Friday, August 30, 2019

Two Birds – One Stone, Landscaping Day, Evening Visitation

The Ridge
On Wednesday, Aug. 28th I was up with the birds and Bill followed right away. I had sorted the laundry last night so took it with me at 6:30 when I went in to work First stop was at the bank to get some cash as we needed it for the machines. No, I don’t get our laundry done free. Some of you have asked if that is a perk of the job. Jamie hasn’t offered, honestly, likely hasn’t thought of it and if we can’t afford $7 or $10/week for laundry, we better go back to square one.

The sky across our land can be so pretty

These pictures were first thing in the morning as I was ready to leave for work
I’m lucky to be able to do both my cleaning and laundry at the same time. I loaded the washers and set to work. The machines were okay today but the floors needed attention. Yay! Our customers seem to be heeding the recycling signs – a bit. When both the laundry and cleaning were done, it was 7:45 and I loaded Ptooties and headed for home. This was turning into a gorgeous day with nearly clear skies and a few light fluffies dotting the blue.

Time to show you my bucket of flowers on the hill
Bill was in the Hangar and as soon as he saw me he hopped on the rider and cut the grass up on the hill where my clothesline is. He carried the heavy basket up to the stool so it was waiting for me when I finished my tea. 

Off he went to cut the front field. With the clothes hung, I decided to get my big girl pants on and cut my area of grass as well. It is nice that we’ve had enough rain to green it up and for it to grow. A week ago, we were just cutting tall weeds.

As I was cutting the grass, this guy was desperately
trying to get out of my way
I did some close cutting with my mower so Bill didn’t have to worry about certain areas with the whipper snipper. Then I moved down to the corral. Before I got too far, I hit a rock that didn’t even look that big and broke the end off the blade. Oh Blimey! I told Bill that I guess it was my turn to get a new blade. LOL So, I was finished, right good and proper, and removed the battery before sitting in the shade to cool down for a bit.
                                            GET READY FOR AN ADORABLE CRITTER
Before I sat in my chair, I noticed this little hitchhiker had beat me to it

He must have dropped off the tree as I was cutting grass

Some crawly things, I do not like but this?

I scooped him onto my sunglass lenses and carried him outside

I think he is very happy on the rock
Look at those eyes!!
At about 10:45 I started cooking bacon, thinking someone would be starving. He had moved to the back field and I thought he should be close to finishing. Not quite so I didn’t start the eggs right away. We both had bacon and eggs and I forced the last 3 mouthfuls down since I really wasn’t that hungry. There isn’t much more on MY plate today but I know Bill wants to trim all around the Ridge perimeter so I offered to do dishes so he could get at it whenever he was ready.

Cutting the peameal was easier when in a semi-frozen state
When I finished a b.p. coffee I pondered what to get up to next. First things first; with a possible threat of rain later today, I went out to check the clothes on the line. The wind has increased to 17 mph and the way the clothes were flinging around, it was obvious that they would be dry. Now the fun part, putting them away. Not! The peameal bacon that I took out of the freezer has thawed enough for me to slice it up so I took care of that and placed it in freezer bags.

This was a delicious supper for being so easy
I worked on the jigsaw puzzle in the Bunky until it was finished and came inside around 3:30. The air was changing and clouds were moving in. Darker, heavier clouds so they may be right about the rain coming our way. At 5, I started supper. I began frying some peameal, warmed the dressing and mushroom gravy plus toasted some rye bread. We have a visitation for Aunt Mary tonight from 6 to 8 so wanted to be ready for a decent arrival.

And the big cloud moved from west to east
And if you pay attention to the pond area below
you can see the cloud's progress
 Supper was good and we cleaned up dishes and ourselves soon after. It was around 6:30 by the time we made our way in to town. Visitations are not something you hang around long at normally. Meet, greet, give condolences, visit the departed and move on. Tops, it could be a 15-minute visit. Because we knew Aunt Mary and know Rob and Pat plus their family, we stayed for about an hour. It was quiet and nice to hang with them while looking at pictures on the video.

Almost a full sky covering
We were home before 8 and turned America’s Got Talent on. Looking out my window, I watched a humongous weather pattern moving to the east. Creeping the way it was, put me in mind of pulling a huge blanket over us and darkness fell quickly. The air was still and it was a mild 16C/62F so I’m not sure what to expect overnight. It has been a busy day for us here on the Ridge but a good one. I hope you have enjoyed yours as well.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your bucket of flowers looks very pretty and that was a real cool bug!

  2. Nice to get caught up again. I prefer to buy our pea meal bacon at the farmers market already sliced and freeze it , We love it but use it sparingly because of the high sodium content and high blood pressure. Nice that you got to Aunt Mary's Visitation, we were there in the afternoon for about and hour and got to chat with with them and some family. Nice to see you back on line again.

    1. Yes, it is good to catch up. I don't mind slicing it, just one of those things to make it worth the wait!! haha
      We thought you would have been there in the afternoon, sorry our times didn't connect.
      I miss the connection but good to know the library is close at any hour.

    2. I don't mind slicing it either, but this butcher has regular and low sodium pea meal which we prefer and is already sliced nice and thin.

  3. Your bucket of flowers have really done well! What a neat idea.