Thursday, August 15, 2019

Last of the Ridge Campers, Garden Find, I Think We're Alone Now

Up On The Ridge

I got up at 6:30 so I could head into the Mat for 7. It was a cleaning day and Jamie wanted to meet me there. He and his cousin were siding the side and back and they were storing things in the LockUp/Maintenance Room. He wanted to be there to move things out of my way so I could do my job. We decided, after I looked at the floors, that I didn’t need to damp mop them. That saved Jamie some lugging and I went about my cleaning. There were some spots on the floor that I could easily wipe up with a cloth.

                         On my way to work before the sun
                                          got too high

Hydro (electric) power installation at the corner
Jamie hung around to wait for his cousin to arrive so they could carry on. He was busy peeling the lettering off the DURHAM LAUNDROMAT sign so it could be painted in a colour to match the new siding. We chatted more about his ideas for the Mat and he asked me for my opinion on a couple of things. On my way onto Baptist Church Road, I passed the Divine Love house that just recently sold. They had put a few things out marked FREE.


We love the colour

And he's painting the old red brick at the front
After I turned the corner, I noticed a piece of artwork on canvas. It was a sizeable piece and even though I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, I slipped it into our back seat so I could think about it. When I left, I drove straight home and Bill made my tea. I showed him what I’d brought home and we both chose a spot for it on the storage shed wall. It didn’t take Bill long to hang it for me and the spot is perfect!

I loved the Arizona colours

And this shows you how big it is
It will be visible as you crest the hill to our parking area
Kim and Ken were leaving today but in no hurry so I took my time inside finishing yesterday’s post. When they were just about ready to hook up their tow vehicle, Ken noticed that one of their inside tires on the coach was flat. He got his compressor out and filled it up before they made their way down the laneway. It was around 10:30 when I captured the final photos of them driving down North Line.

Our hibiscus is doing well

I love this bud at 75% open
Bill was hungry, naturally, so I came inside and made Bill an omelette on rye toast and mine on tortillas. That was good but still I could only eat half of my lunch. 

Kim closes the door as they get ready to leave
There was some water left in the water bladder so Bill moved Black Beauty over to the corner of the lot and hooked up my hose, pump and sprinkler head. I watered the garden, giving them a good dose. It was when I was up there that I noticed a lovely little painted rock. Only one person could have left that, since it wasn’t there yesterday.

See you guys!

After doing that, Bill made some changes in the storage shed before we drove to town. 
All set up to water my garden and I had plenty of water

So cute and a lovely surprise
this little plant has 2 nice sized peppers on it
First stop was to visit Elvis down the road and then a stop at the Laundromat to see how Jamie and his cuz were coming along. Jamie showed us around and shared some ideas with Bill. We both really like the colour of the siding. Last stop in town was at The Water Store. We’ve been tossing the idea around about switching from bottled water to this new system.

Bill teased Jamie about us finally seeing HIM work
He's on the left
We purchased a fridge container as well as a refillable 5 gal. reusable bottle. Let’s give this a try! Bill filled the fridge jug up and it fit perfectly. Here I can drink the well water from the Acreage and we’ll make better use of the filtered water system when we go south. Bill went down to the Hangar after stretching out in his recliner for about half hour and I stretched out on my lounge chair outside in that glorious sun.
My view from my chair
The wind gusts were strong but I was perfect in the sun
And almost home we follow this big baler into the neighbouring field

And the bales sometimes fall stacked
Forgive the dust specks - let's just say it's from the baler

Free entertainment from up on the hill and the wind was blowing
in the right direction
At 5, I came in and tried to configure supper. I decided on chili from the thawed ground beef I’d pulled out of the freezer and Bill was okay with that. I also spiraled a portion of the zucchini and with olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese, fried it up for about 5 minutes. Just a little bit of crunch left and I had my chili on top. We each had some rye toast with butter and it was very good. For dessert, we cleaned up the last of the apple crisp with ice cream.

Our new watering system
We've joined the fray of RO users
our small part in saving the environment
The jug fits perfectly in the fridge
We got the dishes done up and brought things in from outside and closed up the sheds. I don’t think it is going to rain but the dampness gets into everything and the nights do cool down a fair bit. It was a gorgeous day though with some windy gusts, enough to keep our awnings at bay. America’s Got Talent was on tonight with its final episode so we watched the recorded program from last night first.

This was so good! I enjoyed the zucchini mixed in with my chili
And dessert - oh my
I must have done something right  to deserve this!
I hope you’ve had a nice day. Even though it is hard to say goodbye to good friends, it has been a wonderful Ridge Campout again. We value our time alone too.

And a couple more pictures of our Hibiscus

Thank you Rob and Pat
We are truly enjoying the beauty of your gift
Thank you for stopping by! If you wish to comment, I’m interested in what you have to say.


  1. Your hibiscus is certainly happy! LOVE the painting on the wall. The colors are perfect! The Mat is looking pretty spiffy!! What a difference new siding makes. I think it may just be time to get back to rock painting.

    1. I'm happy the hibiscus is happy. :)
      I love the colour of the Mat too. I think you're right about the painting!

  2. The Mat is looking wonderful, what a difference the siding and the painting will make! Just painting the front will definitely make it more inviting looking! The little rock is adorable and your garden is looking good! Dinner looks yummy! I love spiraled zucchini! The last pic is beautiful!

    1. That is what young blood does to a business, I guess. He was going to replace the roof shingles to match but they have 10 years left in them.
      The rock is so cute. Hope for the garden and our future. :)
      Zucchini noodles are good, I'd never tried them before. Don't have a spiraler (?) though.

  3. Nice to get those things done , saying goodbye to Ken and Kim they arrived here around 2 pm in time Happy hour with even more friends. Welcome to the RO water club we have been using it fore almost 15 years. Good water everywhere and better for the environment as well.

    1. I hope the RO works for us as well.
      Glad to see that Kim and Ken can enjoy more time with you guys now.

  4. I do so love the artwork on the side of the building. What wonderful colors!

    1. I can't believe they gave the painting away. It doesn't look like it ever hung anywhere. My gain!