Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hand Watering Brings Rain Showers, Mat Cleaning, Owen Sound Drive

The Ridge
I woke just before the alarm on Tuesday, Aug. 6th and my stirring woke Bill too. Today, we got up together and headed right into the Mat to clean including the big dryers where a wrench is required. I don’t do wrenches. While inside, it was just after 7 when the sky opened up and the rain came down. A lovely downpour so you can thank me for watering my garden the hard way yesterday. Never fails.

Looking out the door at the Mat during the showers
We left the laundromat and fueled up the car and filled a gas can at the Esso station. From there we skirted around to Rob and Pat’s place. It was early but we know from our winter experience that they are early risers. True enough, they were up enjoying a coffee/tea together. Rob had already been out for a walk and had a second shower – getting caught in the downpour. They offered us a coffee, of which we had not had yet, so we gratefully accepted and sat and caught up on the last couple of weeks.

Bill dipped into the Hobby Store
We miss hanging with these buddies so discussing when they were bringing their Silverback out to the Ridge was an exciting conversation. It means the fun week is beginning! They arrive first, another rv tomorrow, another one Thursday and the last one on Friday. The Ridge is smiling to welcome our invited guests. 😊 Bill remembered that we had planned a trip to Owen Sound this morning so we said ‘goodbye, see ya later’ and headed home.
A quick wash and some blog reading before it was time to go. Bill’s Hobby store doesn’t open until 11 so we left at 10 and went to Princess Auto first. I walked 2 stores down and perused Winners where sometimes you get lucky. Dress sales drew me, as is my ‘thing’, but nothing grabbed me. Oh, to be a size 5! Not too many Mediums on the rack at all. For once (in a blue moon) I left with nothing to meet up with Bill in P.A.
Rob arrives with his fiver
Home Depot didn’t have the wood trim he was looking for so we drove down 10th Street, across the busy traffic-gnarled city to the Hobby Store. No luck there either. Instead of going straight home and having a regret, he thought he’d try Michael’s Arts & Crafts. It was back right beside Winner’s but still better than being at the Ridge saying ‘I wonder if Michael’s would have it?’ He found something suitable and then we were on Hwy 6 towards home.

And then there were two
Together again
We both felt like more than an omelette so I made his on toast and mine in a quesadilla and that was delicious! I only ate half and now have Thursday’s lunch too. I made a B.P. coffee while Bill texted Rob that we were home. By 1:30 he was coming up the driveway with their fifth wheel. Bill went out to greet him and assist him in parking, which Rob really doesn’t need help with. Getting him plugged in and set up was the main thing.
My moonflower has 2 new buds
and I'll have to remember to check them in the morning
before they are spent
Within 30 minutes all that had taken place and he had his satellite dish connected. Rob pulled out within an hour of his arrival. We knew they weren’t staying tonight with some family visiting tomorrow. I finished my coffee and found something productive. I wasn’t into getting the weedeater out and Bill said he would cut ‘my’ lawn area tomorrow. It was then that I remembered something my sister showed us on the weekend.

So, let's just cut the sleeves and neckline off
much better
Each year that we walk for Alzheimer’s, we have enough donations to earn a t-shirt and a buff. I don’t wear t-shirts. I don’t like the crew neck or the constrictiveness of the sleeves. So, following Gayle’s lead, I got 3 out of the closet (why do I keep them?) and because I like the colours, cut the neck out and the sleeves off. Huh! That is cool! I went back to the closet and removed the red Christmas tee and did the same thing with it. NOW, I’ll wear them! Bill just scractches his head.

Already in my skimpy camisole, I slipped the navy tee on overtop and went to my flower garden and started weeding. Pulling grass is not my favourite thing but the weather was perfect for that kind of work. 

Modelling my shirt
Great for working outside in
The way the grass grows up through the phlox, periwinkle and geraniums out there drives me nuts but I was persistent and worked away for a couple of hours at least cleaning it up. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but today, I had a purpose and a reason. 

I'm happy with the garden now
I just should have got at it sooner
When I’d finished, I put things away and got some water and placed myself in front of the jigsaw in the Bunky. At 6, Bill came to me to see if I was hungry for supper yet. He lit the Weber and grilled up a couple of the Cowboy burgers from Leadbetters. They are so good, thick and juicy. We cleaned up dishes and then Bill got his second wind. He went out to cut some grass. As it was last week, the grass isn’t too long but the tall weeds and Queen Anne’s Lace are prominent all around us.

My plans for tomorrow have changed from last night. A former friend and neighbor of mine from Rodney, where I lived for 5 years while working, has passed away. Fran lived right next door with her husband and 2 girls. Bridgette and Patrick got to know them quite well too. Through FB, Bridgette learned this sad news. Fran was my age, maybe a few months younger, and had a very strong warm personality. My heart is broken even though we'd lost touch years ago.

Bill cutting up on the berm
So, I’m driving two hours to Woodstock to meet Bridgette and she will drive us the further hour to the visitation. It’s a long drive for one day but we need to be there. We are expecting our second guests tomorrow so I’m glad Bill didn’t have to go with me. He only met Fran and Rob a couple of times but would have gone if my daughter wasn’t. This way, he can be here to greet Ken and Kim. Yay! As Pat kind of said “we’re getting the band back together” (from the movie Red).

Supper and ice cream for dessert
After doing all the bending today, I didn’t do anything else tonight but sweep the Suite and our outdoor mat after Bill cut. I need to pick up more suet either on my way back through Durham or on Thursday morning and fill the feeders. Gotta keep our winged critters happy. 

I walk outside and/or look out our window and see the Cedar Creek beside us. That makes me smile. We’re together again. By 8 o'clock, Bill finished and came inside to watch America's Got Talent with me.

The sky is beautiful tonight
Good night everyone!
This has been a great day. Thank you for your visit to the Ridge.


  1. I can only imagine all the fun you guys will have :-)

    1. What happens on The Ridge - Stays on the Ridge. Ha ha
      Well, except for what I tell you!! :)

  2. We will be having a great time there, nice to see everyone together again. All our Rock Glen resort members from California to Durham Ontario.

    1. It is already starting with the great times! So good to have you guys here!

  3. Your garden is just beautiful. I feel the same about all those T-shirts. Never thought of cutting the sleeves off!!

    1. thank you Nancy. The tees make great garden/outside work-wear. ;)

  4. My sympathies on the passing of your friend. I'm sure her family will appreciate you and your daughter taking the time to visit.

    Have a great time with your RV'ing family!

    1. Thank you very much Maebeme for your kind words. We knew it was the right thing to do.
      The RV family gathering has begun!

  5. I am with you on the T-shirts...don't like the crews but love a v neck. Whenever there is a free t-shirt involved now I just get x-large and give it to my hubs. Going to the service tomorrow is the right thing to do and will help.

    1. Love the tees now for working and bumming around in outside.
      Thank you, visitations are very important and we try to make as many as possible for friends.