Sunday, August 4, 2019

Another Busy Day and Late Posting - Baby Easton Pics

The Ridge
On Saturday, Aug. 3rd we slept until 7, again indicating how we needed to catch up on sleep. We got up and had our morning brew together before I hopped in the shower. Bill had some yogourt and then he did the same while I had some of my own. I packed a swim bag, a cooler bag and found something cool to wear. It was going to be a hot day.

On our drive to London, we followed this
sewage truck into Teviotdale
From home at 9, we drove to London to pick up a few item’s that Bill had ordered from AVF (the hobby store) for his Telemaster. We were hoping that my new camera would have arrived as well (2 birds, 2 stone) but no, it wasn’t in yet. After seeing Derrick, Jeff and Bobby at AVF, we drove across the city to Costco and picked up the few dairy items that we needed. Not too many today but we did need to get something to take to a barbecue this afternoon.

We haven't driven through Millbank for a very long time
(Bill's daughters grew up in this small town)
By the time we left Costco and checked at Henry’s Camera Store, we were ready to eat. Our favourite family-type ‘haunt’ for eating is Southside Family Restaurant on Exeter Road so we went there and had breakfast. My Denver omelette was yummy and so were the home fries. Bill had the egg and sausage meal with home fries too. It was the perfect meal and a very reasonable cost rather than going to a fast food place.

These young lads were scooting somewhere
Their suspenders and hats are my favourite thing
Bill’s sister, Carol, and her husband, Brian, invited the family to a reunion of sorts to celebrate Dad’s Aug. 6th birthday. He would appreciate that we are all getting together even though he is no longer with us. The day was perfect! So once out of London and off the 401, Bill pulled over so I could drive and he could have a bit of shut-eye. I almost made it to Sebringville before he woke up and we arrived at 2:30.

A wonderful breakfast even though I left some rye toast and fries on my plate
I usually make something for this kind of gathering but really didn’t have the product or the time so a large veggie tray and dip fit the bill nicely. The above ground pool looked so inviting. Family arrived and it was nice to see that all of Bill’s daughters, spouses and most of our grandchildren were able to make it. We all missed Braeden, Yvonne’s oldest, who had to work. There was some imbibing, some munching and some swimming. It was a very nice time.

There's my handsome sweetie pie
A couple of Bill's daughters etc.
Yvonne, Dennis, Connor (grandson #2) Charlotte, Cory, Chelsea (gdaughter #1)
A lovely picture of Jess as Easton enjoys the pool
After burgers and dogs and salads, it was around 7 when Bill and I packed up and said our goodbyes. We also had my family gathering at Donna and Gerry’s this weekend so we scooted home to change, unload groceries and head over on time for some campfire time. It is a smaller group each year, too much going on for everyone in other parts of Ontario. 

The pictures that warm my heart are the ones of Easton
and his Grandpa

The eyes are getting droopy

The head rubbing against Grandpa's shoulder

Fighting it every step of the way

And within minutes, he was gone

He was so good today
Look at those kissable little cheeks
There were only 13 of us around the front fire at any given time. Wendy and Morgan were roasting marshmallows so I had a couple with them for a treat. A sweet gooey treat, it has been forever!

Some sky performance on the drive home

You car guys will know what this is even through the blur

And the sun sets as we reach the Ridge

Bill and I were feeling the effects of the long drive so by 10:30 we took our chairs and headed home. It wasn’t long after that we were both sound asleep. These have been some awesome days for sure and even more on the horizon. I hope our fellow Canadians (who get this holiday) are enjoying your Civic long weekend too.

And one last performance as we drive to the Acreage for a campfire
Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. Don’t you just want to kiss little Easton’s cheeks?? What a wonderful day you had.

  2. I love the way you both take advantage of all the family time. Our family has always been close but seems like we all try a little bit harder just never know.

  3. Wow you have have a lot of family time over the last little while, how nice and fun!

  4. Wow, busy day with lots of driving. That little Easton is simply adorable!

  5. So much fun family time that you are enjoying nothing much better than that.