Friday, August 2, 2019

Thursday, Aug. 1st POTTERY DAY!!

Owen Sound, Ontario

The excitement of this day must have seeped into my sleeping hours because no sooner did I go to bed (at 12:30) and to sleep, I was awake an hour later and couldn’t drop off again for the longest time. I seemed wide awake and that seldom happens to me. I didn’t want to wake my bed partner up but tossed and turned for at least an hour.

And the budding artists are ready for class
Next thing I knew, it was approaching dawn and when I noticed Donna getting up, I got up too. It was 7 am. Our morning ritual was a little different because we weren’t eating brunch here at home. We had our morning brew and got cleaned up in our oldest clothes. Today, we were meeting Wendy at the Artist’s Co-op Workshop downtown Owen Sound. We were all signed up for a pottery class at 9:30 with Michelle.

Prep, the wheels, some finished products, and suggestions
from Michelle
This was a first-time experience for 4 of us and we were all so excited. We started on the wheel and each made 3 pieces. I was pleasingly surprised with our accomplishments and even though some were a little ‘wonky’ they came out quite good. 

We watched Michelle's instruction
and thought "No way!!"

But soon enough, I was making my own little dishes

And everyone got into it
Then we moved to the table to work on some hand-crafted pieces. This is where the real creations began. Michelle was very generous and allowed us the full 3 hours and as much clay for as many pieces as we wanted.

We moved to the table and made more pieces
This was a hoot! I loved the pottery class
We left a little dirtier at 12:30 than when we arrived and left our pieces with the Co-op to be fired and glazed. We are looking forward to picking them up in a couple of weeks. Wendy will pick them up for us. We cleaned up as best we could before touring a few stores close by. From there we took 2 cars to Wendy’s house in O.S. and got changed into clean clothes and oohed and aahed over the additions and changes to her home.

The old vault in the building
It used to be a bank

signatures dating back to the times

Great open space for jewellery, pottery,
printing classes

Audrey and I liked the coat hook
Dr. Cobbler's in Owen Sound was very cool!
Lots of Fascinator hats, shoes and bags of very elaborate tastes

For Bridgette - she'd love this store
Window shopping
Gayle and I cutting through a beautiful alley
Then we drove to Port Elgin for a late lunch. We were starving! The first place we’d planned on was closed so went across the street to the Queen’s Pub restaurant. 

They were not very busy but they were very slow in service. However, the food was very good and I ordered a Beef Cheesesteak with kettle fries. Oh my, it was delicious and I ate the whole thing!

Gayle ordered a Crepe Suzette to go and sat to eat it
while we finished up in the Salvation Army
We browsed a Vintage store and it was awesome!
Talk about bringing back memories!
We left there and toured some of the shops on the main street before saying goodbye to Wendy and Morgan. Then we headed back to Gayle’s and arrived home around 6 pm. We didn’t need supper but after I sat for a while with my laptop (sorry for the late postings, I’m too busy!!) and downloaded pictures for my blog. 

Aren't they adorable?
Wendy and mini Wendy - I mean, Morgan
I felt overwhelmed so when the girls started talking about playing a card game tonight, I was all in.

And a nice sparkling wine to celebrate the time together
on our last evening
We all agreed on a game called Golf and played 9 rounds before Gayle defeated the rest of us. It was a good lively game. We’ve had another great day. I hope yours has been just as good and that you are enjoying this wonderful summer weather.

Thank you for your visit today. Your comments mean a lot to me if you care to leave one.


  1. I’ve always wanted to try pottery. Good for you all for being so brave!!! Your lunch looks delicious (Keto what?). I would have done exactly the same. What a great time!!

    1. Loved the pottery class! We had a great time and yes, Keto goes out the door for most of us at dinners out. :)

  2. oh my...that looks like fun! I think Prescott might have that for me. I would like to do that but then I always think what would I do with all the pieces if would make?

    1. Ha ha, we had a hoot! Some pieces didn't make it to completion, falling all over the place but I managed to keep control of all mine. ;) I will put mine in the Bunky and maybe one in the Suite.

  3. What a great day learning something new! You girls sure know how to enjoy yourselves. ;)

  4. What a great day!! So glad you are enjoying this time with your sisters.