Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bikers Leave, Semi-Cloudy Day, Quiet Afternoon

Up On The Ridge
On Sunday, Aug. 25th Bill was out of bed ahead of me by about 15 minutes. I was in no rush but still got up before 7 am. The Suite was cool at 60F so Bill turned the fireplace on for a few minutes to take the morning chill out. We would later unplug from power. I decided against a walk when I saw Lori coming out of the Bunky around 8 and went out to greet her and re-offer our washroom for their clean up.

Testing the self-timer
Yay, sweetie!!
They slept well on the new futon mattress so I was happy to hear that. They were the first to make use of it this summer. Lori said they were ‘cool’ sleepers, as many of you are, so they didn’t have the need to plug the portable heater in. With the windows and outer doors closed plus plenty of blankets, they had a good night. I knew they had lots of blankets so wasn’t surprised that Lori removed one from the bed.

Looking out the morning window, we can see the bikes
No sign yet of our guests
Inside, we had coffee together and it was around 11 that they’d packed up and were ready to pull out. I tested out the video on my camera by following their departure down the lane. I was very pleased to be able to zoom in while in ‘record’ mode. I don’t think I could do that with our old Powershot. Oh! Also, Bill is my hero as he found the Timer in the settings as well. Poor you, that means more selfies.

A closer look at their wheels

All packed and ready to go

Drive safe, guys and come back again!
It was time for brunch so I made our bacon and eggs soon after they’d left. We had no major plans for the rest of the day and the clouds were blanketing most of the sky at this point. We’d go to the Acreage to visit Donna and Gerry around 1 and to get water but other than that, a very quiet Sunday. I should take a trip into town to get burger buns for tonight’s supper but maybe I’ll find something else.

Donna had gone to see Mom this morning so we waited until 1 o’clock before going over to see them. Bill and Gerry visited at the back while filling the water bladder and Donna and I waited at the front for them to return. The clouds moved out of the way and I was soon very hot in my long sleeve tee and jeans. It was 78f/25C. An utterly gorgeous day! We only hung around for about an hour and then came home.

Sitting at the Acreage for a short visit with Donna and Gerry
I changed into my summer clothes again and we sat together for a while. Bill dozed and I may have closed my eyes too for a catnap. When he went down to the Hangar, I went outside with my book. It felt wonderful just sitting in the sun in my shorts again. 

And a nice walk down the lane, I miss these when we head south
so it is a good thing they get replaced with other beautiful walks!
I moved into the Bunky and opened the curtains and a window for some fresh air. I freshened the bed sheets and remade it again for the next company. After taking a walk down the lane and over to see the turtles in the pond, I got out a 500 pc. puzzle to work on. It was a small one so I knew I could do it on the table in the Bunky. It is nice to know that I can leave it ongoing for a few days.

The turtles are out in full force

From a distance

so cute! even their reflections are clear
 At 5:45, I was surprised to see the time, so I texted Bill to see if he was getting hungry. When his answer was yes, I came inside and made our simple supper of hot dogs and brown beans. I’m not being very good about avoiding the carbs this week so I have no one to blame but me when the weight hangs on. Tsk tsk. It was still good and after dishes Bill disappeared again. I caught up on my post even though it can’t go anywhere until Tuesday. I didn’t want to forget!

A small but challenging puzzle
and a Pina Colada breezer for encouragement

I love the fun puzzles

Make 'em, tear 'em up, pass 'em on is my style
 I downloaded my daily pictures and the small video I took of Lori and Roland leaving. Since I was probably going to be up here by myself (in the Suite) I decided to put a movie in so went rooting through my movie folder of dvds. I found the perfect one, a favourite of mine. P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler. **sigh** Don’t bother me now, please, I’m in heaven. 😊

Simple supper of hot dogs and beans
Have a great night!
This has been a great day and we had a lovely visit with two wonderful friends of ours. We will see them this winter in the southwest where the sun will beam down on us all again.

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Love the turtles!!! Send a little cool breeze this way!!

    1. I was happy to see the turtles too!
      We have lots of breeze to share!

  2. The turtle photos are sweet. How soon do you go south again?

    1. The hearts are fun to see.
      We heard south probably Nov.2
      Have a wedding in Cancun Oct. 22 to 27 so after that, weather permitting.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your company. Sounds like an awesome day to me! We've been hanging at 100 degrees for days now. I so want fall! Simple dinner but looks yummy!