Monday, August 19, 2019

Data Mystery, Weeding the Corral, Painting Jobs, Little Bro’s Birthday

The Ridge
On Monday, Aug. 19th I was so happy to wake up from the frustrating dream that I was having. It wasn’t a nightmare and although my family would never act this way in real life, opening my eyes and getting up was the best relief! Everyone was depending on me to cook bacon and eggs on a new-fangled stove with no help. It was just stupid which makes me wonder why it had me off my A game upon wake-up.

After I posted last night, this was our sunset
When I did look at the clock, it was 7:05 so we’d slept in again. I had no excuse since I was in bed last night at 9:30 AND out light like a light! We got up and greeted this beautiful looking morning. I should have walked but the ‘fog’ of the dream lingered and I was in no mood. A nice walk probably would have helped a lot!

Before doing anything else, we needed to get the garbage and recycle bins down to the end of the lane. We bagged the last of the garbage and pulled the bins out. Bill loaded them on the tonneau cover of B.B. and drove them down. Lately, the truck has come through by 7:30 and sure enough, within 20 minutes, they came through. Phew!

And I finally captured our other floating visitors
They've been here for awhile, I've heard them
Today, they swam into my lens view
Then, to make matters worse, I went on to record our data usage from the previous day (as we always do). For the second time this month, my usage was off the charts, putting us in limited territory for the remainder of August. This happened on August 4th/5th as well jumping 5 gb on MY usage alone. We believe that it is another quirk in the system since I don’t do anything different on a daily basis.

I love to see the grass cut in here
 We had one instance like this in March, on our way home. Rob and Pat experienced a similar burp that later corrected itself for both of us. I can only hope that is the case here but today, we’re going to test it by me not being online except to post my blog tonight. I know that if we get really stuck in the last few days that the library is close and so is our buddies’ house. 😊 They have unlimited and have offered it in a pinch.

This hill doesn't look like much from here but my
heart was sure pumping by the time I finished
I finished my tea and then dressed to work outside. Catching the early part of the day, I was outside by 8:30 with the weed trimmer. I even got it started on my own this time, which doesn’t often happen. The weeds on the Corral hill were very tall, mostly Queen Anne’s Lace, and I wanted to skim over the top where I’ve planted ground cover. I was surprised to see that some periwinkle is actually taking hold plus the last plants that Gayle gave me. Their name has escaped me right now.

The light green plants are coming along nicely
When I finished the corral and the outside trimming along the fence, I was relieved yet hot, sweaty and famished. I sat with a water on the patio and watched Bill as he finished his morning job. He was painting areas around the Suite, the jack pads, the hitch, the propane tank tray and the steps. Everything needed a touch up and now looks great!

breakfast - yummy
We came inside and had eggs and peameal bacon. Once the dishes were cleaned up, I made myself a bp coffee and Bill got washed up for the day. My shower yesterday had me nice and clean but after the weed trimming, my feet needed another wash.

A foot bath was necessary

I wasn’t up for another shower so I showed some flexibility and did them in the bathroom sink. LOL We don’t wear socks in the summer unless absolutely necessary so with just my Crocs on, my soles were a disaster.

I like this bright red building in town kitty corner to the Mat
An old 2 storey home was blocking the view but has since been
torn down
Then I drove into Durham to pick up a couple of birthday cards. I really dropped the ball this month with 3 siblings celebrating. The first two would be late and that just isn’t like me. Speaking of birthdays, my little brother, Michael, out in Cold Lake, Alberta turns 53. 53!! How is that possible? Oh yeah, I guess I’m up there too!

Happy Birthday, Michael!
We tease Michael that he was an ‘oops’ in Mom and Daddy’s family planning. He arrived 12 years after me but what a cute little oops he was. As blonde as blonde could be with blue eyes (am I embarrassing you, Michael?) he was a little gift for all of us. Oh, and not spoiled at all!!

When I returned home, I got lazy and did nothing but read my book. I’m close to the finish, well within 15 chapters, but when it is a great book that is close to the finish. I took my chair down and sat near the Hangar and the cargo trailer while Bill finished putting some touches in the trailer for his Telemaster. I wanted to be outside so why not within talking distance?

Bill is working on the shelf
Nice view I have, eh?
 We both came up around 2:30 and had a snack of some fat bombs and cheese. Plus we each had a chilled glass of soda in our recliners. I’m not sure I dropped off like Bill did but in between chapters, I know that I relaxed my eyes a couple of times. At 5:45 my book was done so I got to work making supper. Not much was planned but I had thawed a pack of ground beef.

He has a table set up in the shade for cutting wood pieces
With a few small potatoes, onions, broccoli, mixed veggies and the beef gravy we had a good supper. I added the last of the canned tomatoes to mine, mostly to clean them up. We did dishes and the rest of the evening was spent watching some tv. Then I finished my blog post for today, waiting until 8:30 to post so we can keep an eye on our data usage. Every 4 hours it updates.

supper was filling enough that we skipped dessert tonight
This has been a good day and I’m happy to get that weeding done on the hill. It looks 100% better if I do say so myself.

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Do you turn your WiFi and computer off every day? A couple times I left mine on and even tho I wasn’t using it, I racked up a big bill. Now I turn both off every time I’m finished with the blog. I don’t know why it happened. It’s a pain tho.
    I’m going to remember that - I relaxed my eyes. Lol

  2. Our wifi is a hotspot on our phones so yes we turn that off when we're done. I don't turn my laptop off but with no wifi-connected to it I think that is safe. I'm wondering if perhaps I forgotten to turn the hotspot off walked away and did something for an hour, that could be it Nancy.
    Haha a relaxing the eyes is exactly what we're doing!

  3. Sounds like a pretty relaxing day you had. We have never had an issue with our data yet but we do turn our data on the phone off when not using it. Rare that we get close to our 15 gb ,

    1. If you have automatic updates on your phones or computers that will really gobble up data quickly, We have all of ours shut off, and do updates when we get free wifi.

    2. Thanks George. We've never turned the data usage off on our phones. It's never been a problem before. So, you just turn it on each time you want to search something? Hmm, we obviously Google and do more things on our phone than you. We love the convenience of that. Updates give us the option of when we want to do them, they are all turned off as well.

    3. The data is always off unless we need it and I search pretty well off and on all day as does Suzie, downloading books etc. If the data is turned on it is constantly downloading emails, weather, facebook, things in the background etc..

  4. Happy Birthday Michael! Looks like a really nice day there. Interesting how those dreams can affect your morning. I usually wake up happy, but once in a great while i'll tell Ken "I'm in a bad mood" until it wears off..few and far between but sometimes it just sticks with ya...

    1. The dreams sure can set a day off. I'm like you, wake up happy too. I like the warning you give Ken. :)

  5. The hill does look good. I believe that might be Lamium, a perennial that has pink or white flowers. If that is what it is, it prefers shady spots and well-drained soil. It is a quick growing ground cover so should do very well for you.

    Have a great day!

    1. Lamium! that is the name of it!! Thank you. I think a friend on FB said that too.
      It looks like it is already reaching out. :)