Friday, August 30, 2019

Last Minute Tidying, Aunt Mary’s Funeral, More Guests Arrive

Up On The Ridge
I heard Bill get up around 6:30 on Thursday, Aug. 29th but when you can’t get on line to read blogs and the sky looks ‘iffy’, why rush out of bed? I remained comfy, cozy under the covers until closer to 7 before joining him downstairs. We had our morning brew together and he went down to the Hangar. He is doing all kinds of ‘plane connection’ things that I don’t fully understand so I just let him be.

A morning pond picture
He’ll need help lifting the big brute out of the Hangar at some point, since he’s attached the tail now. We also want to get the wings in the covers and hang them out of the way in his cargo trailer. That will free up space as well for his puttering and storage. I’m anxious to see them in place.

Sometimes, normal things you see every day strike your fancy

The moss on this log had me focusing on it today
It was time to fill our pill container for the week but since we only take a couple of vitamins, it takes no time at all. I touch wood every so often that we are still healthy. Just a tad superstitious, I am! Then I decided to go into town and pick up some groceries. Planning lunch, supper and breakfast for company is on me, Bill lets me have at it, so with that decided I had a list of items to get to fulfill the menu.

Hope (of a blue sky coming)

I called this picture "possibility" as I was walking
Remembering the big cloud that moved from west to east
Now, the blue sky is doing the same thing
Durham was already getting busy at 9 and so I scooted around the store as quick as possible to get out of there. Darn it, they didn’t have their shipment of corn on the cob and that would be a main part of our supper. We’ll have to go back after the funeral and we do need to make a stop at the LCBO for wine anyway. We just had rye toast and jelly for breakfast and were all cleaned up and ready to go by 10:30. There wasn’t any difficulty finding parking at the funeral home at that time.

And a brighter future today
There was quite a nice turn-out for Aunt Mary, which is always a blessing. It was a nice service and we were soon on our way to the cemetery. That was short and sweet and we drove to the Anglican Church in Durham for a wonderful lunch of sandwiches, desserts, tea and coffee. You’ve been to these; you know how great the goodies are. The bread is always the freshest ever and their salmon and egg sandwiches are the best.

And a farmer's work never ends

Around 1 we started saying our goodbyes and headed home for the final touch-ups at home before our company arrives. We stopped at the liquor store and got a couple of bottles of red wine. We also took advantage of a small ‘honor system’ booth with Rotary Club corn for sale. No price, just what you felt I guess so I picked up 10 cobs and left appropriate cash in the slot. It looked great!

Back home, I swept and washed the Restroom and re-tidied the Roost (bunky), putting my puzzle away. I forgot to take a picture of it but I did get that one finished yesterday afternoon. I walked to the mailbox while Bill had a snooze and retrieved the local flyers for the week. On our way back from town, Bill noticed the house on the corner had a few more FREE things out, one being a Home Hardware wash bucket. He stopped and put it in the trunk. I’ll try it for work in the morning.

And as the day went on, the blue sky dominated
For the afternoon, Bill puttered away in the Hangar. He didn’t need me after all and had put the wings in their covers and they were hung in the cargo trailer. They fit well, nice and snug against the wall. I sat outside at the patio table and read my book for a while. At 3, I got a text from our friends stating that they were leaving London and all I had left to do was sweep the Suite. I prepared some corn and disposed the husks in the compost bin. More time for visiting.

I salvaged this blue board Bill was throwing out
A reflection in the sun made the save worth it
The property is looking good

Ready for company

And the hibiscus continues to amaze me with each new bloom
Kathy and Derrick arrived right on the dot at 5 pm. I was thinking their Lincoln has wings and then Derrick admitted a heavy foot. 😊 No matter, they are here safe and sound. It is great to see them, as usual, and the conversation never ends. Bill showed Derrick the Hangar and his toys and we had some wine together outside on the patio. The wind was gusting fairly strong, around 10 mph at times but in the heat of the sun, it was gorgeous.

At 5, our company arrived
At 6:30, Bill started barbecuing Italian sausage and I plugged us in to start Madame IP soon after. I did the corn inside (5 minutes and perfect!) and put the salad together (I opened a bag) in a bowl. More wine and conversation made it a lovely supper together. We miss our bi-monthly dinners that we used to have with these two while living in London.

And a lovely indoor supper with wonderful friends

No bun for me, I'd had enough bread at the church
 We talked about a game of Wizard but as it turned out, we didn’t need to be entertained to keep the chatter going. Soon enough, it was obvious everyone was tired so we said goodnight around 10:30.

Now that's a cake!!
Good night all!
This was a great day and evening. Their time here at the Ridge is never long enough but they have a busy working life back home and it is hard to get away too. I look forward to more morning fun before they head out.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. lol...that cake does look delicious! Your love of writing shows through in all your posts. You make every day events turn into adventures. Or maybe it is your love for life that I enjoy!

    1. yummy cake for sure! Thank you for your sweet words. They mean a lot.

  2. Yum...cake!!! I love seeing pictures of the Ridge! Very nice!

  3. CAKE!!!!! Nothing turns my head faster. You certainly have been a busy bee. The Ridge looks wonderful due to all your hard work.

  4. Nice to have you back! Glad that Aunt Mary had a nice service :) Hoping Rob and Pat are doing ok. Always hard to lose a loved one, no matter what. Great to have friends for the night :0 We get our oldest son, wife and a friend for two nights. I'm so excited! Dinner looked yummy, but gotta say I would love that cake too!

    1. Thank you! I believe Rob and Pat are doing well. I keep in touch daily with them. Their lives will change dramatically to a much easier pace.
      It is nice to have overnight company, some chosen ones we wish would stay longer. :)
      Enjoy your son's visit. Yay!

  5. Looks like a great meal with good friends. The moss on the log is pretty! I actually have some on the bricks in my backyard this year...we obviously had more rain than I realized.

    1. It was a great dinner and visit. I like the moss too, wish it would grow plentiful on our hill. :)