

Happy Hour with snacks today
L to R
Rob, Bill, Loree, Freddy, Lynn, Pat, my chair, Donna, Gerry, Ron
My fingers were crossed but that didn’t work. The chops were overdone for me and  the corn a smidge underdone. Hmm, this I.P. is still a learning experience so good thing I'm in it for the challenge! Bill enjoyed his dinner and I can say that with another 2 minutes on the corn, I also had a nice one. We cleaned up the dishes and at 8 Bill went out to light a campfire. By the way I’m feeling, it won’t be a late night tonight although our last night with Ron and Loree so we will take what we can get. 

Freddy follows Bill closely
that is a treat bag!

Shake a paw, Freddy!
Good boy!
 The winds have dropped to zero and the temperature risen to a balmy 76F/25C. We know they drop quickly so I changed into long pants and sleeves and went out to enjoy the evening. It was another great day.  Lynn and Carm returned on time to join us for the fire before saying goodnight at 10.

And a downy woodpecker found the suet
The sky was mild tonight and then the stars came out
The moon is preparing to be full in a few nights
Good night all!

Thank you for stopping in to see what this gang is up to!


  1. Another fun day there with good friends getting the tour glad you had a nice last day there together. Thanks for the great group picture.

    1. The comings are exciting, the goings not so much but we have a couple more days of fun with a few of the friends. :)
      The picture turned out great. Thank you!

  2. Love the group picture, it's awesome! What a great group of friends you have there, and so much fun! Love the fire every night! I never realized how big your property is, until you got all those rigs in! How great! Bill's plane turned out awesome! I commented on yesterday's post..but Happy Birthday Rob and Happy Anniversary! That was a wonderful party for sure!!

    1. Thank you Shirley and Ken. It's how traditions get started, isn't it? Just like meeting up with you guys each winter. The get togethers are wonderful here or there.
      Bill is very happy with his plane and there are still things to do to it.
      Rob and pat had a great time!

  3. Great group photo! The first photo of the start of your walk is lovely too. Your days are full!

    1. Thank you, I'm happy it turned out. The nice thing about digital cameras. :)

  4. I still can't believe you can build a model airplane that big! Love to see it fly. Sorry we couldn't work out the connection.

    1. We'll get you here yet F.G. Somehow, someday. :)
      You can see the plane in person.