Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Late Evening News, Sunny then Dull Day, Sewing up a Storm

The Ridge
On Monday, Aug. 26th I was up ahead of the alarm and made sure Bill was up (as per his instruction last night) before I headed into Durham. Last night, just before bedtime, I had a text from our buddy, Pat, that Aunt Mary had succumbed to her summer-long illness. Sad but at the same time, a blessing for her. Rest in peace, dear Mary, I enjoyed getting to know you over the past 3 years.

A pretty nice day with contrails across the sky
It was 6:30 by the time I arrived at the laundromat. Doors were locked so I was on my own for a good 45 minutes before a customer came in. I do believe ‘some’ people are actually reading the signs – well the recycle bin signs anyways. I didn’t have much sorting at all this morning so that made me happy.  When Doreen came in, we chit chatted about Jamie, whom I came to learn she babysit when he was a young’un. I’d seen her before when I was doing my own laundry but never been formally introduced so we took care of that formality.

The Marigolds down by Bill's Hangar are thriving
Doreen does the laundry for the Homestead Golf Resort in the area. She has lots of bedding etc. so needed a few big washers and she also needed change. The change machine light was blinking indicating that it was ‘out’ so I opened up a couple of washers to get her enough to get started at least. Then I texted Jamie so he knew he needed to drop by.

The cattle across the road look like they want to chat
When I left there, I drove straight home and made my tea. Then I hopped in the shower before we went into Hanover. We got fuel for Ptooties in Durham and then stopped around to see Rob and Pat. A personal visit is our preference over a condolence card. We think they were grateful to see us and we sat briefly and let them talk about Aunt Mary’s last few days. It will be a tough week for them.

In Hanover, I had a parcel to pick up at Walmart, a few minor groceries and Bill wanted something at Home Hardware so we didn’t stay long. Once in Hanover, it didn’t take long to do our shopping so we didn’t dilly dally getting what we needed. We were home by 11. We each made a coffee and Bill sat back and rested while I started today’s post and finished my drink. Then it was time to get to work!

It went easier than I'd expected
We’d had a snack bar on the way back home so weren’t too hungry but we did have some lunch to tie us over until supper. We settled for rye toast and choke cherry jelly. YUM!!! Then I got my sewing machine out of the hall closet. Today was the day we’d planned to sew the wing covers for Bill’s monster plane. The idea is great and as long as my machine needle will go through 3 thicknesses of the quilts we bought; it should work great.

Bill was holding the mass of blanket while I stitched
We worked together, me sewing, Bill folding and helping to hold the edges together for me, and we had success! We now had a 3-fold wing pocket, 91” long and 32” deep and both wings fit in it perfectly. We did a ‘fitting’ and with Bill at one end and me at the other, we measured how it would hang in his cargo trailer.

My little sewer
Along the 91" length, we needed 4 handles that joined
front to back
With 4 hooks on the wall at appropriate lengths, we now needed 4 handles strong enough to hold the weight during transport. Because of the 3 layers and 3 edges closed, I could only stitch a handle on the open end by machine. Bill and/or I will have to stitch the remaining 3 handles by hand. Reaching inside from one end to the other will not be easy. Bill was up for the challenge. This will all make much more sense when I can show you the finished product.

Bill mounted the 4 double hooks to hang the wings on
It was 3:30 when the first part was finished and I assumed we were done for the day. I put my machine away and when Bill sat in his chair to start sewing, I took a walk down the lane to check the mailbox. I’m not sure if the mail lady stopped. This afternoon, UPS delivered my Avon. Just a small order for us and something for Pat. I need to keep my account active so every 3 campaigns I place a small order while I’m home and then I do the same thing during the winter but delivery goes to Donna’s.

And before he went to bed at 12:30 am, all 4 were in place
The rest of the afternoon was spent together, Bill sewing and I sat encouragingly nearby and watched tv beside him. I’d finished The Quickie by J.P. yesterday and wasn’t ready to start a new one yet. At 6 he was barbecuing burgers on the Weber while I prepped the condiments. Just loaded burgers tonight with ice cream for dessert. I had some homemade applesauce with mine and it was delicious.

One of the selfies I'd warned you about
An old movie came on that we haven’t seen for many years so we watched Private Benjamin together. This was a great day tinged with the loss of a friend. She is in heaven now and at peace.

And a hearty loaded burger fit the bill
Good night!
Until my next library visit!
Thank you for your visit today. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Hey, I'm starting to wonder if Bill ever fly's those planes or does he just like to work on the stuff for them? :O)

    1. Ha ha makes you wonder eh? He doesn't fly too often yet, not too crazy about the field up here in the Hanover area. The big one will be flown in London when it is ready. It all takes time! :)

  2. Great idea sewing your own covers. Can’t wait to see the plane fly.
    Always good to stay busy!!!

    1. Thank you, made it as easy as possible by sewing them ourselves.

  3. My sympathies on the passing of your friend. Great work on the wing covers!

  4. Another day....more stuff done! I have often wanted to learn to sew but....the machine just scares me...silly, I know.

    1. We all have our vices, nothing to feel silly about. :) I'm not very good at sewing, just do the basics.

  5. So sad about Aunt Mary! That was a great idea using the quilts and then for Bill to finish up! I love my sewing machine, simple as it is! Cute selfie and a great looking burger!

  6. A busy four days! I always enjoy each post although I don't always have time to comment. You are a busy lady!

    1. Thank you, I understand the not commenting thing. Sometimes reading and keeping up to date with everyone is a challenge in itself!