Thursday, August 8, 2019

Locked Out! A Morning of Rain Showers, Clear Afternoon, Buddies Arrive

The Ridge
I was up and out the door at a few minutes past 6 on Thursday, Aug. 8th. The laundromat called me to duty. However, when I arrived, both doors were locked (as they should be) and my key only works in the back door. Usually. Someone (with nothing better to do) stuck some wood in the keyhole to gain entry and now my key won’t fit in. I did what I could to clean it out but to no avail so I turned around and drove home.

And I thought this would make a lovely
country picture
I was right
When I’d finished my morning tea, I drove back in at 7:30 knowing that the automatic unlocking would have happened. One couple was doing their laundry so I cleaned around them, everything but damp mopping. The floors didn’t need it today. I fiddled with the lock again but without the door locked, I couldn’t really test it. Alas, I left it and would contact Jamie later. I stopped at Foodland for a few groceries and then Home Hardware to pick up cleaning supplies on Jamie’s tab and some fly strips.

After I was back home, this is what we dealt with for a couple of hours
this morning but really hardly any rain
Home again home again jiggity jig, I missed seeing ‘Elvis’s’ vehicle so drove on by. We owe him for the screen tent we brought home yesterday. I’ll go back today. He had appointments so will be sure to catch him at one point. It won’t be a day to put the tent up, with rain off and on and winds gusting up to 20 mph so we’ll do it tomorrow. I made Bill bacon and eggs and fried up my leftover egg quesadilla. Gosh, I love these and I drank my b.p. coffee with it.

Threatening looking but the bark was worse than the bite
Finally, I was able to get to my blog post from yesterday. Sorry, I’m so bad!! Patrick indicated that their Avon order arrived at their house yesterday so I made a note to pay Avon. He’d already sent me the $. Then, I went outside and filled the suet feeder as well as the other two on the property. I need to buy a new feeder to replace a damaged one that I’ve had for years. Now time to work on the puzzle.

After happy hour, the chairs were all that was left
while supper took place
With the rain off and on, I watched George, Suzie and Kim move in and out of their units. Comical really from my view inside the Bunky. Finally, there was more sun than clouds and when Pat and Rob arrived to join us at 1:30, we settled into two groups and chatted the afternoon away. Bill joined the boys and Suzie and then at 3 he announced Happy Hour! Before sitting with the group, Bill and I drove over to Elvis’s place to pay him for the screen tent from yesterday and then joined the rest.

My garden is thriving!
The covered plant is my watermelon and they are growing well
 Suppertime split us up and we had Bill’s choice of toasted bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwiches. Easy peasey. 

I added a Caesar salad to our plates and that was a filling meal. By 6:30 we were cleaned up and boy, did I feel whooped. I forced myself up to walk up to my garden and see if there was anything to collect and check out the baby watermelon. Hopefully they all got enough rain so I don’t have to water.

From up on the hill
One happy family

Gravel trucks were busy on our roads this afternoon

And a pond picture for you
The sky was clear blue and the sun glorious. The wind seems to have died so my walk extended to the end of the lane and down to see Don cutting his grass. My front garden along the fence was overgrown with weeds so I had to stop and pull as many as I could without gloves. George walked down too and we walked back up together. I’m afraid of falling asleep if I sit for too long. These two early mornings of go-go are hitting me.

And Don cutting his front lawn

It is so good to look out and see all of our friends here. Well, not ALL of them, but many of our Rock Glen group are here for the next few days.

And that tiny figure back there by our mailbox is George
from Our Awesome Travels
Good night all!

It was another wonderful day. Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Phew .. I thought you were going to say you were locked out of your CAR. Really? Someone thinks a piece of wood will open the locked door? How irritating! Your garden looks so nice and cool. Wish I could grow things here, but it's just too hot. At least I can grow cactus!

    1. ha ha sorry!
      As for growing things, I LOVE that you are creating flowers on those cacti!!
      Mom was always able to do that.

  2. Our first blog reading since Sunday and what a party going on at your place! We're jealous :) Hoping to get caught up on your goings on sooner rather than later! How awful to get locked out by mean spirited kids or crooks! Geez.. Your RV park looks awesome! Nice to b able to have so many visit and have room to put them! Your garden looks awesome and nothing better than a BLT with a great tomato!!

  3. So nice to hang out here with you guys and more good friends a well.
    And more fun times yet to happen.

  4. I'm surprised someone would try to break into a laundromat. I'm almost certain the lock will have to be replaced.

    Those were some clouds! Glad it didn't rain out your happy hour. What a great time with your does look like an RV park.

    1. The laundromat has a change machine and a pop machine for $1 so that could be the attraction. They couldn't get in. This could also be someone just ticked that they can't do their laundry after shift work. Who knows?
      It is a great little park. :)

  5. That's quite a parking lot! You're running there!