Friday, August 23, 2019

Durham Library Visit, Afternoon Swim with Donna, Nice Rain

The Ridge
On Wednesday, Aug. 21st I woke around 5:45 to see that Bill was up and downstairs getting his breakfast. It was a warm night and even though I started my sleep at 10 pm with my little window open, I had to close it at 12:30 because the rain was coming in on my face. Refreshing but not what you want in the wee hours.

It was still dark when Bill left
I reached over and opened it again to a lovely fresh breeze and just waited for him to finish getting ready. Downstairs, I declined an offer for tea when he was making his thermos of coffee. I wasn’t ready to get up yet since it was still mostly dark. At 6:15 we said goodbye and I immediately felt a void so went up to bed again and turned the tv on. Last night, our CTV news gal, Julie, informed us of more storms coming our way today.
Because I'm thinking of our snuggle bum,
this is a cute picture of him and Link, Jessie's cat
from when they lived with us for a while
We did get a nice rain over night, a couple of times Bill said, so everything would be good and watered. Yay! says my veggies. I watched until 7 and got up for a walk down the road. I didn’t check the temperature but with just a long sleeve shirt on with my vest, my body heat on the return told me that I was overdressed. It still felt very muggy out there so it’s possible that another storm could be in the making.

One more - Mom made him some slippers
so he was kind enough to model them
(for 10 minutes)
 This is only the second time that Bill has worked since we lost our little bum and I’m avoiding looking at his picture on the mantle for obvious reasons. Usually, we say good morning to him each day but I get too teary-eyed when I’m alone. So! I move on, make my tea after my walk and sit with my book to read until 9:30 or so. The West Grey Durham Library doesn’t open until 10 and I’m going in to finish my blog post from yesterday.
And these puddles were from the overnight rains

I parked Black Beauty in the back lot, there really isn’t a lot of parking at this new location so I backed in for an easy out. The gals are pleasant as I asked my questions and found a suitable chair off by myself but with a nice view of the street. The pretty little social media group was busy, with people frequently moving in and out. Seldom did anyone stay and certainly no one as long as I did.

Woops! something happened to some straw bales
I had written notes at home of things to Google once I got there and felt very relaxed doing so. No reason to rush home but I was still surprised that I was there for 2 hours. From there, I stopped at Foodland to pick up some groceries before heading home. Luckily, I had some of my egg quesadilla left from yesterday so no effort was necessary for my breakfast. I made a coffee, started this post and then read through the local flyers that were in the mailbox. Nothing too interesting there so moved on to my book.

On my walk, I discovered these choke cherries
so that gave me an idea
At 2:30 I drove to Hanover to meet Donna at the Aquacentre. She was taking me swimming again on one of her free passes. We spent the hour floating around. I tried one of their waist belts instead of a noodle and once I got used to it, liked it a lot better. My hands were freer. We changed out of our suits and Donna drove us to Fashion Fables, the consignment store and we perused and picked up a couple of deals. Back to get Black Beauty and we said goodbye.

On my way to Hanover, work continued at the corner
of Baptist Church Rd and Lambton Rd/#4
for the new power plant
I drove to Walmart to see if my parcel had arrived, but it hadn’t so I made one more stop at Mark’s work Warehouse. The sky over Durham (20 minutes to the east) looked ominous. Oh no, I’m going to get a storm after all. The sun was shining overhead all the way home. A rainbow greeted me as I turned onto Baptist Church Road and then North Line. Beautiful. I couldn’t believe that I’d missed the storm but The Ridge hadn’t. There were puddles everywhere! Good timing, I’d say!

This was my drive home from Hanover
As I turned onto our road, the rainbow welcomed me
It was after 6 and I was ready for supper so prepared the fresh green beans Loree gave us for my supper. Bill isn’t keen on them so won’t miss them. I heated up the leftover hamburger mash that I’d made a couple of nights ago and enjoyed a quiet meal by myself. I’d heard from Bill a couple of times today, the last text indicating that my new camera had arrived at Henry’s. Yay! Good thing as we were about to cancel the order and ask for a credit if it wasn’t there.

And the puddles in our parking area shows that I missed
a good downfall
I chatted with Bill before we both said goodbye to eat. They’d had rain in London earlier as well and as we spoke, I could hear it coming down once more on the trailer he was in at CanAm. For me, supper was delicious! The beans were yummy, thank you Loree. I popped a crust of rye bread in the toaster and with lots of butter, it, with cherry tomatoes and olives, was the topping for the whole meal. For dessert, I had some creamy Jell-o and I know Bill was having the same.

I picked a few of the cherries
Everything was really wet
I'm grateful that Bill moved my painting inside before he left

I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before setting the pvr to record Americas Got Talent. I planned on finishing my book tonight since I wouldn’t be posting my blog. 

Supper was delicious and those beans!!! Yummy!
I’ll download the few pictures I have in the morning and decide about a trip to Durham to publish today’s story. I’ve had a good day and it zipped by, the way I like it when I’m alone. A slight pang of unfortunate news came our way today but it isn’t my news so I wouldn'’t relay it. Prayers would be welcome though. Thank you.

And I think the rain was done for the day
Good night!

Thanks also for your visit today. I always enjoy your comments if you care to leave me one.


  1. New camera! Yay!!!!! Seems I’m always cleaning up leftovers. Luckily it rained here overnight. We’ll be down to 88 this weekend. Woohoo!!!!

    1. Yay is right!! Just a little pocket one but just in time. The other little one is dead and buried. :)
      I'm glad you're getting a cool down, Nancy, enjoy!

  2. The photos of the storm clouds are incredible! Seeing the photos of Clemson is nice too.

  3. Cute pics of Clemson! Always nice to get "new" clothes and a nice time with your sister always a bonus! Beautiful sky pictures! Dinner looks awesome! :)